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March 9, 2007

Great Editorial!

by at 5:29 pm.

If you have not yet read today’s Lowell Sun’s editorial on the raid on undocumented immigrants in New Bedford this week, please do so.

In the past, I have disagreed with the Sun’s editorial position on many issues but they should be commended for reminding Lowell that the “complicated problem of illegal immigration” has a face—“hundreds of tear-stained, panic-striken” women in this case.

But more importantly, they are advancing a rational solution by stating that this “incident highlights the critical need for reform of our fractured immigration system” and they agree with Senator Ted Kennedy’s approach to reform. The paper is advocating that “a system be created that will put illegal immigrants who are otherwise lawful residents on the path to legal status.”

Lowell is a city of immigrants. Some of us were luck to find the legal status immediately, others were not. According to the U.S. Census, in 2005 over 37% of Lowell’s population was foreign born. That is up from 22% in 2000.

The Sun should be praised for their responsible approach to this complex problem.

19 Responses to “Great Editorial!”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Wow, that’s quite the climb in 5 years.

  2. Mike Says:

    How about we get serious about this entire illegal thing and start doing something to stop it. If we don’t we will run out of resources in this country for the people who are here legally. We have to get the politicans to get their heads out of the sand !

  3. No More Deval Says:

    I say we close the borders, fine every company knowingly hiring these criminals $1 million dollars per illegal alien (as once proposed by a Republican Ronald Reagan), and ship home every last one with only the shirts on their back. How do you round them up you ask? End the welfare and end their employent that has taken away jobs for real Americans and you will see every last criminal demand deportation (You didn’t actually think they would pay their own transportation back the home land, did you?). America for Americans folks. If you don’t like it, get out with the criminals.

  4. Laura Says:

    No More Deval, I work in the social services system. Many, many illegal immigrants to do get welfare. They may have MassHealth for their children, They don’t get food stamps. They don’t get subsidized housing. Why? Because they are afraid they will be caught, sent back to their countries and separated from their spouses and children. I had an employee have to resign because her husband is here illegally — he was brought to this country by his parents years ago. He speaks English. He works 2 jobs, one full time and one part time. He owns a house. They pay property taxes. They pay income taxes. They are active in their neighborhood and try to improve it. He has been trying for years to work with immigration to become a legal citizen. He was notified that he has to leave the country for 10 years.

    Instead they live two and three families to an apartment and work their butts off trying to pay their bills. Don’t you get it? The illegal immigrants that are caught by immigration officials are WORKING! They are at their jobs! I’ll bet many of them have legal taxpayer identification numbers given to them by the IRS so they can pay taxes.

    The system is messed up. WE, the US government, give the employers a slap on the wrist and allow them to continue to operate. The IRS says, “OK, we’ll give you a number so you are in the system and can pay taxes”. The immigration system tells the illegal immigrants that they’ll think better of illegal immigrants if they do work and pay taxes and *maybe* we’ll cut you some slack if you work with us. So the illegal immigrants play by these rules and then the Bush Administrations raids the employers. Separates mothers from their children and then puts the children in DSS custody. (Now that means tax dollars. If the kids weren’t on MassHealth or getting food stamps before, they will now.)

    No More Deval, the system is messed up and it hurts good, hard working, tax-paying families. The problem isn’t simple and it requires all people in the US to become truly informed and to make rational changes to the immigration system.

    I’m done ranting.

  5. No More Deval Says:

    I’m not done ranting Laura. You simply don’t get it, not I. These foreign invaders are taking jobs from true Americans. Only when our (the American) economy reaches a point of full employment, a point where every American is gainfully employed, should any foreign invader be allowed to seek employment in this great country.

    These criminals are taking work away from the people who truly deserve jobs, the American workers. You say that these people work 2 and 3 jobs o get by. Don’t you get it. Americans workers are unemployed while slave wages are paid to these criminals, albeit exploited criminals. Companies that hire foreigners need to be fined and shut down. Each foreigner needs to be repatriated with no opporunity for citizenship since they are all FELONS. I truly get it; I only wish you did. We, the U.S. Government, for the sake of the American people, need to deport every last criminal, and confiscate every last dollar that they stole from American workers by taking jobs in this country.

    You say that they live with sometimes three families in one apartment in order to survive. How about the poor American workers who can no longer afford to rent an aprtment in Massachusetts because rents have soared due to the influx of criminals? When your illegal aliens take up more and more housing units, simple economics tells you that prices will climb and climb and climb. We do not need Deval’s bleeding heart liberalism (which he is when it is convenient to get votes; in real life he is actually a corporate shill) providing free health care, driver’s licenses and free instate tution to foreigner’s (No instate tuition rates either!; If the State can afford to offer discounts to criminals, we sure as hell should be offering free tuition to every last American citizen who desires a college education).

    What might be a better idea for all the socialists who want to save the poor people from around the world, at my expense and the rest of the American citizenry, volunteer to trade places. Yea! Trade your citizenship for that of an illegal alien. You can all go to Guatemala and give your American citizenship to a poor Guatamalan (Not to single out Guatamal; but I think you get the point). In fact you can give up your American job and don’t forget to trade living quarters. This way, we have no drain on the economy, no shortage of jobs and pleanty of housing. One beleeding heart liberal deported for every foreign invader you want to save. Seems brilliant, don’t you think?

  6. Jason Says:

    Much as I’d like a big wall across our borders (mostly for the good paying construction jobs), most illegals come here on tourist visas and the like and simply stay once they expire. Its not like the Central American Illegals in the New Bedford factory walked all the way to the Mexican/US border (across a few other countries in the path) to swim the Rio Grande.

    The other thing worth mentioning is that far more Americas have lost jobs to our companies shiping them overseas than to illegals coming here to take them. People from many other countries are willing to work for less than Americans and we feed it by always looking for the cheapest price and the biggest returns on our portfolios. Take a look at the trade deficits and our debt. Pretty soon it won’t matter who is illegal we’ll all be owned by foreign countries and banks.

  7. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    “America for Americans folks”

    Yep, close the borders, tear down the Statue of Liberty, America for Americans…

    So, where are we all going to go when we give America back to the Americans, remember them?

    Ellis Island would make a fine detention center/holding tank for the deportation of all of the immigrants and their decendants that are infecting the country!

    America a melting pot?! Phooey! This ain’t no fondue! Give it back to the folks that we took it from by force.

    What, not willing to go that far? Why not?

  8. Lynne Says:

    *shakes head sadly*

    Typical knee-jerk reactions rearing their ugly head.

    You want to really end illegal immigration? How about the US puts their goddamned money where their rhetoric is and actually give a crap about “lifting all boats” in Mexico/S./Central America?

    The US has the economic power, folks, to stop repressing, and start improving, the economies of third world countries in our backyard. But we let large corporations write our trade policy and under the guise of “free trade,” we keep perpetrating policies that artificially keep those countries poor. We make deals with dictators and right wing governments, back coups meant to take down any leader in these countries that stands in the way of our conglomerates, and then we complain when the desperate conditions of these countries makes illegal work in the US look good?

    Don’t punish the victims of the masters of the global economy. Punish the business workers that exploit illegals, and then fix the actual underlying economic reasons, rather than slap a little bandaid on the problem by arresting and deporting (impossible task) and putting up a wall.

  9. ArtisFun Says:

    Eleanor Rigby Says: America a melting pot?! Phooey! This ain’t no fondue! Give it back to the folks that we took it from by force. What, not willing to go that far? Why not?

    I am giving it back, one quarter at a time.

  10. No More Deval Says:

    “Laughing Hysterically”

    No where did I advocate muli-national corporations who exploit foreign labor (much as was done in this country prior to the turn of the century - curtailed only with the advent of organized labor). While closing the borders to illegal immigration, the Americaan poeple need to demand an end to selling out of American jobs overseas in order to line the pockets of cerporate executives and big investors. America for Americans.

    Tear down the Statue of Liberty?

    “Uncontrollable laughter”

    No where did I advocte an end to any/all immigration. There is a legal means to enter this country and to legally apply for citizenship. These foreign invaders should be traeted just as that. Woul you have welcomed the invasion of Soviet troops during the Cold War? I think not. These illegal aliens are criminals, and we all know what should be done with criminals. Lock ‘em up and deport ‘em. If you don’t like it, volunteer to take their place with a one way burro ride back to Guatamala. The Bill Gates’ of the world can worry about charity for Third world countries. I, like so manay other Americans are barely hanging on to what is left of the Middle class in this country. Enough is Enough. Send them packing.

  11. Josh Says:

    How about just increasing the number of work visas so the supply equals the demand? Oh wait, that’s much too simple. Instead we’ll do things like make mass deportations, punish businesses because they won’t do the government’s job for them, and build expensive useless walls.

  12. No More Deval Says:

    “Not Laughing Anymore”

    “Expensive useless walls?” Josh, do you even lock your doors at night? Get real. This is a post 9/11 world pal. Not everyone crossing the border has good intentions. Every last one is a criminal.

    Maybe you can preach Lennon’s dream to some, but the people living in reality believe in national borders. Would you prefer that the population ballooned to a billion or more so even you could not find a life sustaining job? It seems that in your simplistic view of the world, you really don’t care about other American at all. Go save the world on your dime, not mine.

  13. tim Says:

    Dang, is someone really accusing Josh of being too pro-tax? Am I reading that right?

  14. Josh Says:

    No More Deval: I can get a decent door lock for $20. How much is this wall gonna cost?

    If you increase the number of work visas (these include background checks, ya know) then it makes the job of the border patrol much easier. These people are only criminals on a technicality, but they not doing any harm to America. In fact, they’re an asset 99% of the time. If we outlawed boneheads tomorrow, you’d be a criminal too, but it’d only be a technicality because you’re a harmless bonehead. For a crime to take place, you need a victim. I don’t see any victims here.

    And seriously, calling me simplistic? This is coming from the buy that said all the Mexicans are going to take our jobs. Because we all know that there’s only a limited number of jobs in this country and once we run out, we’re outta luck. Try taking an economics 101 class.

    And don’t you ever accuse me of being pro-tax again. ever.

  15. waittilnextyr Says:

    Walls cost about $1M per mile, but maybe they’ll get some cheap labor from the other side to reduce costs, or more likely, to increase the profit.

  16. Jay Booth Says:

    Looks like I’m agreeing with Josh for once.

  17. No More Deval Says:


    Why not just admit it, you wouldn’t care if the cost of a wall was 50 cents a mile. You simply want these people pooring in this country. Give your own job, your own home and your own citizenship. Get on your burro and goo save the Guatamalans. IN GUATAMALA!

    We need a wall, a fance, a barrier or perhaps arm the National Guard and Border Patrol. Turn them all back to thei own country. We do’nt see Josh and Jay Booth offering to volunteer their own money to support the invading felons. They want our hard earned money to further the utopian cause of ending national borders. AMERICA FOR AMERICANS!

  18. Josh Says:

    Where did the Lous Dobbs wannabe come from?

  19. Lynne Says:

    No More: You have this one warning before being banned. You were already on my last nerve with your unwarrented attacks on people, including commenters, and this is the last straw.

    Josh and I vehemently disagree all the time, but I will not allow you to attack another member of this forum in such a way again. If you have one bit of sense to actually get to know people on this blog before you assume their positions, you would actually know from what point of view people come from. You are making a fool of yourself.

    You’ve been warned; next time you cross the line, you will be banished without a second warning.

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