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April 22, 2010

Amazing - the South Wonders Why It’s Ridiculed?

by at 9:17 am.

I keep hearing the phrase, “let’s listen to the other side” and “we need to stop condescending to people, and stop making fun of people who live in the South, for instance, as being backwards.”

And then I read something like this (bold italics mine):

They’re considering a new law to keep women ignorant and ashamed.

The governor of Oklahoma is considering tough new abortion bills that would allow doctors to withhold test results showing foetal defects and require women to answer intrusive questions.

The results of the questionnaires would be posted online.

Women would also be required to have a vaginal ultrasound and listen to a detailed description of the embryo or foetus in a third bill passed by the legislature on Monday.

Again, I ask you, how the fucking HELL do you justify invading a woman’s privacy with her doctor like this, and then (falsely, albeit) claim that government should stay the hell away from your medical care? Goddamned hypocrites. First, you push a bill to WITHHOLD IMPORTANT MEDICAL INFORMATION from a patient. Next, you invade her private life with a required Q&A and THEN POST THE ANSWERS PUBLICLY - obviously to shame her from doing it in the first place. Then, if that weren’t enough, you also force her to listen to claptrap by prolifers who are NOT SCIENTISTS telling her her baby has fingernails and praying on her emotions exactly like cults do (oh wait, they are cults), in a time when she’s already dealing with enough, not to mention her fluctuating hormones?? And this isn’t some fringe contingent putting something crazy on the ballot, folks, THIS IS THE DULY ELECTED GOVERNOR pushing for this.

If you think I’m overreacting, there’s this. And take a look at this. And this. And remember this? And this? That’s just like from the last month or two. It’s like a disease down there, a goddamned plague, for which no one can find a cure.

Sometimes, I damn well wish the whole damn South had successfully seceded, cuz then they’d have gone down in flames economically as they tried to keep up with the rest of the world, instead of having us productive northern/midwestern/westerners propping their dumb asses up economically year after year. Why the hell did we northerners bother giving life and blood to keeping these idiot states in the union?? Seriously, I can’t see many redeeming reasons, except of course to force the end of slavery (no doubt had we let them go, they’d still be holding black slaves - just listen to the rhetoric down there regarding minorities). 150 years later, they’re still bassackwards.

Every day, someone is posting a link to some stupid ass bill that is either passed or on the brink of passing in (mostly) the Southern states (all right also Arizona and Alaska, so let’s oust them too). Sure, we’d have to move our capital north, since Maryland acts like one of them most of the time, but it’s a small price to pay. We’d have to keep Michelle Bachmann but once she has no idiot cronies from the South, she’ll just be an eccentric and entertaining loony instead of a dangerous minority-sometimes-majority legislator.

These people revere ignorance. They abhor science and education. They SUCK UP OUR TAX DOLLARS. The states from whence comes the bulk of these news items are a known drain on our income redistribution tax system. Most of them give less on the dollar than they receive in federal tax aid. And what do we get for propping up their economies? Shit like this. It’s enough to want to drive off a cliff at times.

They either better get their ignorant selves into the 21st century (hell I’ll settle for the 20th, even) and stop electing these crazy cult-driven hate mongers, or maybe we should just send their asses packing. Enough is enough. Give us our damn tax dollars back, they’re obviously a terrible investment. And of course, these are also the same morons, that are dependent on the largess of our taxes from the federal government, who want to abolish it. Not only dumb, but suicidal to boot. I say, give them what they want. Then close the borders so that they can’t illegally immigrate to the real United States. After, of course, we allow reentrance to all our northern/midwestern/western retirees who don’t want to remain there without Medicare and Social Security.

And yes, this is a rant. Read it as such, before you bother to post a comment about how mean and condescending I’m being, or how I am generalizing. Yes, yes, and yes. That’s why it’s called a rant. When my fellow women in Oklahoma are under attack like this from the loony not-so-fringe of their state, when they are being denied their rights and being shamed and humiliated as though they should be a subservient sex, I’ll damn well loose my venom on the idiots who allow this shit to happen. Goddamn, we’re in the year 2010 here. This just shouldn’t even be happening. It’s like the Dark Ages in some parts of our country for god’s sake. These people are being enabled to be batshit insane on my dime. So yeah, I’ll get angry about it.

15 Responses to “Amazing - the South Wonders Why It’s Ridiculed?”

  1. Kathy L Says:

    Wow! Well said. Mad is good!

  2. Prince Charming Says:

    God forgive me. While waiting in a doctor’s office, I happened to pick up the NRA magazine. Inside was an ad for a “Civil War Commemoratine Ring”. You can hold history in your hands. Why would these folks want to commemorate the Civil War? They lost, didn’t they?

  3. Maggie Says:

    Honey Chile - I was born and raised in Arkansas and most of my relatives still live in Arkansas and Louisiana- so puh-lease do not lump all Southerners together. We don’t consider Oklahoma a “Southern ” state, nor do most Southerners agree with the more outrageous laws. Unfortunately the more eccentric things down there tend to make the news. Problem is - the other states also have some idiots in the crowd - witness the funeral protestors from Kansas, the white supremacists from the West. And may I gently remind you that without the South - you would not have cotton, rice, soybeans or a multitude of other products. And now that I have that out of my system - I totally agree with you about the Oklahoma law. Should they try that on any of my cousins - they will most most certainly get an earful - a ladylike earful - but an earful nonetheless. P.S. Only one of my ancestors owned slaves and he freed his well before the Civil War.

  4. Lynne Says:

    You know what? I will stop lumping them all in together when they stop electing crazy right wingers who want to impose their religion all over the country. Until then, I’ll lump away. There is a lump of them. A majority lump, and they elect crazy people, who are the ones doing this stuff. It’s not like, a fringe. It’s a majority of the voters, electing these kooks, over and over again. Same as in FL - and FL is full of liberal retirees from the north. Just not enough of them to overturn the stupid.

    If so many in OK and other places disagree so much on these laws, why the f-ing hell do they keep electing these leaders? Riddle me that.

    Soybeans = shit BTW. They are a plague on our food economy. FYI, folks, soybeans are NOT a health food.

    And gee, can’t imagine there are any decent replacements or imports for any of those. Come to think of it, we’ll import some from the Southern Confederate States, if the price is cheap enough.

  5. Tim Little Says:

    I wholeheartedly share your outrage over certifiably insane anti-abortion legislation in Oklahoma, although I do question the efficacy of ranting. In any event I just came across this but on Arizona in today’s CS Monitor:

    Only 20 percent of both parties show up for primaries, so candidates have to appeal to the most faithful and ideologically pure, he says. “The districts are set up in ways that push politicians to the most irreconcilable positions – that filters down to the kinds of laws that you have coming out of here right now,” says Quinlan.

    … referring to this:

    In the past six days, the legislature has passed the nation’s strictest anti-illegal immigration bill, a law permitting concealed weapons, and the House has approved a bill requiring a presidential candidate to show his or her birth certificate to appear on the state ballot.

    I don’t know if the electoral landscape in Arizona is analagous to the situation in Oklahoma, but my hunch is that we’re looking at similar phenomena: only the diehards bother to show up to vote.

    I think it’s also worthwhile to point out that I think both Oklahoma and Arizona are really more culturally Western (cf Texas) states than they are Southern….

  6. Victoria Says:

    Maybe they should require the fathers to have an anal ultrasound, so they can empathize with how their partner is doing with the pregnancy? Great way to bond through it all.

  7. Right In Lowell Says:

    LOL Victoria but an untrasound isn’t invasive enough. Mothers should be mandated to list the ‘baby daddy’ before receiving any benefits so child support could be enforced.

  8. trite Says:

    Want to get angrier? I’ll be that health insurance companies will say that the vaginal ultrasound is not medically necessary and will not pay for it!

  9. Paul Belley Says:

    LOL….Soybean is also used to lure Deer to a hunters tree stand. I’m tell you they are still fighting the Civil War down there. I found out when I was in the Army at Ft. Knox Ky.

  10. Prince Charming Says:

    Now THERE’s a sport. Cover yourselves in urine, paint your face and dress like a tree. Wait until unsuspecting Bambi saunters by and BLAM. Good eatin’. Bring the young’uns.

  11. Greg Page Says:

    Yeah, Paul, I still get confused when southerners talk about “the war” (in a seemingly present tense-sort of way) and it’s not a reference to Afghanistan or Iraq.

  12. Christopher Says:

    Oklahoma gave us Senators Coburn and Inhofe, arguably the most extreme Senators. Arizona may be about to enact a law requiring police to ask for proof of legality from anyone they encounter whom they suspect is here illegally. It’s funny listening supporters trying to explain how they can tell who’s here illegally without resorting to prejudice of appearance.

  13. joe from Lowell Says:

    Republicans and conservatives in states from Massachusetts to Oregon would do exactly the same thing if they had the chance, Lynne. The only difference between southern states and the rest of the country is a slight shift in the party ratios.

    Ever see the abortion legislation they pass in North Dakota?

  14. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Joe, that might be true to some extent, but I have trouble concieving of someone like Bill Weld rising to prominence in the state GOP of most southern states.

  15. Lynne Says:

    See that’s it. The wingnuts of the far right are a very marginal minority in states like MA. They really can’t get very far since we live in a democracy (and that’s what galls them - witness the teabagger rhetoric of being angry a majority elected people they don’t like. They would love a dictatorship so long as the dictator did what they wanted him to do…turn against GLBT people, shut liberals in jails for speaking their mind…etc). They are unhinged, and watch Glenn Beck, but they are such a tiny minority here.

    But in other states, they elect whole legislatures and governors.

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