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October 8, 2007

Don’t Like “Illegals”? Don’t Eat, Then

by at 9:31 pm.

Do you like your cheap fruit and veggies, the ones that keep your family healthy without breaking the bank? Maybe you ought to take a look at this post by Dick Howe.

The L.A. Times article says that three out of four workers on American farms are illegal immigrants. That means that if you roam around saying things like “what part of illegal don’t you understand” and then consume produce grown in the USA, you’re a hypocrite. You’re also an enabler of illegal immigrants because it’s the money you spend on US produce that pays the salary that draws them into the country illegally. So shop around, be sure to buy grapes only from Mexico and lettuce only from Honduras. That’s the only way you can get your private life in sync with your public stance on immigration and purge yourself of your hypocrisy.

Like it or not, undocumented workers are part of our system, and they have kept the price of food down. Now, there’s a debate to be had as to whether or not exploiting people’s labor for below minimum wage without labor standards and depressing American wages as a result is moral or right or even good for America, but if you are a rabid deport-’em-all type then you’d better stop eating, or…we could just label you a hypocrite if you like.

One Response to “Don’t Like “Illegals”? Don’t Eat, Then”

  1. Dan C Says:

    I guess when you get deathly ill from eating that “cheap food” being hand picked by the Illegal Aliens carrying some nasty disease because they never got medical screening when they jumped the fence…….you’ll be happy you saved a few bucks so your children will be left more money.

    Please don’t refer to them as undocumented guest-workers or temporary guest workers; simply shoot straight and call them what they are which is ILLEGAL. If I break in to a bank tomorrow and take the cash, I guess I would be referred to as a temporary customer in your eyes - not a criminal.

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