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October 26, 2005

Another Radio Appearance

by at 10:27 am.

This is getting to be a habit. I’m scheduled to be on WUML (91.5 FM) tomorrow morning at 7:35am for the Sunrise Show with host Christine Dunlap. Should be interesting (and less grilling since I won’t be sandwiched in by two righties). If you’re up that early, tune in!

Tonight is the vigil for the 2000 US troops who have died. I watched CNN Daybreak this morning with Carol Costello, whom I would like to personally strangle (why is it these moron cable news networks keep getting vacuous pretty faces who inject far too much commentary into their supposed news show *coughRibacough*?). First, she showed a clip of Senator McCain talking about the 2000th soldier dying, the usual stuff like we-are-all-saddened-by-the-loss-of-our-soldiers-we-regret-the-loss-of-life. It was his last comment that I steamed over - “And obviously 2,000 is a benchmark and it gives those who are critics of the war an opportunity to criticize. I would hope that the sacrifice made by young Americans would not be used for political reasons.”

Then Can’t Help Herself Costello says, “Oh, but of course they are. War protesters, though, careful to say the 2,000 dead should not be played for political advantage. But come on. Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan and other war opponents…” and so on.

Why does Costello hate America? The contempt in her voice was evident. You know what? Screw you, McCain, it’s a free country, last I checked, where dissent is essential especially in a time of war - and screw you, Carol Costello the Wonder Ditz.

Yeah, it’s ad homonym, but I never said I wouldn’t get personal on this blog. I’m so tired of biased news reporting I could vomit.

Oh, and speaking of “politicizing” the war (as if it wasn’t already politicized by, you know, the Bushies) - if you aren’t attending our vigil tonight (6:30pm, corner of Stevens and Chelmsford), then get your butt to the UTEC youth candidates’ forum at 5:30 to 7:30! (In fact, you could stop by both if you’re torn.) — OOPS - that’s tomorrow night. Tonight is the 7pm City Council and School Committee forum at the Little Theatre in Lowell High School, sponsored by Merrimack Valley Central Labour Council and United Teachers of Lowell.

3 Responses to “Another Radio Appearance”

  1. Narey Says:


    This is good news about you being interviewed on WUML. You will do great. Maybe the Lowell Sun will one day interview you also when they acknowledgde the Blogger world as well as opposing viewpoints. Congrats and keep up the good work.

  2. Rich Douglas Says:

    have you considered going as far as contacting the Boston Globe and Boston Pheonix to talk about
    political blogging?

  3. Lynne Says:

    Narey: You’d be surprised. I do have some friends in the Sun as well (which is funny since most of the time I’m critiquing them :) )

    Rich: well, we MA bloggers have some plans for organizing that will likely be announced in the very near future…so we’ll see!

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