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June 3, 2006

The Big Day - (Mostly) Live!

by at 8:03 am.

It’s the second day of the MA state Democratic convention. Once again I will be posting periodical updates all day when I can (no internet on the floor of the convention but I will post my notes). This is the big day. Here’s the rough schedule (I say rough because you know Democrats are never on time!).

9:15 - convention called to order
9:40 - Gov. Michael Dukakis
10:05 - John Bonifaz
10:15 - Bill Galvin
10:25 - Deb Goldberg
10:40 - Tim Murray
10:55 - Andrea Silbert
11:00 - Quorum Call Ballot
11:35 - Chris Gabrieli
11:50 - Deval Patrick
12:05 - Tom Reilly
12:30 - Ballot #1
2:00 - Sec. of State Nominee speech
2:15 - Ballot #2
3:15 - Lt. Governor Nominee speech
3:20 - Governor Nominee speech
3:30 - Charter Amendments
3:45 - Adjorn

Some Globe coverage. And some nice quotes from me, Andy, and Michael Forbes Wilcox in the Lowell Sun.

More later!

Last update: 5:22PM - RESULTS COMING IN

10:20AM: Heard a little of Bonifaz. Still stick to my earlier evaluation that he’d be better running for state Rep, and all I heard him talk about when I was able to listen was elections, which, as Galvin is just now pointing out, is only part of his job. Galvin also talking about the Community Preservation Act (I think - the media room is buzzing with people talking and not watching the TV) and his role in that.

Deb Goldberg nomination up now. Rep. Barney Frank intro’s her.

Goldberg talking about how we start with electing a Dem governor. Economy growing at 1/2 rate of rest of country, etc, disinterested Republican gov’s pushing cost down to the local level. 16 years is long enough - time for a new direction in MA. Pay teachers what they deserve, invest in schools. Better use of comm colleges, UMass. Affordability in health care costs. Experience in business, selectman.

Impression: she’s not too bad on the stump, speech is pretty punchy, hitting on all the main notes and issues of the campaign. Maybe a little general. She’ll get her 15% I think, she does need to be slightly more comfortable in her skin on the podium. Man, I could never stand up there and do that, though.

10:50PM: Silbert up next, nicely edited professional video. On it, she’s talking details about her Center for Woman & Enterprise. Apparently her org helped start up Zip Cars. Showing testimonials from people who succeeded from CWE. Jobs is the issue that pays for everything else, health care, schools, preserve open space. Cue the hopeful music soundtrack (might not be the best for peppy delegate riling).

Silbert on the stump: OK, she’s very emphatic. Crowd seems to be responding. Her energy is very high. Talking about CWE again. Why leave CWE for running for office? Have kids, our kids deserve [laundry list here]. Three things to do: lead efforts in job creation. I have heck of better record of job creation then Romney/Healey record (NICE touch).

Second thing: bring more money in from Washington. Regional rail. There’s a WOOP!

Third goal: Ending homelessness. Worked with homeless women and now they are now contributing to economy. Health care a right not privledge. Gay marriage. Right to choose. Environment. Can help win in Nov. Personally connect with swing voters Healey targeting. She’s very loud! But meat to the base I guess.

She’s organized her speech pretty well actually. Three goals setup was good. Charley (of BMG) sitting in front of me says that this speech, though, if heard between Sept and Nov is poison. Too abrasive. I can see that - if we could get a speech tone somewhere between Goldberg’s and Silbert I think it would be about the right tone.

Here’s Tim’s video.

10:55PM: Students for Murray, Kate Donaghue testimonials on the video. There’s the peppy music. Too funny. Sounds like it’s from some musical.

Tim arrives to much cheers. No doubts he’s the front runner today. “Brand new day…within reach.” Talking about personal history, hard working parents. “Under thumb of Romney/Healey” it’s harder for familes, small businesses, seniors. For 16 years disinterested Republicans governors ran state with budgets that cannot meet MA’s needs. Too many of them view our state as pitstop to other jobs. Had enough of noshow leadership. (Cheers) “Brand New Day” - his mantra for this speech.

Expand commuter rail, aggressive jobs creation for all regions of state. I will not rest until our party’s progressive view is returned to corner office. Ends with his mantra, cheers, same song from musical with the line “can you feel the brand new day.”

OK time for Quorum call - ON TIME! Amazing. Nice job candidates this morning on staying on target without droning on.

11:05PM: Phil Johnston explaining the rules very emphatically. I’m gonna go check in if I can with Lowell and see any of our Deval delegates alternates are going to get to vote! It would be very cool to see them be able to participate after all their hard work.

1:45PM: I went onto the floor for the gubernatorial speeches because I wanted a sense of the energy in the room while they were speaking. All the speeches went well, I must say Reilly comported himself with rather more vigor and less stiffness than usual. Gabrieli, whom I never disliked except for how he’s gone about his campaigning, also had a decent speech. Of course, Deval blew them both out of the water in style, story, and energy. He by leaps had the crowd on their feet with signs and yelling and clapping. Reilly came in second with support from the crowd, but that’s not to say Gabrieli didn’t have some as well. Most of his signs were centered in the middle of the hall, though, with the activists who brought them. There were only scattered delegates waving any around for him.

Lots of Deval’s speech I’ve heard before, on the stump. It doesn’t lose its vigor, but now that he’s delivered it at the convention I hope that it gets remade into a new form, with new lines to replace the great ones he’s been using up til now. I have no idea if Gabrieli and Reilly also said a lot of the things they’ve been emphasizing on other podiums.

I think Reilly did do better than Gabrieli in general. I was more excited by Reilly’s speech and delivery, and seeing how I was expecting the opposite, I’m surprised but glad to be wrong. It was also hard following Deval, and Reilly managed to pull it off. Though it was definitely palpable, the difference between the crowd’s response during and at the end of Reilly’s presentation and Deval’s. The hall definitely belonged to Patrick.

And I hope the media in the room with me here are not tricked into the spin that this only means Deval’s support is from insiders. If they had any idea the percentage of people here as delegates for Patrick who have never been to a convention, nor a caucus, nor even donated for volunteered for any campaign in the past.

They just annpunced that the challenges, of which there was a reported 200, are all resolved. From what I understand this is in serious record order. I know they were having a new system in place to deal with those, looks like it worked a charm. The comment from vets of conventions is that this has been an on-time smooth operation compared to the disorganized events of yor. So even though yesterday’s speeches did go a little off schedule, they ended up on time at the end, and today was tight.

The vote is happening now and I’m going to run to see what’s happening in First Middlesex (Lowell).

PS we were fed a nice lunch from the Boston Carman’s Union, thanks guys!

2:55PM: Balloting is complete, they are being passed in by the Tellers, so stay tuned cuz shortly we’ll know the outcome of the initial ballot!

UPDATE [4:02PM - Media are told that Gabrieli is making an annoucement in 10 minutes to his supporters at his trailer. This likely means that it’s over for him, why else would he gather people so soon? The campaigns I think have the results (Murray was in here with his, he has 48%, Silbert had 29%, and Goldberg had 23% according to them.]

UPDATE II: [4:25PM Adam Reilly has some SERIOUS breaking gossip, Gabrieli was short about 50 but there was a deal cut to put him on the ballot.]

UPDATE III: [5:00PM - Murray’s campaign announces to media that Silbert and Murray are in agreement to look for a “voice vote” for the second ballot so as to save time and let people go home sooner rather than later.]

My shorthand…county name, SS = Sec-State, LG = Lt Gov, G = Gov; then each candidate by first letter of last name on each line
SS: B: 26 G: 66
LG: G: 39 M: 30 S: 23
G: G:12 P:65 R:14

1st Bristol-Plymouth
SS: B: 0 G: 131
LG: G: 13 M: 110 S: 8
G: G: 12 P: 41 R: 78

SS: B: 20 G: 59
LG: G: 7 M: 69 S: 3
G: G: 21 P: 28 R: 30

2nd Suffolk-Middlesex
SS: B: 61 G: 56
LG: G: 29 M: 35 S: 50
G: G: 11 P: 81 R: 23

SS: B: 18 G: 75
LG: G: 14 M: 30 S: 49
G: 3 P: 73 R:17

1st Hampden-Hampshire
SS: B: 36 G: 86
LG: G: 12 M: 89 S: 20
G: G: 21 P: 45 R: 56

SS: B: 61 G: 90
LG: G: 10 M: 64 S: 78
G: G: 10 P: 119 R: 23

SS: B: 7 G; 124
LG: G: 29 M: 78 S: 22
G: G: 64 P: 38 R: 28

1st Suffolk
SS: B: 24 G: 113
LG: G: 20 M: 90 S: 29
G: G: 13 P: 69 R: 61

3rd Middlesex
SS: B: 55 G: 64
LG: G: 44 M: 37 S: 37
G: G: 18 P: 87 R: 13

2nd Plymouth Bristol
SS: B: 22 G: 67
LG: G: 17 M: 42 S: 32
G: G: 19 P: 61 R: 11

SS: B: 40 G: 85
LG: G: 26 M: 89 S: 10
G: G: 14 P: 53 R: 58

Cape and Island
SS: B: 63 G: 58
LG: G: 23 M: 17 S: 82
G: G: 17 P: 82 R: 23

4th Middlesex
SS: B: 45 G: 88
LG: G: 26 M: 40 S: 67
G: G: 17 P: 96 R: 20

SS: B: 25 G: 60
LG: G: 19 M: 26 S: 40
G: G: 4 P: 58 R: 25

SS: B: 11 G: 83
LG: G: 5 M: 81 S: 8
G: G: 23 P: 31 R: 40

2nd Middlesex Norfolk
SS: B: 35 G: 78
LG: G: 21 M: 54 S: 38
G: G: 13 P: 76 R: 24

2nd Bristol Plymouth
SS: B: 32 G: 57
LG: G: 24 M: 43 S: 22
G: G: 27 P: 55 R: 7

2nd Hampden-Hampshire
SS: B: 19 G: 49
LG: G: 11 M: 52 S: 7
G: G: 12 P: 35 R: 23

2nd Essex Middle
SS: B: 30 G: 75
LG: G: 42 M: 35 S: 26
G: G: 10 P: 66 R: 29

1st Worcester
SS: B: 18 G: 105
LG: G: 2 M: 121 S: 0
G: G: 19 P 70 R: 33

SS: B: 82 G: 38
LG: G: 18 M: 42 S: 60
G: G: 21 P: 92 R: 7

SS: B: 33 G: 90
LG: G: 36 M: 53 S: 34
G: G: 21 P: 75 R: 27

1st Plymouth-Bristol
SS: B: 12 G: 87
LG: G: 33 M: 40 S: 25
G: G: 4 P: 39 R: 55

2nd Worcester
SS: B: 4 G: 99
LG: G: 1 M: 104 S: 0
G: G: 17 P: 28 R: 59

2nd Middlesex
SS: B: 46 G: 84
LG: G: 29 M: 49 S: 46
G: G: 7 P: 90 R: 32

1st Essex-Middlesex
SS: B: 35 G: 61
LG: G: 19 M: 32 S: 45
G: G: 6 P: 77 R: 13

SS: B: 22 G: 93
LG: G: 34 M: 38 S: 43
G: G: 14 P: 67 R: 34

1st Suffolk-Middlesex
SS: B: 43 G: 86
LG: G: 44 M: 44 S: 40
G: G: 20 P: 61 R: 50

Worcester Norfolk
SS: B: 13 G: 79
LG: G: 6 M: 82 S: 8
G: G: 39 P: 24 R: 33

Norfolk Bristol Ply
SS: B: 15 G: 91
LG: G: 53 M: 23 S: 30
G: G: 19 P: 83 R: 5

2nd Essex
SS: B: 14 G: 89
LG: G: 27 M: 45 S: 33
G: G: 30 P: 64 R: 11

SS: B: 25 G: 83
LG G: 6 M: 81 S: 21
G: G: 12 P: 84 R: 12

B: 48 G: 59
LG: G: 14 M: 42 S: 54
G: G: 14 P: 67 R: 30

1st Essex
SS: B: 17 G: 94
LG: G: 22 M: 49 S: 39
G: G: 32 P: 43 R: 31

Final results to be announced in a bit.

18 Responses to “The Big Day - (Mostly) Live!”

  1. waittilnextyr Says:

    Looks like Gabrielli is falling short (11-12%), Reilly is in (30-31%), but Patrick leading by nearly 2 to 1 (58% to 31%) over Reilly.

  2. caroline Says:

    Heard a rumor that Galvin hadn’t committed his delegates, but then released
    them to Gabrieli. That may be what put him over the 15% mark.

  3. Aaron Says:

    Here’s what the Globe is saying:

    Amid word that some Reilly supporters had given their backing to Gabrieli to ensure he qualified for the ballot, Gabrieli scheduled a news conference to proclaim success. But minutes later, his aides postponed the session, saying they were reviewing new information from the party.

  4. waittilnextyr Says:

    Garielli is up to 15.8%, Partick is holding at 58.7% and Reilly has dropped to 25.6%.

  5. waittilnextyr Says:

    Gabrielli is up to 15.8%, Patrick is holding at 58.7% and Reilly has dropped to 25.6%.

  6. Pablo Says:

    Hmmm. Gabrieli was falling short, then all of a sudden he got a few extra delegates.

    Did anyone see a couple of dozen delegates leaving Worcester with bags of cash?

  7. Timothy Seeley Says:

    Well I can tell you this the Speaker Pro Tem from Ludlow had his slate vote for Gabrielli while he
    he threw his vote to Reilly. I figure Sal Demasi sent orders down the line of the leadership to get
    Gabbi on the ballot so that the chances for Reilly to win in September then lose is November so the
    legislative leadership keeps it’s power and has a Republican to blame in regards to issues and not
    getting things done.

  8. A Kossian Says:

    According to the Globe, everyone got on the primary ballot, including Bonifaz (~29%) and Gabrieli. Gabrieli just barely cleared the bar (15.x%). Reminds me of 1990 with B.U. President John Silber squeaking by thanks to some serious insider arm twisting.

  9. A Kossian Says:

    Also according to the Globe: party endorsed candidates are Deval Patrick, Timothy Murray, and, of course, Bill Galvin. But I should point out that the party endorsement has only minor benefit. It technically means the MDP DSC provides some assistance, but that assistance is limited. In 1990, for example, Silber only got 15%, went on to win the Democratic Primary, then lost to William Weld.

    Really the September primary is wide open for all three races. Anything can happen.

  10. Ryan Says:

    Good lowdown. Even though Gab would be my second choice, and despite the fact that everyone and their mother is probably happy and thinks Democracy is well served by him getting on the ballot… does anyone else think that Gabs on the ballot could kill ALL of the dems chances? If he goes negative with his millions, no Dem is going to win against Healey. Reilly too. This is going to be giving me fits over the cmoing months. I really hope this campaign is clean.

  11. mc-in-groton Says:


    Great job posting live at the Convention! Did you post the results of the 1st Middlesex District? I did not see them on the list.

    It was so nice meet all the delegates & alternates from Lowell, Dunstable, Groton, Pepperell, Tyngsborough & Westford! Thank you to everyone who helped with the Deval Patrick Campaign!

    I would like to extend special thanks to Patti and Curtis for doing a very professional and fair job as teller and credential checker. It is not an easy job - kudos to you both!

  12. Dick Howe Says:

    The convention vote totals of the 1st Middlesex District are posted at www.lowelldems.org

  13. Lynne Says:

    Sorry to leave the posting without the final results, my hosting service had a denial-of-service attack and I could’t access the website! Then I lost internet I paid for because my time was up, and I could not for the life of me find WiFi anywhere (or else I was looking in the wrong place - it was a borrowed Mac and so I’m clueless).

    The rest of the post that I had all written and was going to post was:

    Middlesex Worcester
    SS: B: 25 G: 83
    LG: G: 6 M: 81 S: 21
    G: G: 12 P: 84 R: 12

    3rd Essex Middlesex
    SS: B: 30 G: 57
    LG: G: 11 M: 60 S: 17
    G: G: 20 P: 61 R: 8

    SS: B: 18 G: 125
    LG: G: 52 M: 75 S: 17
    G: G: 22 P: 37 R: 84

    1st Middlesex
    SS: B: 18 G: 77
    LG: G: 41 M: 33 S: 21
    G: G: 12 P: 34 R: 49

    FINAL TALLY by %
    For SS: Bonifaz: 29.3%, Galvin: 70.7%
    LG: G: 22.04%, M: 49.02%, S: 28.94%
    G: Gabrieli: 15.36%, Patrick: 57.98%, Reilly: 26.66%

    Rules called for second ballot for the LG candidates as no one got 50%+1. Rules were suspended, to decide if it could be done on voice vote. It sounded on TV like the “yeses” were close! They ruled that Murray got the nomination.

  14. Tim Little Says:

    I’m sure I’ll get to posting my observations of the weekend from my perch in the nosebleed seats in section 205 (First Middlesex) Pangy said he’d probably pissed off Travalini to get us banished to the rafters!

    It was nice to spend time with other folks from Ward 5 (Dick, Kim, Steve, MJ, et al), Lowell (Margaret, Kristin, Paul, Mimi), and to get to know folks from some of the surrounding towns.

    Margaret and I were taking notes on the non-voting proceedings, which I hope she’ll share later.

    Anyhow, I posted some thoughts on the road ahead over at BMG. Please take a moment to lend your own thoughts: http://www.bluemassgroup.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=2390

    PS — Curtis LeMay gets 10 points for being “best dressed” the vest/tie/bullhorn ensemble is a classic!

    PPS — Carrie and I are hosting a house party for Deval on Saturday, June 17. Stand by for details.

  15. Tim Little Says:

    Sorry…. Somehow I managed to leave the inimitable Dick Howe off my list of Lowellians with whom I had the pleasure of shmoozing this weekend. No offense, Dick!

  16. BHF Delegate Says:

    Great Convention coverage! Silbert clearly had a great showing. Patrick’s
    support was almost cult like and reminiscent of Reich but I believe
    Gabrielli is going to outresource the rest of the field. His internal polling numbers amoung independants looks promising as well.

  17. Lynne Says:

    Sorry…BHF…I had to laugh incessantly at your final sentence. You put ANY stock at all from internal polls??? Wow.

    Patrick’s support is real. It only feels like a cult to you because you don’t understand - everyone who works for Patrick feels like they have a real stake in the outcome, and a real contribution. Patrick trusts his grassroots. I know that because I’m a part of the campaign. He listens to us too. You can’t say that about either Reilly or Gabrieli.

    Gabby won a spot on the ballot because he pulled in every favor he had. I heard several cases where prominent delegates, poised to vote for Patrick or Reilly (mostly Patrick) felt like they owed Gabrieli for some fundraising he did or a donation he made to their causes or campaigns. He called in those favors very deliberately. He’s a notorious money-thrower (which I heartily say is what every rich person should be) in political and non-profit circles and it’s not magic that got him 15%, it was his money. Make no mistake. His support is shallower than even Reilly’s and will remain so, mostly because he jumped in so late he has no time to make his case to potential voters and volunteers.

  18. Mass Revolution Now! » Blog Archive » Convention Results and My Thoughts Says:

    […] yone else’s impressions? The results, district by district (I have copied these from Lynne with her permission): ss=Sec of State lg=Leiutenant Gov g=Gov and […]

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