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January 9, 2007

Kennedy: Will Intro Bill to Stop Escalation in Iraq

by at 11:49 am.

This is exactly what is needed. It doesn’t go far enough in my opinion, but the American people are not interested in having their new Democratic leadership shy away from interfering with Bush’s completely inept leadership on Iraq [Update: quote from Kennedy writing on BMG]:

I am on my way to the National Press Club in Washington in a few minutes to speak about a new bill. If passed, it will prohibit escalation in Iraq without express Congressional approval of a plan and budget.

President Bush owes the American people a clear explanation about what he’s trying to accomplish in Iraq, and that’s why I’m introducing legislation that will force him to explain himself.

In October 2002, Members of Congress authorized a war against the regime of Saddam Hussein, not to send our troops into a civil war. I voted against that resolution and feel an escalation of this war only compounds the original mistake of going in the first place.

I also write about my idea in comments of the Senator’s post: that I believe we can go one step further, and since the President can’t lead our troops worth a damn, it’s time to micro-manage the war in Iraq by earmarking appropriations to only those activities that directly support the troops. We need to cut spending for any other activity. This will choke off funding for the badly wasted and botched rebuilding projects which have all but halted due to sectarian violence anyway, and any other war profiteering by Halliburton and others. And in 2008 the Dems can say, we supported the troops with targeted funding, but cut off the trough for the pigs. I think that would be a powerful message to send about who is really for supporting our men and women in combat, because the Republicans sure as hell can’t make that claim.

It’s also great to see the Senator posting on Blue Mass Group to let us know about his bill. Thanks, Senator. It’s very rare that you and I disagree.

14 Responses to “Kennedy: Will Intro Bill to Stop Escalation in Iraq”

  1. Josh Says:

    That would be nice and all, but we all know that the Democrats aren’t going to change squat. They didn’t even mention Iraq in their “100 hours” theme where they name all their top priorities.

  2. Lynne Says:

    Right. So they should just give up and stop trying. Never mind that this proposal and Meehan’s (see above) which are being intro’ed so soon into the new Congress, it must not count. *rolls eyes*

    100 hours isn’t long, it can’t possibly encompass everything, not the least of which something as contentious as Iraq.

  3. Mr. Lynne Says:

    I would say that the most likely scenario is that little changes because short of impeachment I don’t think W will cooperate with anything ever with anybody.

  4. Lynne Says:

    But let him be in direct violation of a law Congress passed. (That is, if his inevitable veto is overridden.)

    We’re headed to a Constitutional crisis as it is, I’d rather have it be out in the open. Or else this precident of ignoring Congress and doing whatever the hell you want will be unchallenged. Challenge it. Bring it on. It’s not partisan to take back the co-equal branches of government and save our democracy.

  5. JOE BISHOP Says:

    George Bush is this century’s Abraham Lincoln. Neither one care about the constitution.

  6. Lynne Says:

    Joe, get yourself half a brain before you decide to post again, k?

    Honestly, the intelligence levels of some trolls…even Josh, while completely ignoring every piece of evidence in front of his eyes, isn’t THAT inane.

  7. Josh Says:

    Lynne, I’m not critiqueing the Fat Ted’s proposal, I’d like to see us get out of there too. I’m just saying that the political reality is that the Dems aren’t going to do anything significant. Fat is is secure in his seat, so he can say whatever he wants, but this is not a Democratic party effort at all.

  8. Lynne Says:

    Can we cease and desist calling Senators childish names? There’s joking around, but then there’s rude. You crossed the line very clearly there. Please kindly knock it off. You do know what that makes you sound like, right?

  9. JOE BISHOP Says:


    I like how you argue. What grade are you in… first or second?? You should read how Abraham Lincoln trampled upon the Constitution (it’s true… he censored newspapers, suspended habeas corpus, completely ignored state’s rights and slaughtered close to half a million Americans.) There are many similarities between Lincoln’s abuse of power and Bush’s current abuses of power.

    I am beginning to think Lynne doesn’t read much.

  10. JOE BISHOP Says:

    Alsi, I agree with Josh. I’ve met Ted Kennedy before. He is pretty fat. Plus he likes “pork” (i.e. lots and lots of spending)… Fat Ted is an appropriate name for our senator.

  11. Josh Says:

    Lynne, Joe’s critique of Lincoln is pretty accurate. You should check out the work that historian Thomas Dilorenzo did on Lincoln if you think we’re all moonbats. I personally liked Lincoln as a president (Joe, that’s another debate for another day.) But Lynne, you really should do some reading before you go calling people “half-brained.” You can really be academically close-minded sometimes.

    Also, fine, no more “Fat Ted” …How about Chappaquiddick Ted?

  12. Shawn Says:

    ummm.. in terms of tone and names… I direct you to “selfish bastard conservatives”. I found that pretty offensive as well.

    from: http://www.leftinlowell.com/2006/12/29/breaking-the-myth-that-greed-is-good/

  13. Lynne Says:

    Come on, the whole conservative ideology is about selfishness. You can’t tell me it’s otherwise.

    Looking out for #1, isn’t that the core tenent of Reaganomics and downsizing government? Are you telling me, it’s something else? Please, enlighten me.

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