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October 5, 2009

Interview with Fred Bahou

by at 4:58 pm.

I recorded an interview with Fred Bahou, candidate for the Regional Vocational School Committee. It’s about 12 and 1/2 minutes long and ranges on several topics about the Vocational School Committee.

9 Responses to “Interview with Fred Bahou”

  1. Michael Hayden Says:

    Are you going to give the other two people equal time or just Fred

    Mike Hayden

  2. Corey Says:

    Some fresh ideas. I especially liked re-contacting alumni to gauge their educational experiences against the real world. Many of the people I grew up with who attended the Voke in effect had to restart their education and retrain to vocations that reflected emerging markets. I hadn’t realized the programs were filling and we were losing kids to other area schools. The Voke has been surprisingly quiet about their opportunities and the value that trades have on our economy is not fully championed, locally or statewide.

    Q: Everyone who’s grown up in Lowell has heard “We can have the Voke kids do it.” It is often unfulfilled. If elected, would you support opportunities to have the kids take much greater involvement in struggling community projects and charity programs?

  3. Lynne Says:

    1. This is not public airwaves so I am not required to give “equal time” should I not have the time or inclination to interview all 30 candidates in all the races. That is not to say I am not interested, but I have limited time, and I do not get paid for running this blog.

    2. Fred Bahou reached out to me and asked if I would interview him for the blog. He asked very politely, sending me an email inquiry. He was the only person thus far to do so in the tech SC race.

  4. Fred Bahou Says:

    Corey,I would say that is something that’s a must!When the Students work on a community project,it becomes a learning experience because it’s not just a graded project, but it’s for real, upon doing that it gives the student a sense of accomplishment,which gives them the confidence to take on something larger or more involved.
    If elected, I will work with private contractors to give the student confidence, and hopefully the public sector as well(as long as there is not a safety issue) to instill this in our student’s and our community.
    Fred Bahou,
    Candidate Greater Lowell Technical School Committee

  5. Fred Bahou Says:

    Corey, sorry I jumped the gun on part of your qustion, yes neighborhood groups should be able to contact the school and report any doings the may be doing, and at that point, a mediator would be helpful for assisting in projects, the shool has recently enacted a program to feed the hungry and rake and stuff, but the project idea would go one step further.

    P.S. Thanks for the question, it’s nice to consider what if…

  6. Mr. Green Says:

    Mr. Hayden you have had sixteen years of face time. What have you done? You have made Mr. Cassin rich and got key jobs at the Tech for your family. These are not regular jobs but jobs that effect our childrens learning environment. Maybe you should have thought about our children and not your best interest. The idea that Mr. Cassin has made the MCAS score better at the school in your video is crazy. Hiring political hacks does not impove scores. Hiring the most qualified does. Thank you Mr. Collins former supt. and not Mr. Cassin. The real reason the scores have impoved is the teachers and they were asked to take no raise while Mr. Cassin has recieved 70K. This must be what you mean by fiscal responsibility. So Mr. Hayden you got your face time and it is up.

  7. waittilnextyr Says:

    The current GL Tech school committee members certainly have some explaining to do about how they let administrator salaries run away.

  8. Right in Lowell Says:

    Mr. Green: Please do not forget all the good work Sheila Herbert did as superintendent of that school prior to Cassin. Nobody who has been on the voke school committee and voted in favor any raise for Jim Cassin since he was elected does not deserve to be reelected. Cassin’s salary is obscene in this climate.

  9. Fran McDougall Says:

    Mr. Bahou sounds like a great candidate for School Committee.

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