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August 18, 2006

Let’s Stop Distorting the Record

by at 3:00 pm.

Yet another attack on Patrick’s corporate past and his progressive creds, to loosen Patrick’s considerable liberal support. And once again, the facts are twisted by opponants, when actually, it appears that Patrick did the right thing when working for the United Air Lines corporate board, advocating for domestic partner benefits for same-sex partners and succeeding at getting United to be the first airline to do so.

Once is an anomaly, twice is a line between two points, three times plus is a pattern. Again, it appears this attack on Patrick’s corporate service originates (sneakily) from the Reilly campaign (it has their media fingerprints all over it). And once again, the Globe misleads its readers into thinking there’s a controversy, when instead there’s a complex set of facts that when put together, gives me, at least, a picture that Patrick is both a good lawyer and a powerful advocate for corporate reform from the inside. He advocated on behalf of his employer, United, for the reason David states in his post, while subsequently making history within the company and helping same-sex couples.

I’m tired of Reilly spewing distorted or outright wrong facts in this campaign. While both Patrick and Gabrieli have positive, idea-driven campaigns (however much I hate how Gabrieli got in the race and how he’s running it, I have to admit that), Reilly has nothing to run on but being for the tax rollback (making him Healey Lite) and distorting his biggest opponant’s record. Chris, watch out, if you become the frontrunner be prepared to answer attacks such as these.

I have no issue with legitimate questions about any candidate’s past; however, Reilly goes beyond the pale and into Karl Rove Republican territory with his tactics. Sad that he has nothing else to resort to.

7 Responses to “Let’s Stop Distorting the Record”

  1. Tim Little Says:

    Don’t know about the Bay Windows or Globe articles, but the Deval-slamming on BMG seems to be coming mostly from the Gabrieli camp. (Then again, I think the Reilly supporters jumped ship from BMG months ago.)

  2. mark Says:

    I encourage everyone to write letters to the editor for publication in Bay Windows. This is not the first negative article they have featured about Deval.

    There are several “gay leaders” helping Gabs distort Deval’s record in our community, and it must stop.

  3. Mr Lynne Says:

    Tim… just send you email on the yahoo account.

  4. Ryan Says:

    We both had the same idea andc came to the same conclusion: there’s a REAL PATTERN going on - and it must stop.

    However, I don’t just merely by the fact that Reilly is feeding this. Well, of course he is, but the Globe is eating every morsel of it. You can blame the Killer Coke thing on Frank Phillips, but this wasn’t even written by him. Apparently, the Globe has caught on the fact that we’ll criticize Phillips and has assigned a new reporter to make shit up. Also, notice how United and Coke haven’t come up till August - when they’re things that Deval was a part of for years, years ago. In other words, these could have been stories in April… but that would have made too much sense. If you’re gonna just repeat crap from campaigns, may as well do it when it matters most.

    Reilly should just give up IMHO. He’s in third and isn’t going to win. That much is pretty obvious, especially when the trends look very bad for him and the election is just weeks away. What, is he thinking people are suddenly going to wake up and say “I think I like that Reilly guy?” ROFL.

  5. Susan Ryan-Vollmar Says:

    I’m the editor of Bay Windows. This is in response to Mark Snyder’s comment above that the story Bay Windows published
    last week about Deval Patrick’s tenure at United Airlines was not “the first negative article they have featured about
    Deval.” The insinuation seems to be that Bay Windows is slanted in its coverage of the gubernatorial race. I would like
    to see Mark cite the “negative” articles he references above. I won’t hold my breath, though, because in this instance,
    Mark doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  6. waittilnextyr Says:

    I heard a brief portion of the WCAP morning show today, where Gabrieli called in to discuss issues with the show hosts.

    While I was listening, one of the co-hosts (name of Sean Ashe, I believe) asked Gabrielli why was he the only candidate supporting Cape Wind. Gabrieli let that little white lie pass, and went on to extoll the benefits of wind energy.

    I have two problems with that little discussion:
    1) Didn’t the talk show co-host know that Deval Patrick was out front on Cape Wind, and that Gabrieli has previously qualified his support for the project? If he does know that fact, then his question was misleading, and a breach of the media responsibility to be accurate and fair.
    2) Whether or not the show co-host knew, certainly Gabrieli knows, and he let that slide. This is tantamount to lieing, although accepted in political circles. Maybe he is not as “above the fray” as he would have the electorate believe.

  7. K-R-S Says:

    Waitil…they’ve been (CAP) have been talking about Gabs support of Cape Wind as if this is the first time ANY candidate has come out in support. Obviously, they are GROSSLY misinformed. Patrick had been at the forefront of support for Cape Wind. Warren (Saturdays on CAP)
    has repeatedly stressed that Patric was at the forefront on that issue.

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