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April 23, 2007

Patrick wins one at The Sun

by at 11:56 am.

On again, Sun’s local corporate pooh-bah and chairman of the board, Kendall Wallace (kwallace@lowellsun.com), is at odds with his own paper — this time over the issue of Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick.

The Sun’s editorial pages campaigned against him, and its news pages and editorials overplayed Patrick’s early, silly mistakes. But Wallace’s “Chat” column for Saturday, April 20 was full of praise for Patrick and ripe with condemnation of his Republican predecessor, Mitt (Flip-flop) Romney.

The issue that turned Wallace pro-Patrick and anti-Romney was the new Interstate 93 interchange that would serve Andover, Tewksbury and Wilmington. The interchange would “could pave the way for up to 9,000 new jobs for the region and the potential development of an upscale shopping/business mall,” Wallace wrote. Hot damn (and maybe more advertising for The Sun and its parent NewsMedia’s other papers in the region).

Wallace praised the entire cast and crew of town and state officials who helped make the case to the Federal Highway Administration, which last week gave its preliminary okay for the project. But Wallace reserved special praise for Patrick and Lt. Gov. Tim Murray:

“Lt. Gov. Tim Murray, who understands regional economic issues, jumped in quickly and helped coordinate the state and federal approvals.”

Then he slammed Romney:

“Unlike the Romney administration, when the Patrick/Murray administration term ends in four years, they will be able to point to the fact they added thousands of jobs for folks in the Merrimack Valley, the only area of the state, by the way, in which Patrick didn’t do well in the election.”

Don’t Wallace and Sun Editor James Campanini work off the same page anymore?

4 Responses to “Patrick wins one at The Sun”

  1. The Prince of Darkness Says:

    It’s classic Lowell Sun - good cop/bad cop. Kendall is always the positive one and the underlings (Campanini, Sullivan, Scott) take the bullet for da Man.

  2. Bob Says:

    yes - but look what they can agree on with Patrick. More traffic, less green space and the illusion of 9,000more jobs for the region. I thought widening Rt 3 would do all of that and a bag of skittles too!

  3. SD Says:

    bob has a point . . . highway ramps don’t ‘create’ economic development - they channel it into one location or another. wouldn’t the region as a whole be better off focusing all this job growth into downtown lowell and lawrence where there is existing underutilized infrastructure and transit access rather than building more highway ramps? i hate to say it, but maybe romney was actually right about this one.

  4. Raider to Lion Says:

    You of all people should know that a paper’s editorial stance (and accompanying slanted political news coverage) does not have to jive with that of a columnist - even if he is contradicting his own ultra-conservative mandate.
    It is interesting, though, isn’t it?

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