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2013 Candidate Questionnaire Responses!

October 4, 2007

Candidates: “Coffee with LiL” and Podcast

by at 8:24 am.

Left in Lowell has mailed the Questionnaire to City Candidates; that is those running for City Council, School Committee and Technical High School. We incorporated a lot of the questions that the commentators had submitted. The answers of the participants who reply will be published (in PDF format) in a single post with links for each candidate.

It has become obvious to many observers that this City election season has too few (2 as of now) public forums. In a previous post, I had mentioned that WCAP has been interviewing each candidate for an hour. I wish I had thought about it before; one of the blogs in Lowell could have partnered with them to provide a podcast or maybe they could have provide it on their own web site.

But I was informed that there would have been too many legal obstacles that have do to with broadcast rights. Maybe in two years, the station’s web site will provide streaming radio. Also, the Lowell Sun is providing some information about the candidates on their web site.

The lack of public forums this year is disturbing. If I recall, two years ago there were at least a half dozen which were sponsored by non-profits, the media and neighborhood groups. How do we expect challengers who do not have a build-in network present their views to the general public? The incumbents have the pulpit every Tuesday but challengers do not have that advantage. How do we expect issues to be fully discussed and new ideas brought forth? How do we expect to galvanize the voters? Bumper stickers, ads in the paper and yard (now chain link fence) signs are not substitute for public debate.

So in addition to the Candidate’s Questionnaire, the LiL web site will provide a 15 – 20 minutes podcast of any City Council, School Committee, Technical High School candidate who wishes to discuss his/her platform with us. Those candidates who are interested in a podcast on LiL, can e-mail Lynne or I (click in the link in the right hand corner of this page) for “Coffee with LiL.”

11 Responses to “Candidates: “Coffee with LiL” and Podcast”

  1. waittilnextyr Says:

    Will you be posting the questionnaire prior to receiving the responses?

  2. Mr. Lynne Says:

    That reminds me… I’m supposed to be writing some music for this, right?

  3. Shawn Says:

    You probably won’t like this… but if you don’t get time to write music, check out Cinescore by Sony media software.

    Its a great tool for generating music beds for podcasts.

  4. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Cool… thanks. I’ll probably be putting together something with Finale and Garritan Personal Orchestra.

  5. Mimi Says:


    No, we will not post the questions in advance. We didn’t want the discussion to begin prior to receiving and posting the answers.

  6. waittilnextyr Says:

    Good idea, Mimi. We wouldn’t want the discussion to influence the answers from the candidates.

  7. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Sorry, but hard to tell… was that sarcasm waittil? Honestly there are benefits to either method.

  8. jdayne Says:

    Please join the JAMBRA (Jackson, Appleton, MIddlesex Business & Residents) group on 10/10/2007 at Cappy’s Copper Kettle on Central Street (between Middlesex and Appleton Streets) at 6:30pm.

    The City Council members currently in office and all new candidates have been invited and many are expected to attend. This is an important meeting for all those in Lowell interested in the proposed development of the Hamilton Canal district and surrounding area. All are welcome.

    Please spread the word about this meeting!

  9. waittilnextyr Says:

    No sarcasm intended, Mr. L.

  10. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    Did LiL establish a deadline for the CC etc. candiates to respond?

  11. Mimi Says:


    October 19th is the deadline.

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