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June 6, 2006

Don’t Forget, It’s LiL Fundraising Week!

by at 10:46 am.

As stated in a previous post and the graphic in the header, it’s Fundraising Week for the blog. For all the reasons stated, please consider a donation - small or large - if you have some spare change. Of course, anyone who donates will get a free bumper sticker once I get them printed! I’ve been thinking I will need to charge for them to cover the cost of printing (I’d like to give them to everyone for free, and if there’s enough donations, I still might).

Thanks to everyone who has already donated, this week or in the past!

Donors will be kept confidential of course, and we are not a non-profit so donations are not tax-deductible.

4 Responses to “Don’t Forget, It’s LiL Fundraising Week!”

  1. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    I found this little tid bit on Paul Sullivan’s “blog” today and had to laugh. He’s blogging about his column re: the convention. I wonder if you can get George to contribute? LOL

    LeftinLowell’s Lynne Lupien was enthusiastic.
    But she has to figured out if shewants to blog from the press box or from the field.
    I know how she feels, I’ve had the same challenge.
    She’s going to find it hard to cover political events orcampaigns while rooting for an outcome.Regardless, she and her LeftinLowell blog are a great asset for theregion’s political landscape.
    By the way there is a fundraising drive to help defray some of her convention costsincluding the time she spend away from her real job.Put me down for $10 bucks and another $40 if George Anthes gives $10.

  2. Lynne Says:

    Heh, well, one has to understand blogs…we write, but we sure as hell don’t sit around on the sidelines! That’s the beauty of it. Community. Activism. Commentary. Combined in a mishmash of interests. I’m not a newspaper, and I don’t want to be a reporter, thanks very much! We don’t just think, we do when the spirit moves us. That’s why the world will change. (We hope.) I will always try to be clear about where my allegences lie, however. A good blogger does at least that much.

    Simply put, though, I didn’t expect to endorse or be in the thick of a campaign, but when duty calls…one must engage with more than words. Words are nice. Action is more effective.

  3. Lynne Says:

    Oh and as to George donating, I’m happy at how many readers he sent my way with his vitriol. That’s enough in my mind. I’m sure that makes him just super happy!

    BTW, as to complaints from WCAP’ers about my not getting on the radio with them (why wouldn’t I just LOVE to with such, er, warm things being said about me) I have not been contacted by anyone since the last time I went on. I have an email address posted prominently to the right here. Not to mention my business and this blog is taking up a huge amount of my time right now…it’s hard to get away during the day (I have yet to confirm an invite to be on WUML again as well).

  4. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    Let us know if Sullivan sends you the $10 he promised! LOL

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