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May 16, 2008

SJ, IHBO’R: Billo Is Insane

by at 2:30 pm.

Billo the Angry One has labeled Markos of Daily Kos as “probably one of the most despicable Americans in the country” - because of a Dkos diary which never made it onto the front page or the recommended list which posted photos of Jenna Bush’s wedding and juxtaposed them with gruesome pictures from the Iraq war. The first commenter on this lowly diary actually said “Poor Taste” and most of the comments on the thread are arguments about the diary’s appropriateness. In fact, the diary garnered a mere 11 recommends, which for dkos is a paltry number, and there’s no way this diary got anywhere near the recommended list.

But to Billo, it’s Markos’ fault, end of story. He reaaaaaally doesn’t get the internets, does he? Oh, Billo. You need therapy, my friend. Before you blow an artery or something.

SJ, IHBO’R is short for “Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O’Reilly,” in case you missed that.

Listen to the rant at Media Matters. It’s just…awesome. In that train wreck fascination sort of way.

Another irony to this - it took a O’Reilly rant about Daily Kos for FOX Noise to put up photos of the war that depict its sad reality. Hey, if that’s all this incident does, show the FOX viewers a little of what’s really going on instead of the usual Bush propaganda, I guess this stupid and very tasteless diary did do something useful…

Edit: By the by, Billo compares Markos to David Duke. As someone who has herself been compared with that bigot by a media personality, I offer my sympathies to Markos in this trying and troubling time. But hey, at least you didn’t get compared to NAMBLA…

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