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May 8, 2006

“I’ve Got You…Under My Skin”

by at 2:08 pm.

This is the last time I will dignify WCAP attacks with a response, so listen carefully.

I know this blog, and myself and my fellow writers, are probably being scapegoated for the pro-Cox types who believe we had a hand in getting him fired. I’m flattered that people think I have that much influence, really I am, but come on, a girl with a blog website had nothing to do with the guy getting canned. Cox did that all by his lonesome self by pissing off one too many city councilors and not doing his job appropriately. The fact that those supporters who had the most to lose came out with a $3,000+ campaign-style crusade and showed their true colors to the city and it backfired is also none of my doing. The only thing I did was make sure it happened in the open, and even then, did anyone seriously think this wasn’t going to come out anyway?

But it appears this little “uninfluential” blog no one pays attention to has gotten under somebody’s skin. This radio crusade to marginalize us only makes us stronger, gives us credibility as members of this debate. It’s nice to have air time, I guess you could say. If we were truly inconsequential, we would be ignored.

Now, as to accusations of my being so far out of the mainstream as to evoke comparisons to the KKK’s David Duke, NAMBLA, or whatever other inane rhetoric comes out these desperate people, all I can say is…read the polls. Like the one that says that 62% of America wants government-run universal health care. Or the one that says that only 33% of Americans approve of Bush. Or maybe the one that was done in 2001, when 61% of Americans said we should join the Kyoto Protocol. On Social Security. Iraq. Government transparency. I could keep going, but you get the point.

Seems like I’m pretty much in the mainstream. I can’t think of one position I take that isn’t in line with liberal or Democratic ideals, not to mention the mainstream of the country, that silent majority who is learning not to be silent anymore. It’s people like me that you are afraid of - the overwhelming masses, given a voice - one blog, one writer or commentator or editorialist at a time. You are afraid to be irrelevant and in the minority, because you know you already are. You don’t want to lose your influence and power to truly democratic processes; the bane of sweetheart deals and elbow-rubbing with the elite. It’s only human to grasp on to your power (political, monetary, or both) and attack those to wish to spread it around to the governed. I understand you. I understand you, even as I continue to fight, along with so many, many others, to hold each and every one of you accountable.

If you are trying to stress me out by dragging my name through the mud, I honestly could care less what you say. You only make yourselves look extreme, not me. I am the soccer mom, the blue collar worker, the highly religious, the atheist. I am the city employee and the private entrepreneur. I am the artist and the engineer and that guy flipping your burger. I am the mainstream.

I don’t think it would be overdramatic to say: hear me roar.

13 Responses to ““I’ve Got You…Under My Skin””

  1. K-R-S Says:

    Great piece Lynne!

  2. Mimi Says:


    This morning’s rethoric really crossed the line with the NAMBLA reference and comparison.

    I am glad we are moving on.

    We have more important things to discuss: what to do to elect a Democratic governor; to elect a Democratic Congress; have a city budget that takes care of the schools; find a new City Manager; build a garage that does not break our financial backs; get out of Iraq; work to pass a fair and reasonable immigration bill; etc…real public policy issues.

  3. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Were it not for the blog I wouldn’t know what CAP was saying because I don’t listen to crap.

  4. K-R-S Says:

    Oh Mr. Lynne…yooour SCANDalous! : )
    Mimi, yes, you are absolutely correct!
    In the Column on the Column, I’ll throw in the quarterly progress report..(the list Waittil, came up with a couple of months back.)
    BTW Mimi..your email did not have the attachment.

  5. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Seriosly… back in the day I used to listen to my fair share of AM radio (I practically lived in my car). There used to
    be a lot of interesting stuff on the AM dial and although I disagreed with most of what I was hearing politacally, they
    didn’t shove it down your throat. Not to mention that it was all original and they were not playing out of the same talking
    points the way they are today. Hell there was plenty of non-political content as well. I think it was Jerry Williams who
    used to do a great anual show on pizza…. Pizza! How cool was that? The right wing media machine as ruined the dial and
    created a bunch of sheep all tryingn to ‘out Rush’ one another. It’s pathetic and it hardly represents us as a country.
    There is a reason that word ‘dittohead’ leaves one with the feeling that what we a really talking about are unthinking sheep.

  6. Paul@01852 Says:

    Great piece Lynne. I seriously suggest you call Mr Anthes and volunteer to appear as a guest (or even guest-host for a day which seems to be a position of honor). The points you make of being in the majority of all the issues of the day is exactly the reason I have become involved. Its the reason I will be going to the Dem Convention as a delegate. I have felt so disenfranchised by the right-wingnuts, by the pill-poppers who condemn drug use, by the users of hookers who condemn extramarital sex and make contraception difficult to obtain, by the tax-cutters who only cut taxes for themselves and not for those who could most benefit from more disposable income, by the holier-than-thou who try to shove *their* Bible down *my* throat. Im fed up and refuse to take it any more! I refuse to accept the accusations that because I have a different opinion from them that I belong to a radical group like NAMBLA or the KKK. I am piised — hear me ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  7. K-R-S Says:

    Paul has a great idea! I suggest putting in a phone call to Maurice Cohen and George Anthes to coordinate an appearance. I think
    you can hold your own very nicely! And it would make for great radio.

  8. waittilnextyr Says:

    It’s pretty clear that Mr. Anthes speaks from ignorance. You must put what he says in that perspective.

  9. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Finally… Local AM radio I’d listen to.

  10. Paul@01852 Says:

    Hear! Hear! Mr Lynne!!!

  11. Erika Says:

    Relative newcomer to the local politcal scene, been following LIL for a few months now. Sorry I missed the WCAP show - I should listen more often (or at all, for that matter). Glad to have your voice out there! Always wonderful reading the comments and knowing I’m definitely not the only lefty out here in Lowell.

  12. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Welcom Erika. Check out BlueMassGroup as well. Also come out Drinking Liberally if you can.

  13. K-R-S Says:

    Speaking of the Right..check out this link to an article, http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/dowbrigade/

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