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September 23, 2008

Instead of laughing at voters, let’s help them get educated!

by at 7:57 am.

This Sunday’s Lowell Sun Column asked, in their typical sarcastic fashion, if Middlesex County voters were “paying attention.” John Buonomo, the Register of Probate for the County, received “tens of thousands of votes” in last week’s primary election and the paper correctly asks if the voters know what is going on.

Probably not. First of all, very few people know what this job is all about. I agree with Lynne comments in a previous post…the job should be an appointed position.

Secondly, when you go into a voting booth in Massachusetts, your choices are usually limited to voting for the only name running for a particular office, write-in a name or leave it blank. On principle, if someone is running unopposed I usually never give him/her a vote; unless I want to give that public official an endorsement. I have on many occasion wrote-in a name.

Back to the Buonomo votes…the election process was difficult to understand for the average voter and what did the paper who laughed at the voters do to help us understand this process, very little. I learned about the process through sco’s post that was featured on this site.

Granted voters have the responsibility and duty to be informed and knowledgeable but institutions, such the mainstream media (newspaper) and the new media (blogs) have their own responsibilities. We should all do our job a little bit better to have motivated and informed voters; 9% voter turnout in Lowell is far from democracy in action

10 Responses to “Instead of laughing at voters, let’s help them get educated!”

  1. Lynne Says:

    Agreed. How can the Lowell Sun sit there and laugh at people when they themselves are half the reason (half? let’s say more than that) that people don’t know what on god’s little green earth is going on…because they don’t really cover important issues very much, or often enough, or at all.

    We spent more time covering this race here and on BMG than the Lowell Sun ever did. They should be ashamed, not smirking.

  2. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    Just to see how much the Sun decided covering the race was worth I put in Buonomo and Concannon in the archive search function of their website. I came up with ONE article in which the people seeking write-in votes were mentioned and that was published ON THE DAY OF THE PRIMARY!

    Now the Sun has the kahonas to try to make fun of voters!
    My message to the Lowell Sun is simple!


  3. Paul@01852 Says:

    Sorry to disagree but the Lowell Sun *is* covering the races well… oh wait!… you mean the *electoral* races! I thought you meant the *horse* races!!!

  4. Lynne Says:


  5. Guy Fox Says:


    I have to disagree with you. That disgrace John Buonomo was all over the TV, radio, and the Globe/Herald. If you watched/listened/or read a paper other then the Sun you would have to be a brain dead moron NOT to have heard about him. It was all over the place.

    I like to think the “average voter” does enough homework on their own to make an informed decision BEFORE getting into the booth seeing the D and pulling the lever.

    Let us not forget that a few hundred kooks also voted for that scumbag James Marzilli. I mean even blood relatives and paid staffers don’t even amount to his final tally so that means people actually went to the polls on Tuesday with the intent for voting for that sleeze. THAT is UNREAL.

  6. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    Written by Guy Fox in part, “… have to disagree with you. That disgrace John Buonomo was all over the TV, radio, and the Globe/Herald. If you watched/listened/or read a paper other then the Sun you would have to be a brain dead moron NOT to have heard about him. It was all over the place…”

    I have to point out that the coverage that was all over the place was about Buonomo’s arrest. There was no coverage in our local paper about who was trying to mount a write-in campaign to unseat him, not a peep! I did see one article in a paper in the Newton area about Concannon mounting a campaign and that was it!

    Voters going to the polls saw Buonomo’s name and no other and by reading the Lowell Sun they had NO IDEA WHO ELSE WAS RUNNING! Now it’s left up to political insiders to decide who gets the job…BECAUSE THE SUN AND OTHER LOCAL PAPERS FAILED TO DO THEIR JOB!

    I have long believed that consolidation in Media was going to be a threat to democracy, I submit exhibit A.

  7. Paul@01852 Says:

    In answer to ER (and others concerned that “insiders” would be doing their voting for them), I was a delegate at tonight’s caucus. I went in with an open mind with a slight lean towards Katherine Trianafillou based on the resume she posted on BlueMassGroup. However, once I heard Tara DeCristofaro’s introductory speech she became my choice through all four ballots. For those who do not know her she is currently the second in command at the Registry (which I suppose makes her the de facto manager there since John Buonomo has been suspended). She is experienced in the operation of the office as well as knowing the skills and faults of the staff. She was instrumental in developing and managing the technical update slated for rollout next Feb. Fortuneatly 302 other delegates agreed with me and made her the nominee of the Democratic Party in the Nov. election. I do believe that in this case at least the caucus delegates did not pick a party insider but instead picked the best qualified candidate based on experience and ability to perform the job she will be elected to!

  8. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    Paul, that is wonderful, maybe we’ll get a person who knows the job and can actually do it justice.

    My issue is not actually with the process itself as much as it is with the Sun accusing voters of being idiots in giving the only name on the ballot the vote when the Sun did not do its job in the first place!

    Should the Register of Probate or other such office be elected? I think that some kind of process that evaluates qualified personel into possitions of authority needs to be implimented vs who has the most friends.

    The old Middlesex County Government is supposed to be dead and gone, so why are we still doing this?

    Let me ask this as well. What does the Register of Probate do that a Chief Justice (or whatever he/she is called) of the probate court can’t do?

    That is a real question since I don’t know the answer or reason we have a political Register of Probate!!!

  9. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    Okay, so now that Tara DeCristofaro is going to be the nominee and the only name on the ballot, will the Sun chastize voters again for voting for the only candidate?


    I really need an alternative to the Irish Sports Page!

  10. Jim Morse Says:

    Tara DeCristofaro’s Nomination speech is now online at JimmyMorse.com

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