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November 5, 2009

Elliot Not Going for Mayor

by at 3:27 pm.

Says the Lowell Sun. Elliot is quoted in the breaking news article, including “Pundits will say what they will, but I assure you, securing the necessary five votes is not the primary reason.”

As (I suppose) a pundit, I could say a lot of things. I will refrain. But the real question is (since I doubt the votes would have been there for Elliot), who will be mayor?

27 Responses to “Elliot Not Going for Mayor”

  1. Gerry Nutter Says:

    I think it will be either Jim Milinazzo or Bill Martin if he wants it again.

  2. Mimi Says:

    This is a good move on Rodney’s part. Why put himself and his family through the speculation game? What a difference two years makes? Here is part of my post that I wrote back in November 2007 in my effort to promote him as Mayor:

    “He is also well qualified to lead this City Council. As Chair of the Finance Sub-Committee he knows and understands the ins-and-outs of the City Budget. As a member of the Zoning Sub-Committee, he helped draft the new Zoning laws. He is articulate, intelligent and can represent this City well. He will make an outstanding Chair of the School Committee; fair and balanced. He runs very good Sub-Committee meetings and his knowledge of meeting rules will be helpful in the deliberations.”

    So, what happened. Well, in my opinion (I do not know if I am considered a pundit), back in October 2008, he started to play political footsies with individual that the majority of voters no longer wanted representing them.

    It is unfortunate, because I do believe that Rodney has the necessary skills to be a good mayor, but his colleagues and more importantly the voters, need to have him to stand firm and not waiver.

  3. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    Because Rodney is a weathervane the new council wouldn’t back him, period. Rodney is on the side of the majority and seldom has strong positions of his own.

    The way Lowell politics usually works is Who is the next ranking CCer who has not been mayor? That person will usually be the next mayor. Rodney certainly should have been mayor but blew it, so up next? Milianzo or Broderick, both have served a while and neither has been mayor while Martin, Rita and Bud have been mayor.

    The question is which one has the time to do it? Mayor of Lowell is a cheerleading job that requires being at many photo op events etc.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Bill Martin

  5. bubba Says:

    rodney never had a chance to be mayor this time around and he knew it,the andy sheehan vote sealed his fate, so him bowing out was no big deal, so the new mayor im hoping will be jim milinazzo i think he earned it, he stood up to kazanjian when no one else would, hes the man now

  6. MOONLIGHT Says:

    milinazzo should win by acclamation , he took on the THUGS
    and did very well–rodney knew he caanot win with this new
    council. if jim does noy want it–bring back bill martin.

  7. Tony R Says:

    If Jim Milinazzo has the time, he will be the next mayor. If Jim doesn’t have the time,it will be Kevin Broderick. Kevin is obviously very busy with his law practice and his children so if he cant then by default it will go to Bill Martin. These 3 men have stood up for everything that is good about Lowell thus one of them should be rewarded.

  8. Michael S. Ready Says:

    I agree with MOONLIGHT that Jim Milinazzo should have a shot at being our next mayor. In addition to his steady handedness and core honesty as a person and legislator, I do especially admire the fact that he took a great political risk having been the only Councilor to engage in public battle, his fellow and very flawed City Councilor, Alan Kazanjian. It took guts and could have cost him the election.

    I remember back to a Tuesday night, years past, when former City Manager John Cox called former Councilor Dick Howe a “loser” right there in a Council meeting and not one of his 8 fellow Councilors uttered a peep in Howe’s defense. It was a sad sight and I never forgot it. I believe that we should have seen (and should see) much more of a willingness on the part of our Councilors to take on those peers who are flouting their obligations as Councilors and citizens.

    Second to Milinazzo - should he decline the opportunity - I would like to see Kevin Broderick at the podium. Councilor Broderick has proven himself to be a true statesman who engages with a high level of study and understanding, the issues debated at Council meetings. In other words, he obviously reads with detail the contents of the weekly packet and arrives prepared. He came up to speed very quickly as a Councilor and has shown himself to be an honest and committed legislator.

    Good luck to both of them!

  9. Lynne Says:

    The only issue with Milinazzo as mayor is that as the Chair of the School Committee he would not be able to vote on teacher contracts, as he has a family member who teaches in Lowell. Otherwise, I’d be all for it.

    Thanks for the reminder about the “loser” comment, truly one of the low points in our city’s governing history. Then again, it was a compliment coming from Cox, who almost got our city in some serious hot water with the Department of Revenue by ignoring them.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, those were the low points I hope we never again have to see anywhere

  11. Lynne Says:

    People…please…pick a nickname!! Thanks.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I will never pick foolish names to express my thoughts.That is what blogs are… streams of ideas flowing. Once you start the childish nick names it allows people to be childish,attack, dismiss and generally allowed to be cruel anonymously but with a cute nickname..do not post my ideas then, I know the editors here read them so as long as my ideas are out there it makes a difference to me. You should be glad there are people out here that do not have the herd mentality and are free thinkers…that is why the election was successful.

  13. Lynne Says:

    I let this through so I could answer you.

    Here is the reason that we have the policy of “please fill in some sort of handle when you post.”

    I am fine with anonymous comments. They are moderated, yes, but only for drastically bad content or violations of our pretty small policy. The thing is, that anonymous bloggers cannot be evaluated for the voracity of their comments without context. You could, as an anonymous posters, put out insinuations that are not true. Now, we have dozens of commenters here, who post dozens of comments. Using a nickname is, in effect, some small paper trail so that we, the readers, can understand some context about what sort of commenter you are. Anonymous commenters build up credibility over time. However, that is impossible to do with a bunch of people all leaving the nickname field blank and getting posted as “Anonymous.” Use a nickname, or don’t use this blog. That is the rule.

    With this blog software, I could make everyone register to comment, but it’s too much a PITA. However, the new software (which, yes, I plan on going live with at some point), will require you to register. This means you must have a valid email, and pick a nickname. However, you can still remain anonymous - your email address will not be published or viewed except by the site moderators, and email addresses can be anonymous themselves anyway. Your nickname need not be your real name. That is still anonymity in my book.

  14. Spindle Sister Says:

    Hmm… so will you be providing the CM with the names/emails of people that have registered and posted something he doesn’t care for in order to seek out vengeance upon them? Not cool!

  15. Huh Says:


    John Cox isn’t the City Manager any more.

  16. Totally the Real Bernie Lynch Says:

    Hmm, I wonder what they’re saying in the comment threads at Left in Lowell…

    Oh. My. God.

    *Bzzzt* Margie, get Lynne on the phone, stat! Vengeance will be mine, “KittyLover36,” if I have to burn down this whole damn city! I WANT THAT NAME!

  17. Rachael Says:

    Either Bud again (he is retired - he has the time - and he looks Mayoral)..or Rita - she is untiring and will never say no if asked to represent the city at an event…..The worst mayor we had during my lifetime was Armand Mercier - he would go to events looking like he just came out of the garden…dishelved clothes..reeking of booze

  18. K-R-S Says:

    to comment #16..**giggles**

  19. Prince Charming Says:

    Rachael: Armand used to remind me of the Mayor of Mayberry. Very telling that Rodney would drop out. The Machados were supporting Kazanjian big-time. The old man drove around with big orange signs adorning his personal vehicle. Rodney would get two, maybe three votes and he knows it. He’s damned lucky to be dwellin’ in the cellar. Gonna be interesting watching him crawl back and grovel to the majority.

  20. Paul@01852 Says:

    PC is absolutely correct! I’d be willing to bet that the most amazing statistic from the CC in the next two years will be the number of 7-2 votes!

  21. Lynne Says:

    To “spindle,” who I hope has better sense than that comment, we have NEVER had a policy of outing people on this blog. But I suspect you know full well but just wanted to attack.

  22. tom machado Says:

    Prince Charming-you should get your eyes checked. I never had a Kazanjian sign on my personal or business vehicles at any time for this election or the previous election. I guess you can lie through your teeth and still post on this blog. You know exactly what you are doing-posting lies to start trouble under a nickname-no “cookies”
    If you doubt that this is Tom Machado-call me at home, my number is listed and I will tell you in person-I did not have a sign for Kazanjian at any time in any election in my yard or on any vehicles.

    Tom Machado

  23. Gracie34 Says:

    Prince Charming more like the frog before the prince gets kissed and as dumb as one as well; get your facts straight before putting up posts about things you have no knowledge of, the day the “old man” as you so rudely called him puts a sticker on his car for any candidate is the day he kisses you and you really do turn into prince charming never gonna happen. Daughter of the Old Man…

    [Editor’s comment - this skirts the edge of what is allowed: please refrain from calling people names. Thanks.]

  24. E.Crustaceans Says:

    Seriously, you all are acting like children. This is uncalled for. Debating on this website is perfectly fine, but it has come to a level that is way to personal. Frankly, I am almost disguisted. But anyways, I also believe Jim Milinazzo deserves mayor this time around, and if not him Kevin Broderick.

  25. sarah Says:

    You don’t feel the comment below that you allowed in this thread about an actual human being (Armand Mercier) “skirts the edge of what is allowed” but a comment to an “fictitious” person/anonymous blogger (Prince Charming)is considered borderline? Gracie34’s comment is mild in comparison to this one. The comment about Armand is completely out of line. And this is just one example of the overall tone of this blog.

    #17 Rachael Says:
    November 8th, 2009 at 12:10 pm
    Either Bud again (he is retired - he has the time - and he looks Mayoral)..or Rita - she is untiring and will never say no if asked to represent the city at an event…..The worst mayor we had during my lifetime was Armand Mercier - he would go to events looking like he just came out of the garden…dishelved clothes..reeking of booze

  26. Lynne Says:

    Mercier is a public official. Also, there was no name calling of Mercier in this thread. Someone commented on how he appeared to look, well, considering he’s at public events, that’s fair game.

    Calling someone dumb or stupid is not only the province of a poor debater, but it’s also a personal attack and and such not allowed.

    If you don’t like the way this blog is moderated, then go start your own. This is, in effect, my domain name and my blog, and posting here is a privilege and not a right. A privilege, mind you, that I’m pretty free about letting people have, and gladly, but still, no one has an express right to publish here. If you go beyond the pale (and that takes quite a lot), then you get a warning, edited, and possibly, banned.

  27. Right in Lowell Says:

    Millinazo might make a good mayor but I’m calling all councilors asking them to note vote for anyone who cannot vote on the teacher’s contract. There are at least two on the present school committee who cannot vote and Millizano would make three. That is unacceptable in my opinion.

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