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2013 Candidate Questionnaire Responses!

October 16, 2007

Candidates, Don’t Forget: Questions Due On Friday

by at 10:34 am.

This coming Friday is the deadline for the questionnaire from Left in Lowell for each of the city’s races. We will accept anything postmarked Friday, but no later. (Kinda like taxes, eh?) Candidates are invited to email me (lynne -at- leftinlowell.com, replace the -at- with an @ and no spaces) to get the questions electronically, or even just send their answers (please at least use the numbers of each question with your answer) by email without that document. We prefer to get electronic responses, because typing out potentially 30+ handwritten questionnaires is not very appealing. :) We are prepared to do so, however (please be sure it’s legible!)

If you are a candidate that did not receive a questionnaire in the mail (there’s always a small chance things get lost) please email me at the address above, and I can send you the electronic version. Everyone should have gotten theirs but you never know.

We know it’s a long questionnaire, especially for city council…which was pared down considerably from all the questions we got on the blog and the ones we wanted to be sure to include. Mimi and I also recognize that the candidate forums, especially for city council, are necessarily short on time for each candidate. This questionnaire was designed to be thorough so that voters can have longer answers from candidates unlimited by temporal concerns. It’s in that way we hope to be of service to Lowell in this election.

Finally, any candidate for any of the races who wants a “Coffee with Left in Lowell” podcast interview, Mimi and I are available to schedule such. You can email Mimi at mimi -at- leftinlowell.com (again change -at- with @ and no spaces), as she’s in charge of managing that. :) Our Coffee with LiL podcast is going to be a simple format: a conversation with us, with informal Q&A, where the candidate can tell voters what they offer if elected, recorded and available online. It’s yet another chance to get your message out, so I encourage candidates to take advantage of it.

Oh, and one more thing - today’s Election Day for the Congressional special election, so whomever you support, you have a duty to get out there and vote! You can find your polling place here. And BMG has some great info on where you can do more than vote, if your a Niki Tsongas supporter.

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