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October 17, 2007

Congrats Congresswoman Tsongas and E-Sun is Launched

by at 1:12 pm.

Fist of all, congratulations to Congresswoman-elect Niki Tsongas and her campaign staff. She is going to Washington just in time to vote to override the President’s veto of a bill to expand the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Hopefully she will also have an opportunity later on this week to cast a vote in favor of H. Res 106, the Armenian Genocide resolution (more on this later).

Most of the blogs (BMG, Richard Howe) are discussing this election, so I do not want to repeat anything that can be found somewhere else. Lynne attended last night’s celebration and I am sure when she returns to her computer she will give us her views on this Democratic victory.

Today in addition to an historic election, I discovered that the Lowell Sun has an excellent new tool, The Sun “Electronic Edition.” It is the hard copy of the paper presented electronically and it is available at 6:00 a.m. There is a fee involved, I think $5.99/month but you can try it out for free for one month.

It is very easy to maneuver and looks just like the hard copy; ads, color photos, headlines, etc…. I certainly will subscribe to it. First, it saves me from buying it at the local DD every morning; second, I do not have to lug all my newspapers to a recycling bin and third. I still have to play with it some more to discover all of its features but I think this is a winner.

Most major newspapers’ have abandoned the “pay-to-read” business model for their on-line version; instead they are relying on increasing readership thus increasing their ad revenue. But the Sun is a regional paper with a local focus; the majority of its subscribers are used to reading the hard copy. However, in order for the paper to remain viable in the future, it needs to have a better electronic version. I do not know if this is it but it is a good beginning.

By the way, this new tool does not allow us to link to it. So anyone wanting to do it will still have to wait for midday for the Sun’s “on-line” version to be posted.

5 Responses to “Congrats Congresswoman Tsongas and E-Sun is Launched”

  1. Shawn Says:

    The morning Sun is just a hassle now..

    I’m used to picking it up on the way to work. I used to get it at 5:15 every morning at a local store in Dracut.

    Then it started arriving later and later.

    The store apologizes over and over, and tells me that they’ve been told not to expect delivery before 7:00 am.

    By then I’ve already been to work for an hour.

    I now pick it up at Ayottes in Hudson every morning before 6:00 am or I just skip it and read it online after work.

    The Dracut stores need to find a new delivery service.

  2. GOP Footsoldier Says:

    Congrats Niki! Way to over ride that veto on your first day in office just like you said you would! She’s off to a dynamite start huh!!!!!!!

  3. Shawn Says:

    The troops will be home saturday afternoon in time for dinner

  4. joe Says:

    This is what Republicans reduced to in the aftermath of the election?

    That your opponents need to win more elections against you to implement their overwhelmingly popular positions? Um…OK.

    I wonder if that was what it was like for Republicans when Roosevlet was president.

  5. GOP Footsoldier Says:

    Did you just put FDR and Tsongas in the same sentence!?! Now serving delusional party of one. FDR had the entire nation in mind, and wasn’t afraid to defend it. Tsongas is looking to cut and run, why don’t you have a Séance(sp) and ask FDR what he’d do right now?

    But still she promised to single handedly end the war and pas SCHIP. She’s 0 for 1. Shawn and I are part of the loyal opposition and it’s our job to hold the Dem controlled congress accountable. I expect the same from you next November when America give congress back to the GOP. 11% of America thinks the Dems are doing a great job. Translation- you loose control next November.

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