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January 29, 2010

Gov. Patrick on Next Week’s Left Ahead

by at 10:15 am.

Our weekly Left Ahead! podcast, which I should promote more here but too often don’t, will host Governor Deval Patrick next Tuesday afternoon (exact time TBA). Once I have a time I’ll list it, but I also to open it up and see what readers might want to ask him. I’m not promising that I can or will get to all questions, since there’s three of us (me, Ryan, and Mike), but I’m always open to suggestions.

Keep it respectful. Hard questions from all sides of the debate are welcome, but questions which are only put in this thread to attack Patrick, liberals, or whatever else, are going to be outright ignored (and also reflects pretty poorly on the person who posted it, in my opinion). Serious inquiries only, please. This is a chance to hear a conversation on the issues you care about, so use the opportunity wisely.

The podcast will be internet-broadcast live on Tuesday (time TBA as mentioned) and then quickly archived on our website and at Blog Talk Radio (I will link to the archive).

4 Responses to “Gov. Patrick on Next Week’s Left Ahead”

  1. Paul@01852 Says:

    Congratulations on a nice catch! First question ought to be what changes in your (Deval’s) campaign strategy has the Brown election caused; what message do you perceive the voters are sending to the electorate with Brown’s election; what words of wisdom would you like to convey to Pres. Obama in light of this election surprise?

  2. Jack Mitchell Says:

    First, the premise of your question is that the election of Brown is somehow a referendum on Obama. It was not. Polls show Obama’s personal popularity is decent. Congress, on the other hand, is junk in the eyes of America. It has been that way for quite some time.

    Massachusetts rejected Coakley. Massachusetts rejected the broken ways of Congress.

    So, Obama doesn’t need to ask Patrick for “words of wisdom.” Don’t believe me? Watch Obama school the GOPers:

  3. Fran McDougall Says:

    Fot the Governor:
    Treasurer Cahill has been ranting about the fact that we are , as a state, the largest debtor in the country. Talk sports right wing radio has also been bemoaning that fact. Our bond rating is AA, a pretty good assessment. Can you explain how to compare those statements? Mississippi, for instance, has a low indebtedness. How many of us are dying to move there?

  4. Right In Lowell Says:

    For the Governor; Other than your political benefit in the southern part of the state, can you tell us why you are pushing for state takeover of a private law school. It will be an unnecessary drain on the state budget when those resources could be directed to other programs. I would say millions of dollars are needed to bring it up to minimum standards for accredidation and even then it will be obsolete.

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