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March 26, 2007

MSM: Are You Serious Journalists or a Crybaby Clique?

by at 2:46 pm.

Because I’m really honestly not sure any more.

It’s human to want to be part of the in-crowd, I suppose. To have people forced to get your approval or acceptance because well, you’re that much higher in the kool hierarchy. But it’s another thing when there’s an unworthy gatekeeper between us and our democratically-elected government. We get some hint of this petulant attitude from the MSM blog Talking Politics today, which puts into writing that attitude that so very irks grassroots activists and bloggers.

It’s not that we want to take down the kool kidz completely; hasn’t it now become obvious that our democracy, and bloggers, depend heavily on the mainstream press? But when bloggers who’ve barely scrapped together a BA (like me), or in some cases, not even that yet, can poke holes the size of large hippopotami through your work, well, you know something’s gone all rotten.

Here’s the crunch for MSM’s David S. Bernstein (bold mine):

Another crotch being kicked here is that of Frank Phillips, political reporter for the Globe. (Phillips is standing in here for the local media at large…) The Town Meetings and the web site — not to mention the sit-down chat Patrick had with select bloggers Saturday — are just more ways of going around the media who he won’t engage with. Again, Patrick can feel free to do it, but don’t think local journalists aren’t noticing.

(By the way, this is after Bernstein admits, “I wasn’t able to attend the ‘Town Meeting’ Saturday, and I haven’t had a chance to poke around the new web site much…“)

I see three kool kidz whiny points here: 1. Oh no, the bloggers have a tiny spot of access! 2. Oh no, Patrick is going directly to the people! The horror! and 3. Well, we don’t like it, and so we’re going to ignore our real jobs as the Fourth Estate in order to get revenge!

If the media had been doing its job thoroughly this whole time, maybe they’d be getting the respect they so obviously crave. If it had reported well on the run-up to the Iraq war, 3000+ of our kids might still be alive. If they’d earning their exalted position up til now, we would have had as many great reports on the controversial reforms Patrick was proposing as there were low-hanging-fruit-stories on drapes, cars, and phone calls.

On the blogger event from this past Saturday (something I haven’t had time to write about yet, but others have great posts on it), gee, it’s a shame the governor has met with the bloggers in person once in his first 75 days in office. As opposed to, what, gotta be at least a dozen or more mainstream press conferences. (And if not, can you blame him? Also, you know, he had his head down working on a real budget on top of it all. Or maybe you didn’t notice.)

Patrick pulled out all the harsh when he said that the media really never got his campaign and his people-powered politics. And obviously, they still aren’t.

Memo to the media: do you still wanna be one of the kool kidz? Then earn it, and please, for democracy’s sake…stop whining and plotting revenge as if you were a deposed leader of a snobby clique. I’ll quote a wise modern-day sage…you’re hurting America.

[Via David at BMG.]

7 Responses to “MSM: Are You Serious Journalists or a Crybaby Clique?”

  1. Tim Little Says:


    What we’re seeing from the MSM is nothing less than an existential indentity crisis in full swing. The MSM has been the only “information” game in town for however long, but the internet has pulled the carpet out from under the media moguls and their minions. Quite frankly, the MSM doesn’t know what hit it, nor how to recover. This uncertainty naturally causes panic — news reporting and analysis is, after all, the supposed lifeblood of the news industry. (Although one might argue that the MSM abdicated journalism for entertainment quite some time ago.) The result is an instinctive reaction to lash out at the perceived offender: in this particular case Deval and the bloggers.

    It’s really quite sad, since the 4th estate still has a vital role to play in any well-functioning democracy. As you say, where would the blogs be without the MSM?

    All that said, the journalistic integrity of someone like Seymour Hersh never fails to impress me.

  2. Bob Says:

    Lynne, you are getting all moderate in your old age — why not say what you really think /snark. Nice post, and a very impressive number of links to blogger coverage of the Deval Patrick event!

  3. Susan M. Says:

    LOL how funny. I just used “crybaby” over at the Phoenix blog. Great minds, I guess. Jeez. What a bunch of whiners. “Oh, we don’t control access anymore… those pesky bloggers better get the hell off of my lawn!” Guh.

  4. Ryan Says:

    Oh noes! Bloggers got 30 minutes with the Governor. Somebody (David Bernstein?) call the waaaaambulance!

  5. Mr. Lynne Says:

    I see it more as filling a void. Used to be that you got reality in reporting,… now you have “shape of earth… opinions differ (democrats are so misguided)”. If the press hadn’t abdicated thier primary function the bloggers wouldn’t feel obligated to organize and step in.

  6. Mimi Says:

    I was surprised that Bernstein authored such stupidity. For the most part I enjoyed and agreed with his (previous) commentaries.

    But the first paragraph of this particular post said it all:

    “I wasn’t able to attend the ‘Town Meeting’ Saturday, and I haven’t had a chance to poke around the new web site much, but here are some quick initial thoughts on the Gov’s Civic Engagement launch.”

    So, I will just wing it. Where did this guy get his degree in journalism?

    It is unfortunate that Bernstein focused on the 14 or so of us who were in that room because Govenor Patrick and to a certain extent Mayor Menino had a lot of good ideas during the public gathering.

  7. John Hosty Says:

    I am still laughing too hard at “waaaambulance!” to contribute anything valuable. Maybe we should all just look at how silly this whole thing is, and move on. LOL, Ryan, you slay me!

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