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April 6, 2010

Want to Read Research on Casinos?

by at 4:33 pm.

Do your homework. Don’t be knee-jerk in favor of casinos. I’m telling you, the arguments against legalizing more gambling in this state are more than compelling. For liberals AND conservatives both. The math doesn’t add up.

If you want a run down on many, many posts on the subject, I suggest you go here. There has been some excellent work by activists and simple folk on BMG alike.

Also, many people may not be aware that the often-neutral League of Women Voters has been against casinos and expanded gambling since the 90s. They are a highly respected organization famed for their excellent issue debates. But they have looked at the facts and have decided that this is not an issue that needs more debate. After studying it carefully, they unequivocally state that casinos are bad for communities, bad for revenue, and very bad policy.

Casinos are a Pandora’s box, folks. Once unleashed, we will never be rid of them. They will remain as a corrupting influence, sucking money out of our economy for the benefit of the big casino interests, for as long as they want to be. This is why proponents do not want an independent study to be done, but is ramming this through without any decent hearing and no studies.

6 Responses to “Want to Read Research on Casinos?”

  1. Robby Says:

    Im for casinos here is MA. We already have on of the largest lottery systems running here in the state. People are already gambling thier money anyway- they drive down to Connecticut. Why should another state make a dime off our citizens? People are already going to casinos and will continue to do so. The government has ZERO right in telling us what we should be spending our money on or not. Its none of thier business.

    Is it going to fix our budget problems? Hell NO! I don’t buy that argument for a single second. It will be years before a casino is even built and running. It will take even longer to see money coming in. Im for casinos (we have the right), but not for the ridiculous reasons our braindead MA legislature believes.

  2. Ned Says:

    So I read through your links here, and it’s apparent that there is no possible way any State can make any money with a resort casino. I am now under the impression that all casino’s will be bankrupt within 5 years, and we’ll be lucky to have any families that are intacted and balanced. People will be embezzling funds left and right because they can fight the lure of slot machines and my grandmother’s going to be selling her med’s on the corner for chips.

    Oh and Jimmy Tingle’s video makes a ton of sense….???…?? He should stick to his hacky stand-up.

  3. Lynne Says:

    It’s the serious increase in those things you have to worry about, Ned - all of the studies (that aren’t funded by casinos) show a double, triple, or more increased rate of these things.

    Ever visited the area around Atlantic City? I know people who have. They were disgusted.

    This is not remotely useful for economic growth, but eats into it.

    AND if you look around at other states, you see all of these bankruptcies, etc. That’s not fake. These things are not recession proof, and the big argument for having them in our state is to tax them and get revenue - except that it isn’t that good for all of that.

  4. Mr. Lynne Says:

    The other thing I’m wary of are the mitigations that have been offered up. I seem to remember in a previous round of proposals that the casinos would be required not to have X were x was live entertainment or restaurants or some such thing that would detract from local venues providing the same service. Sounds good on paper until you realize that they could, if they deemed it profitable, agree to it now and buy some pols to get the provisions overturned later.

  5. Ned Says:

    Come on Lynne….Atlantic City? New Jersey? Seriously?? What you meant to say was Gary, Indiana.

    “all of the studies (that aren’t funded by casinos) show a double, triple, or more increased rate of these things”….what about the double, triple, or more amount of gamblers?

    “This is not remotely useful for economic growth, but eats into it.”….I agree.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    People will always gamble no matter what, in fact I gave up alltogether on ways to go out and play and striclty play online. Yes the governement has tried to make that difficult but I enjoy gambling and you just have to find other ways to do it.

    First they revoked many states from land based casinos, then online casinos, then made it difficult to transfer money but there will always be ways around this. http://www.playorgambleonline.com

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