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November 28, 2007

A few random thoughts

by at 1:06 pm.

Yesterday’s Sun had an article on the arrest of a Lowell man on a number of charges including the possession of a Mac 90. I had no idea what that was; come to find out that it is a Chinese-made knock-off of the AK-47. How does a semi-automatic machine gun makes its way from China to Lowell?

Mitt Romney is certainly having a bad week. First there was the Tuttman appointment; then the comment about Muslims in his cabinet; and then there is the piece of literature distributed by his campaign staff in Iowa which “single out his rivals by name” for not taking an anti-gay marriage stand.

If we do not have a special election in Lowell on February 5th, how many people will come out to vote in this Presidential primary? I predict a very low turnout. Massachusetts does not seem to be on the radar screen of most of the presidential candidates. Four years ago, with John Kerry in the race, I think the numbers were skewed. What factor will Mitt play, if any?

I agree with GOP Footsoldier…what is that book deal Ted just signed. He will be paid more than $8 million for his autobiography, ghost written, and he has a few years to dictate the answers into a microphone. Do people really think that a sitting politician will write a tell-all book? So why pay these outrageous sums? And who reads these books? I know they get wide distribution but does the average person really read a politicians autobiography?

It was great to see Lowell Sun City Hall reporter Michael Lafleur back in City Council chambers last night after an absence of a few weeks. I think his knowledge and insight is essential if we are going to get consistent and perceptive coverage of the CC.

Speaking of the Sun, have you checked out the comments in the Lowell Sun Forum. Wow, and I thought some of the people on LiL were over the top. One confusing aspect is that in addition to the handle name, it seems that the IP city is posted. It took me a while to figure that out.

I have not been listening to WCAP in the mornings but I miss the “guest-hosts.” They need to capture that aspect (banter between George and the “celebrity” host) of the “old” WCAP if they are going to succeed.

And doesn’t downtown looked great with all of the Christmas lights? However, I noticed that another establishment has closed just a few months after opening up. Not a good sign.

26 Responses to “A few random thoughts”

  1. Turtledove Says:

    I gave it a third try today. There is plenty of great sports radio, I don’t think WCAP can compete. The only other subject seems to be television…yeah, there’s just not enough “entertainment news” out there… LOL
    maybe I’ll give it another listen in six months.

  2. -b Says:

    Lowell Sun Forum:

    Saw some really nasty comments on the forum in regard to the recent murder of in Chelmsford. There were over 70 mudslinging comments on the site before the Sun shut finally shut the thread down - it took them over a day.


    I don’t care much for the new morning show, but wasn’t a huge fan on the old show either. It was however always a good place to get the inside scoop on local news and politics. Not so much anymore. At least Gary is still doing the news.

    I’ve been listening to “George at Night” and have enjoyed the first two nights. Seems like there are very few commercials, so George is able to talk at length about issues and with his callers.

    Also, George gave some kudos to Left in Lowell on last nights show if you can believe that one.

    Downtown: Didn’t know we lost another business. Sad. I try my best to give the local downtown eateries my business.

  3. GOP Footsoldier Says:


    His book deal is a joke, I was forced to read an autobiography of his in college, not one word about nightswimming. Not one. I didnt like him to begin with but to not even address it? That’s freaking gutless. You know it will be required reading for some colleges so he’ll sell a bunch of copies that way. Any fans of “Camelot” will also buy it. Outside of that unless it’s a tell all (HA! fat chance) won’t sell well.

    About the Mac 90- Inner city kids rent cars and drive to places like rural Georgia for instance. Gun laws are MUCH more lax down there. No waiting period or anything like that. So some kids or gangs pool money or drug money and buy a bunch of guns put them in the trunk and drive home. Then they sell said guns on our streets out of their cars. Oh and it’s not just hand guns either- Mac 90’s, Mac 10’s, AK-47’s whatever. How do I know this? I used to work in the DYS system. I could tell you stories that would make you sick to your stomach.

  4. Lynne Says:

    -b: did hell freeze over or something? *scratches head*

    I read in the Sun’s online edition about the new Thai place opening soon (already?) at the old Sun building. Sounds yummy. If I were eating out more (I’m trying to cut down) I would do the same thing, eat at local, largely downtown, establishments. But it seems like the restaurants and eateries are doing fine…it’s the other venues. Which one shut down?

  5. Mimi Says:

    The eatery next to Mambo Grill, where Gary’s Ice Cream used to be before he moved to Pawtucket Street.

  6. GOP Footsoldier Says:

    Speaking of downtown eateries what happened to the replacement for Evos? The Sun did a feature on it and it hasn’t opened a year later.

    Oh and I’d love to see something ANYTHING go in where the junk shop on Middlesex Street(I think) is.

  7. -b Says:

    Lynne - George’s favorable comments were in regards to some kind posts about him on this site. I don’t recall reading them, but I’m guessing they weren’t written by you. :-)

  8. K-R-S Says:

    Foots…the junk store(?) on Market St.? (next to Brew’d Awakenings)

  9. GOP Footsoldier Says:


    Yeah. That’s the one. I’m not properly caffinated when I’m in downtown during the morning commute. Market Street, Middle Street details shemetails. If they are actually open and turn a profit the least they could do is make the store front look presentable. That place is an eye sore.

  10. K-R-S Says:

    I would agree, Foots, that particular storefront detracts from the many other store fronts/properties that are very well maintained.

  11. joe Says:

    It’s about time we got some southeast Asian businesses downtown.

    Take a look at Cupples Square, or the area near the Boys and Girls Club. See any empty storefronts? I sure don’t.

    It’s also a good way to acknowledge that the Cambodians et al have “arrived,” so to speak, and are a part of Lowell.

    Not to mention, I could walk down Merrimack Street with an iced coffee in one hand and a garden roll in the other.

  12. Lynne Says:

    There’s a unique item, curios, and antiques shop on Middle (not Middlesex or Market) St that I love but it doesn’t look like an eyesore so I’m guessing that’s not the one. (It’s next to Downtown Sam’s, the new hair place there, Sam’s been doing my husband’s hair for years now.) Every time I go into that place I find something really interesting. (Plus I have a friend who LOVES old mechanical stuff.) Anyway, I recommend it. It’s a fun store (and you can’t believe the prices!). I replenish my wood box collection there, got a really nice mango vase, and some antiques for Christmas for said friend. Oh, and I got the coolest looking olive tray ever there.

    joe: not a bad idea at all!

  13. Lynne Says:

    Googling around (on non related stuff) I just found this…anyone know what the heck this website and org is? I can’t say I remember hearing about it.

  14. Mr. Inside Says:

    The article in the Sun mentioned that the owners of Blue Taleh, the new Thai place, didn’t see any sushi places downtown. However the old Burger King space is now a sushi restaurant. So we will have competing sushi restaurants were just a month ago we had none downtown. The Evos building was purchased by the Village Smokehouse of Brookline a few years ago. They were supposed to open a Village Smokehouse of Lowell but I believe that they have run into some problems. The junk store on Market Street has been condemned because the fire department has placed a big red “X” on it (meaning don’t go in if it is on fire). The antique/curio shop on Middle Street is called “Found” and they do have some neat and unique items in there.

  15. Mr. Inside Says:

    P.S. It should come as no surprise that the junk store’s landlord is from out of town: Dorchester/Boston. Although, we have plenty of in-town slumlords.

  16. Just me Says:


    That downtown stuff is so old. Tom Galligani has worked for the city in quite a few years, at least 6 or 7. It just goes to show that the City has been trying to do something with the downtown for a long time.

  17. Just me Says:

    That should have said “has not”

  18. Lynne Says:

    I thought it might be the old downtown plans, but it was weird that it had its own site with really not much explanation.

    Internet 1.0 to go with Downtown Plan 1.0 I guess. Someone ought to pull down that domain, though, or update it. I assume there’s more updated info on the city’s website (which at the time that site was created, I bet there was no good city web presence).

    Is that private-public partnership (The Lowell Center City Committee, Inc.) defunct, or still in existence in some form?

  19. Lynne Says:

    “Now” a sushi restaurant? *perks ears up* As in, open right now?

    Which location was the old BK place? Some of us arrived after all that. :) Is that Merrimack St?

    Maybe I need to take a jaunt downtown. I’ve been so busy, I just realized it’s been a few weeks.

  20. iminthe middle Says:

    FYI: The Center City Committee is definitely active. Mehmed Ali is the new President and longtime past president Bill Lipchitz is still very much involved. The next meeting is on Tuesday December 4, 2007 at 8:30am at the Coffee Mill.
    Check out the website http://www.lowellcentercity.org/

  21. tim Says:

    Yup, now open, maybe for a month now. Etsogo - real good too. Sushi is excellent, and so is the service. Only downside is they didn’t do much renovation, so the atmosphere is pretty lame.

  22. inside/outside Says:

    Place next to Mambo, no great loss. Erratic hours, lack of consistency = recipe for failure. Place was always closed and undependable. Heard they’ve been evicted by building owner.

    I heard the owner of the building where the closed junk store is wants a fortune too for the building in its current unimproved state. Too bad someone with some means couldn’t make a deal, buy it, and rehabilitate it like the adjoining building Brew’d is in or any other of the dozens downtown that have been similarly restored. City should take it by eminent domain, give the owner what the market realistically appraises it at, and then have someone who has vision and means fix it up.

  23. -b Says:

    I went to the Asian place where BK used to be early in the Summer. Didn’t see any sushi when I went. Just seemed like your standard Chinese joint. It looked like they have a buffet for the lunch crowd, but I was there at night. I was just there picking up some golden fingers for my wife.

    Has the place changed?

  24. joe Says:

    Why would anybody go into a store if it was on fire?

    I don’t need a sign for that!

  25. Mr. Inside Says:

    Ha, Ha, Joe. The Fire Department places an “X” on the building to warn firefighters not to go into the building to fight a fire because of structural hazards. They will only fight the fire from the street.

  26. inside/outside Says:

    joe (24) - because they’re having a “fire” sale? LOL!

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