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January 7, 2010

Sun’s Articles and Editorial Shine Light on “Cassin’s Kingdom”

by at 6:49 pm.

Today’s Lowell Sun’s excellent editorial “Cassin’s kingdom” followed a series of articles on life at the Greater Lowell Technical High School. For far too long , too many of us were not paying attention but when a candidate for the (GLTHS) School Committee, Fred Bahou, challenged the status quo, things began to unravel.

As the Sun’s editorial states:

“Superintendent James Cassin recently received an exceptional performance evaluation from the School Committee, yet there are ongoing issues of teachers working without certification, different standards enforced for different employees, bloated salaries and continuing allegations of nepotism and cronyism.”

Here are the links to the articles which detail these charges:

G.L. Tech administrator earns $100G, lacks license

Union activity led to lost job, former Greater Lowell Tech teacher alleges

Ex-Greater Lowell Tech teacher calls dismissal a case of double standard

A nod should go to Lowell Sun reporter Erin Smith who did the investigation and wrote these articles.

As they say, shine a little light and you see what happens? I believe that even with Cassin retired by the fall of 2011, all of these issues, especially Superintendent Cassin’s outrageous salary, will be resurrected during the election. If this kind of behavior does not prompt us to bring about a change, nothing will.

38 Responses to “Sun’s Articles and Editorial Shine Light on “Cassin’s Kingdom””

  1. Maggie Says:

    My husband is retired from Greater Lowell. His opinion is that nothing will change until Cassin is out. There are more problems there than the reporter uncovered. There is also a considerable amount of favoritism.

  2. Paul@01852 Says:

    Readers who are interested in G.L. Tech should refer occasionally to movelowellforward.org for news and reports on GLTHS school committee and administration issues. MoveLowellForward representatives will be monitoring/attending committee meetings and monitoring other GLTHS news on a regular basis.

  3. BigDog Says:

    I don’t have kids at the Voke, but I’ve followed this situation pretty closely and I find that Cassin’s arrogance out weighs his talents….Freddy Bahou will keep things in check there…I’ve known him a long time and his word is his bond. Remember that the Voke has always been an “Oasis” of sorts, even when Bill Collins was running the show, albeit Collins wasn’t as high and mighty as Cassin seems to be. The sad thing is that Bill Samaras has been doing a terrific job at LHS for far less money.

  4. Erik Says:

    Maggie is right, I had her husband as a teacher and he was very dedicated teacher who cared about the students. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for the teachers at that the Tech. Most of the teachers give their all for the students and it shows with the type of person the school puts out. It must be hard on current and former teachers to see what is allegedly going on with the administration but hopefully better more positive day are to come.

  5. Gerry Nutter Says:

    The School Committee has a lot of work ahead this year. The Superintendents’ contract as well as the school’s contract with its teachers, clerical workers and custodial staff all expire at the end of June.

    After the sweetheart deal that the committee gave the Supt. how can they tell everyone else there is no money for them? Calm ,cool heads will have to prevail and everyone needs to keep the kids in mind. Fair contracts for all and a more reasonable salary for the Superintendent who should never make more than the City Manager or the Lowell School Superintendent.

    Cheryl Bomil the President of the Teachers Union has her say in the Sun today and she is correct, the School is a very good school with a lot to offer. My son graduated two years ago and works as an electrician. Being in the printing industry for twenty years myself and seeing the changes in technology, the school must continue to insure that the courses offered keep up with technology and whoever is the Superintendent make sure that all students no matter what program they are in have the latest tools and technology to enter the workforce when they graduate.

  6. Right In Lowell Says:

    I haven’t seen a list of Mr Cassin’s credentials in any of the reports and comments. Does anyone know what his qualifications are?

  7. Gerry Nutter Says:

    As you may or may not know I will NOT be running for State Rep.
    to read why visit my NEW BLOG http://gerrynutt.wordpress.com/
    It will explain the reasons and will let you know I will continue to blog on my new site.

    As a conservative Democrat I thing I will be in between LIL and Right-Side of Lowell and we will discuss more than politics.

    Hope you stop by to discuss and debate.

  8. Loretta Says:

    He owned a bar and gave free drinks to a lot of political people. Nuff said.

  9. K-R-S Says:

    Oh yes Loretta..forgot about the fine “Tavern” he owned!

  10. Loretta Says:

    K- Gerry Nutter gave me grief about hiding behind my moniker “Prince Charming” so I’ve done the Monty Python thing and wish to be called “Loretta”. Now he can’t accuse me of hiding behind a false name.

  11. Joe Says:

    Hey Gerry Nutter, weren’t you one of the bartenders that work for Cassin at the Taven? Sounds like just another hack trying to support a friend in need. Couldn’t beat Golden started all kinds of trouble and now you are looking for a seat on any board that will take you. The Students deserve much better.

  12. K-R-S Says:

    Yes, Loretta, I am very much aware.;0)

  13. spin Says:

    what do you mean? gerry worked for Cassin at the Tavern at the Bridge, and then worked at the Voke? surprise, surprise, another pig at the trough

  14. Gerry Nutter Says:

    I did work for Jim at the TAVERN has you know Joe being one of the regulars at the bar as you were. Are you still drinking as much?

    Jim has been a Teacher for many years at the Greater Lowell Tech. before becoming its’ Superintendent.I think he was the President of the Teachers Union at one point. He was also on the City of Lowell License Commission. I haven’t spoken with Jim since my son was a freshmen at the school.

    At the same time I worked at the Tavern, I also worked at the Technical School as the In-House Suspension Monitor. After that I worked for the Parks and Recreation dept until the City had to cut people when Wang went out of business.

    For the last 20 years I have worked as a Customer Service Representative and the last five has a Customer Service Manager for a Digital Printing Company in Marlborough. My duties include some purchasing, outside contracting and reviewing bids for new customers work, pricing jobs and putting jobs into Production for customers. I have also been assigned to work with our IT dept. in order to assist in creating a new on line ordering system which will make it easier for the customers to place orders and educate me more on programming.

    Spin , all these companies have been privately owned so unlike you whose nose is probably up a politicians rectum for a job I work for a living so I don’t qualify as being at the trough.

    I have many disagreements with Tom’s performance and any trouble caused was speaking the truth which I will continue to do. Since Tom probably helped you get your job I understand your bitterness to anyone who dares challenge him.I think I could beat him but my family and his have been friends for many years and my mother and sisters have asked me not to put them in a position that pits them against friends. Unlike some people I respect my family and will abide by their request.

    You can make all the smartass statements you want but the truth is Tom has become more active and outgoing in his activity since I talked with him and told him I was thinking of running. I have known Tom since he was in High School and although I may disagree with him on some important issues I respect what he does for the people of the district just not his blind party loyalty.

    Loretta use any name you want I enjoy debating spineless people who talk tough on a blog but don’t have the guts, personal convictions or brains to use their own names for fear of making their politician friend who got them their job angry.

    I’ll use my experience to help students and if you can get someone to show you how to look above what you wrote you ,Spin and Joe will see that I think Mr. Cassin makes to much (see the reference to the Sweetheart deal and have someone explain it to you) and have said so often. You 3 never bother with facts to have an dialogue, you just toss out cute misinformed uneducated statements for cheap laughs and hide your name.

    One thing I never worry about is speaking my mind.I don’t care if I offend you with what I say. Probably one of the many reasons I piss off many people on this blog. I tell it like I see it and back it with FACTS plus have a huge backbone and sign my real name. I’ll do the same thing on my blog and when I run for office.

    Here’s one other note, check my blog out tomorrow to read the latest rumor regarding the Tech. and a possible return of someone.

  15. K-R-S Says:

    Gerry..you mean the rumor that Lenzi will resign thus opening a seat back up for Hayden? Further, as I understand it, the seat doesn’t necessarily have to be filled by Hayden, an outside appointment may be made.

  16. Loretta Says:

    Gerry - I should answer you but, why bother? Why try to debate someone who has a mind like a steel trap? Nothing gets in, nothing gets out.

  17. Joe Says:

    Gerry did I say something that wasn’t a fact? Did You work for Supt. Cassin at The Tavern? Yes would be the answer. Did you throw bombs at Rep.Golden and say you were going to make a run for the seat? Yes would be the answer again. Now you dropped out because of family knowing family? Didn’t you know this before you started throwing bombs or let me geuss or couldn’t remember knowing Tom or your family knowing Tom’s family from an early age. One thing is for sure you have the excuses down to a science and sound like a pol. These are the facts you know and everybody else knows you had no shot at winning the seat and are on these blogs for self promotion to gain any seat that will take you. You are not a person in it for the kids but are a person in it for a seat. You are the PROBLEM and not the solution. As for Loretta, I don’t know what you are talking about.

  18. Joe Says:

    Headline Gerry Nutter changes Rep.Golden by stating he will run against him. What Gerry you can’t truly believe your own statement? And as for being at the trough sounds like you were there and some how couldn’t get enough now you want more. Gerry, I geuss any as you put it trough will due State Rep., Greater Lowell School, or Lowell School Committee please feed Gerry He’s hungry.

  19. Gerry Nutter Says:

    K-R-S…You scooped me..Yes that is the rumor I have heard and you are correct. It is my understanding that the Lowell School Committee or a combined City Council & School Committee can appoint anyone they wish and it doesn’t have to be someone who ran in the last race.

    If there was a way to get a Mike Gallagher or Eileen Donahue to take that post it would be a great thing. Both are former elected officials who understand the fiscal reality and would be needed in contracting a new Supt. as well as new contracts with the teachers,administrators and clerical staffs that expire in June 2010. Armand Mercier would be another fine choice having had a background in the Lowell Housing Authority and experience in negotiating contracts. He brings many years of solid experience and whether you like or dislike his friends Armand is a class man with invaluable experience in govt. If they can’t get one of them, feel free to start spreading my name as being interested but I think I’ll have to wait to 2011.

    Loretta/Prince Charming /Sybil or whatever you call yourself today, you are incorrect. I enjoy rational, factual debate with people not ashamed to admit who they are. I’ll even debate a character as long as they use facts.

    Can you or anyone answer a question for me? It is one of my pet peeves…Why don’t people want to use their real names?

    Is it because they are Ashamed?Embarrassed?Afraid? Is is easier to call out someone and put them down, accuse them of being crooks, morons, pigs at the through and not have to worry that people will know who you are?

    Please one of you just answer me that cause I really want to know, why?

  20. Loretta Says:


  21. Joe Says:

    Gerry you answered my question without even knowing it. You jumped out of the race for State Rep. because you heard a rumor not because of family. Another wantabee Pol. Perfect, that god you have not been able to make decision within the City (based on rumor) if you had State Rep. Murphy would be manager. Just what the people of Lowell need a person who will make decisions based on rumor that they heard. Wow what a surprise to see Gerry Nutter Jump on someone else (Gallagher, Donahue, Mercier, or anyone) besides himself after he said he was going to run in 2010. Only problem Gerry the seats at the Tech are not up until 2011. And to state another fact Gerry, you are the one saying people are at the trough. Oh one more thing Gerry and don’t lie we already know the answer. How did you get the job at the Tech and City Parks Dept.

  22. Jack Mitchell Says:

    Let me get this straight.

    Nutter bangs on Golden’s door, but backs off to seek fame over at GLTS? This on the heels of a rumor that Lenzi will retire and that Hayden isn’t a lock for the job?

    Well played, sir!

    Crooked as a dog’s leg, but kudos to you. You must be the love child of Machiavelli and Mayor Curley.

  23. K-R-S Says:

    so, wait (me wheels are churnin’)..Gerry, are you implying that you might be the Lenzi “replacment”, in exchange for backing off of Golden?

  24. Mr. Lynne Says:

    “I tell it like I see it and back it with FACTS…”

    Well, I do like the amount of detail you put up, but I do also have to mention that there is more than a little innuendo in there in addition to your facts:

    “Are you still drinking as much?”
    “Unlike some people I respect my family and will abide by their request.”
    “Since Tom probably helped you get your job…”

    Now all of that may be above board, but as presented its innuendo… “drinking”, “some people”, “probably”.

    Just sayin.

  25. Gerry Nutter Says:

    LOL Never let truth het in the way of a good rant or beating but fella’s

    1)I NEVER GOT IN the race so how can I be accused of getting out of the race? I expressed a desire to run and stated several places I was exploring it. But those FACTS aren’t important to you.

    2) To my Knowledge Mike Lenzi is a School Committee member at the Greater Lowell Technical School and has not resigned, therefore there is no need to appoint anyone.

    3) In the event of a resignation the School Committee or a combined School Committee / City Council has to make an appointment. Somehow I don’t see me being appointed. Most if not all of the School Committee would not know me if I sat down in the chamber.

    4) Jack and KRS NO Tom did not make me any deal or offer nor could he. But again why let the Truth or facts get in the way of a good accusation or rumor? The School Committee or Combined Council / School Committee makes the appointment. Tom has nothing to do with it. Heck Tom won’t even return my phone call from a week ago when I called to tell him I wasn’t running but wanted to talk about some issues and concerns I have after promising me he would.

    You would think that a man who had someone pointing out so many negative things would at the very least want to sit face to face with the guy and have a civil discussion to express his beleifs and reasons. I reached out the first time but have been ignored since.

    I have offered that to many who rant against me on this and other BLOGS but shockingly most of these Anonymous posters don’t want to talk face to face, rather they prefer to hide.

    Since it was inferred that I made a deal let’s see how many of you are willing to step up and admit your connections to any of the REPS along with your real names.

    I give you credit Jack, you are one of the few who doesn’t hide your name but besides being a member of the Centraville Citizens Group that Tommy attends , what if any is your connection or ties to Tom? I’ve stated mine.

    I’ve also stated they (Golden, Nangle, Murphy, Pangy) have done NOTHING for me and I owe them Nothing. They would prefer I shut up and go away ( as many of you I suspect would also)

    LOL Mr. Lynne you are correct I do on many occasions when feel attacked by uneducated, misinformed individuals mix in a few Innuendo’s just for my own laughs and laughs for those who read it.

  26. K-R-S Says:

    Gerry, I was curious, so I asked. Would you rather my question been ruminated and rumors spread more so, or would you prefer addressing my curiosity directly?

  27. Jack Mitchell Says:

    Nice try, but no cigar. No one has suggested that Golden was trying to buy you off. That is your libel, not mine. If by twisting it, you thought you could bring heat, thus scaring me off, you’re wrong.

    As far as my connection to Golden, I am a grassroots party activists. Tom Golden serves at the pleasure of his constituents. He knows that. His regular attendance at the CNAG meetings, along with many other public appearances, demonstrates how accessible he makes himself. I don’t think Golden is perfect and I am not here to shill for him. In my few conversations with him, we have discussed issues that concern me. He has engaged my concerns openly, with a candidness I find refreshing. He seems like a straight shooter to me. As long as I have this impression, I will aid his enterprise in public service.

    You hit it off wrong with me by coming out negative on Tom. I suggested to you, either here or over at Dick’s blog, that you chill and try to promote why you were a better choice. After you continued to degrade Golden, I made it a point to ride your ass. That is the only reason. In Lowell, you may find that hard to believe, but it is true. Had you simply acted more professionally, I’d have given you more of a chance. I don’t believe that seats belong to politicians. It would have been interesting to have a primary, imho. Your tact was way off, in my book.

    Stay positive.

  28. Joe Says:

    Gerry again you state you called Rep.Golden to let him know you weren’t running but in your own words you say,”NEVER GOT IN the race so how can I be accused of getting out of the race?” Gerry keep blogging it is fun to read your thoughts.

  29. Gerry Nutter Says:

    K-R-S ask directly anytime I have no problem answering a rumor if I can.

    Joe I never did get in and called to tell Tom I wasn’t getting in. Which part did you not understand? I wasn’t running therefore I would NOT get in the race but since I had tossed out that possibility that I might run I felt that the gentlemanly thing to do was to call Tom and tell him I was NOT Entering the Race as a courtesy to him.

    I may disagree with Tom on many issues but I THANK GOD we live in a society where anyone can express there thoughts without fear of punishment.

    Jack has a legit gripe with what he perceives as me “attacking” or being negative by calling out actual verifiable facts about things I agree with and in the process making Tom look bad. He’s entitled to that as much as I am entitled to point out what I disagree with.

    Jack I’m not into guys riding my ass but feel free to stop by my blog anytime to debate and discuss the issues of the day and always remember to play safely and protected.

  30. nextyearishere Says:

    GN - as the saying goes “too much information”.

  31. Loretta Says:

    I can’t get out, cuz I never got in”. Do you know what the definition of “is” is?? In one post, you say Golden’s going down the right path now, thanks to you (implied). Now you say he’s ignoring you. (Maybe Golden’s on to something?) Look, if you’re going to give us a hosing, at least be consistent fer Chrisskes.

  32. outsider Says:

    I have not posted in a looooooong time since lynne slapped my hand for being too aggressive BUT ——-

    Does anyone else think Nutter is crazy?

    btw golden did not get me or my family a job but I do see him all over the district —

    On a serious note this guy is everywhere —- he even has done things that some people criticize him for

    1. Hosting the biggest fundraiser for my sons baseball league (ya he can do it as a private citizen but no other private citizen does it)

    2. Also some type of Thanksgiving event for the needy

    Low Key and not a media hoar

    Wow Gerry again thank god you spoke to him and set him straight !!!!!!

  33. outsider Says:


    he is a pretty good democrat — not as liberal as me but (party line — I don’t think so)

    if you don’t like him run as a republican

  34. Jack Mitchell Says:

    That reminds me, Golden is helping CNAG put up flags along Bridge St & Aiken St, in honor of those that have served.

    I’m pretty sure he said he would match individual contributions, up to a certain amount. It was not chump change. I know that much.

  35. Loretta Says:

    “Does anybody else think Nutter is crazy…?” BWAHAHAHA

  36. Paul@01852 Says:

    “Cassin’s Kingdom” as Mimi so eloquently put it is tumbling down! Last night at the GLTHS School Committee meeting Cassin read a letter of resignation to take effect at the end of this school year. You don’t suppose the Sun and the blogosphere accelerated this process do you?

  37. Right In Lowell Says:

    Paul@: No matter how the process was accelerated, the outcome is the right one. Now we’ll have to wait for the nationwide search for a replacement.

  38. Paul@01852 Says:

    I was at the GLTHS SC meeting last night and the goal set was for a replacement to be named no later than April (preferably March) so he/she can work with Cassin on a smooth transition so maybe no “nationwide search” this time! My worry is that they already have a “preferred” candidate in the wings waiting to be shoved down everyone’s throat!

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