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June 2, 2006

Live From the State Democratic Convention

by at 3:55 pm.

Live blogging commenses. This is the Friday Night Convention Thread.

Here’s how it’s going to work: I will post new live updates periodically throughout the evening on this post after the fold. When I update, I’ll change the timestamp below so you’ll know if there’s new stuff to read.

As half my readers are here at the convention, I have no idea if people will find this coverage useful. But it certainly will be interesting!

PS: Spellchecking will be sparing. So be nice! :)

Last Updated: 9:10pm

4:55PM: So, checked in around 20 minutes ago, and am hooked up in a very sparse (and not overly large) room with tables, electrical strips, and wonder of wonders, FREE FOOD! One comment overheard from another press person regarding the food: “much better than the Republican convention.” Ha!

I think I’m going to power down and see how far they’ll let me wander, and maybe I’ll see some of my fellow bloggers (many are on the floor as delegates and organizers) or some of the Lowell Deval peeps. Will check back in a bit!

6:50PM: So, internet is only available in the media room which only has a TV view of the convention. I’m posting on the laptop of Andy of Mass Revolution Now!, he has that Bluetooth cell-based internet (thanks Andy). He’s in the hot seat where I was just at, with Erik Arvidson of the Lowell Sun, we’re talking about being bloggers (again). Funny, I came all this way to be media and us bloggers are STILL the story. I swear I don’t ask for this stuff. Heh.

I have some photos and hopefully I will be able to pull off putting up some video later on too. We’ve been getting the standard speeches, nothing too exciting but pretty rousing.

Jim McGovern is being introduced now.

This is my “liveblogging” notes in Word to post later (no internet to be found on the convention floor)

Met and am hanging out with John Gonzales of Boston Magazine during McGovern’s speech (also Andy of MRN is here too). McGovern’s a good guy and he says nothing I disagree with, but I think he’s gone on just a little too long…schedule’s off by over 20 minutes (it’s 7:22 and Kennedy was supposed to be on at 7, with Bobby Haynes of the AFL-CIO.

Finally, McGovern is off the stage. Again, nice guy, but did someone tell him he.

Gabrieli is on the floor in front of the media talking to delegates.

AFL-CIO, Bob Haynes. Very loud and raucous. Talking about working people. Decent speaker but after the McGovern speech went on so long I think some people are hoping for a short speech. “Are you sick and tired of these absentee landlords running our state!?” (referring to Romney and his Republican predecessors) gets good applause though.

Andy says: You gotta love Dems, never on time anywhere. Cute, and so true!

Hanyes: “Do you think Kerry Healey came to the Working Families Forum?” got some people riled up, yelling “no!”

OK, it’s getting way late for Kennedys’ speech (7:35PM). Sigh.

Joe and Matt Kennedy to intro their uncle.

First funny of the night from them -nice attempt, too staged. Cute personal stories of them as kids getting support from their uncle.

Series of delegates and others introducing Kennedy. Now we have the multimedia emotionally-edited video of Kennedy over the years…clips of speeches, TV interviews, testimonials from others. His opposition to the Bush admin, war. Long video…too long. Well edited though.

Victoria Kennedy on now. She’s pretty good, crowd much more attentive. Call and response between her and the audience. Her speech goes a little too long too. Seems a Democratic flaw!

Andy has internet on his Mac. POUT. His Mac apparently has better range than Susan’s (no offense Susan I loves ya!).

Kennedy finally on. Huge applause. I’m recording it on my digital camera, so hopefully will figure out how to post it later.

Memory ran out…crap. Missing a lot of the speech. Missed the “I accept the nomination” part. Bummer!

Andy and his snark is distracting.

Calls his vote against the war the best vote he has ever cast. Time for troops to come home!

Ted’s always worth listening to. We need more great orators…we’re sorely missing statesmanship in our leadership.

Talks about investing in renewable energy…except of course on the Cape. Grrrr. College investment.

OK, going off to media room to post this…

9:10PM: John Gonzales is reporting there’s no one left on the convention floor. A shame, as Martha Coakley is up to speak soon…Dems should hear her as I think she’ll be around in MA politics for a while.

Here she is…of course, I’m in the media room watching this on the TV over my shoulder. Ha. Mentions choice…opportunity for her grand-nieces. She’s a decent speaker, emphatic in all the right places, right pauses. Let’s see if she has the Democratic flaw of speaking too long. She isn’t a great orator, the speech is mediocre (was better at beginning relating her candidacy to her family).

The media is clearing out too, packing up and putting their laptops. There’s still one speaker and an awards thing, I doubt anyone will be left to see it! Dems need to put a cap on speech lengths. Really.

Off to the parties. Will hopefully find time to post pics and stuff. And see if the crappy video feature on my camera was any good…

14 Responses to “Live From the State Democratic Convention”

  1. Charley on the MTA Says:

    Lynne, are you paying a million dollars for wifi?

  2. Lynne Says:

    $50/24 hrs, only in the media room which only has a TV!! Suckville.

  3. David Says:

    Wow. Suckville is right! Maybe I’ll just take notes.

  4. Lynne Says:

    You can pay per hour too…also, you can post stuff from mine and Andy’s computer if you want I’m sure.

  5. Lynne Says:

    OK Not Andy’s, he’s abandoning us to go work for Murray, the bastard.

  6. Robert Says:

    To my Democratic friends. Isn’t it great that we convinced the media not to talk about the Republican challengers to all of the incumbents? Scott Lehigh, Frank Phillips, etc. - they all wink and pretend that we don’t want to hear true debate.

    We truly are cheated. What ever happened to discussing the issues. Our “representatives” are eager to pat themselves on the back, but hesitant to talk about the real issues.

    I can’t wait until we come to our senses and vote for some real leaders. Such as Kerry Healey (R) and Gerry Leone (D).

  7. Cassandra Says:

    Funny, Robert’s message actually has some merit. Aren’t we supposed to be supporting women leaders?


  8. Wes F. in North Adams Says:

    Dang it, I wish I was there.

    I love my wife dearly (more than even Democratic politics), but still, let this be a lesson to y’all: Don’t get married less than a month before the Convention. I couldn’t justify going.

    Lynne, Andy, et al, keep liveblogging! We who are only there in spirit appreciate it!


  9. Linda Says:

    Cassandra: some have said that DP might raise our taxes, but it doesn’t matter when you’re a (union) teacher who will only reap the benefits. There’s nothing better than a democratic administration conducing collective bargaining issues. Ha! I can almost remember 1984 like it was yesterday.

  10. Margie Says:

    Great to have you covering the convention. Still hoping to meet you IRL, but sitting up in the rafters with the Berkshire delegation, we are like a little tribe that is sticking to our desgnated hunting ground. Anyone commenting on George McGovern’s way out there remarks? Not the substance, which was great, but some of the riffs were…..well, I’ll leave it to others to judge but I guess the sheep are safe….

  11. Lynne Says:

    Sure if your only criteria for a candidate is gender…then again, I actually want real leadership and I don’t see Healey can represent everyone in the Commonwealth. It’s evident she’s lacking in many areas, like giving a crap about the poor. Or education. Or anything but corporations and cutting taxes which will just put us in another hole.

    I think we were infiltrated by Republican shills, folks!

    Hi Wes!!! *waves wildly* We miss you too!

    Hi Margie! If I can find a moment I will stop by the Berkshires. :) Yeah, I thought some of his gay marriage remarks were pretty funny…”my personal preference”…priceless.

  12. Peter Porcupine Says:

    Lynne - Greetings from a Republican shill! Great job! I didn’t attempt live bloging, and wrote up my convention afterwards, but reading yours I wish I had.

    We may not have told Frank Phillips where the good free food was (second level, behind the blue curtain) but we DID have free Wi-FiFi
    Fi in Lowell! Also - I still think our April date makes more sense than your June one. We should BOTH be holding primaries now.

  13. Lynne Says:

    Yeah I think the Tsongas is a better venue. Not that I’m biased for Lowell or anything. :)

    If we had our convention in April, Gabby definitely wouldn’t have jumped in…heh.

  14. Lynne Says:

    Just a side note, the IP address of “Cassandra” and “Robert” is the same. Either they are the same person, or probably posting from the same computer. How sad is that??

    Peter of course as much as we disagree, you are welcome to stay and shill. :)

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