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April 22, 2010

In the Category of “DUH”

by at 6:34 am.

Erin Smith has an interesting article in the Sun outlining (thanks, JC) the stark difference in numbers of applicants between Greater Lowell Tech’s superintendent search, versus Greater Lawrence’s. Let me be the first to forehead-smack on this one. In the interest of outlining the stupid, let me quote:

“I really don’t know who the candidates are from Lawrence, but I think there may have been a perception that there was an in-house candidate looking to be hired and that may have discouraged some people from applying,” Greater Lowell Tech School Committee member George O’Hare said of his board’s search. O’Hare, of Lowell, heads the subcommittee leading the superintendent search.

I dunno, you THINK??? Head. Near. Exploding.

Between this:

In December, former Greater Lowell Tech School Committee member Michael Hayden, of Lowell, who lost his re-election bid last fall to Fred Bahou, used his final meeting to ask his colleagues to scrap a nationwide search when Superintendent James Cassin retires and hire Assistant Superintendent/Principal Mary Jo Santoro for the job.

And this:

In January, School Committee member Michael Lenzi, of Lowell, told The Sun he thought Santoro was a front-runner to replace the retiring Cassin.

“(Those remarks and press coverage of the search process) may have been a factor. I’ve thought about that, but I don’t know. It’s hard to say why Greater Lawrence got more applications than Greater Lowell,” said O’Hare.

I think we can SAFELY say it was pretty CLEAR that it was futile to put in your serious, qualified, outsider application for this position, especially if there were other openings with REAL candidate searches. OMFG. And about O’Hare:

O’Hare opposed a more inclusive search committee for Greater Lowell Tech. Instead, he formed a four-member panel that did most of its work in executive session. In addition to himself, it includes Lenzi, Steve O’Neill of Tyngsboro and Dracut’s Victor Olson.

Oy. Did NO one learn ANYthing from the overwhelming vote count of Bahou compared to these guys in 2009?? Pathetic.

Please, dear god above in heaven (and yes I am an atheist so you know I am really desperate here) let there be two challengers to take on Mike “it’s hard work, governing” Lenzi and LaFerriere in 2011. Please please. Let’s get a majority of people on the GLTHS Board who aren’t ethically compromised!

10 Responses to “In the Category of “DUH””

  1. Right In Lowell Says:

    I seriously considered running in 2009 and now am kicking myself really hard in the a** for not doing so!

  2. Mike Hayden Says:

    The only thing pathic here Lynne is you,it is no wonder your an atheist the only thing you worship is yourself. You really are a sad person I will pray for you

  3. Lynne Says:

    I love it when Hayden posts here….always so awesome for a laugh! It’s amazing how much entertainment one can derive from one single sentence comment. It really is!

    Mike, project much?

    RIL: 2011 is right around the corner!!

  4. Paul@01852 Says:

    RiL please *do* run in 2011! I have recently been in regular attendance at GLTHS SC meetings and the “dinosaur” mentality of some members is something to behold!

  5. JC Says:

    Mikey is the gift that just keeps on giving!

    Keep up those cogent, well considered, well crafted posts, Mikey. Please!

    Each one is like manna from heaven.

  6. Right In Lowell Says:

    thanks Paul… I’d also attend some meetings if I could figure out when they hell they are! Just recently I see them posted on the website. Dinosaur is way to understated for Laferriere. He begins every sentence with ‘back in the old days after WWII’.

  7. Paul@01852 Says:

    RiL, Move Lowell Forward PAC asked the Greater Lowell SC to improve communications with the “outside” world. A motion was filed to post the schedule (including subcommittee meetings), the agenda and the “packet” on the school web page. The motion was passed unanimously and to GL’s credit the information became available almost immediately. In general the SC meeting is the 2nd Thursday of the month @ 7pm in the Superintendant’s Office but the schedule is subject to change so I’d advise anyone wishing to attend to check the web page.

  8. spin Says:

    the thing about the tech. is that chairmen Laferriere is inept,and the other committeemen play him for his vote, he has limited dialogue and is adversarial in many of his statements.
    mr. ohare does not seem to understand the the meetings need to be broadcast ‘live’ so that the public needs are met.Unfortunately, he would like to know how many people would watch. Mr O’hare it Does’nt matter how many people are watching,what matters is that you give the public the availability of the meetings.
    mr. lenzi??? c’mon

  9. Link Says:

    “The only thing pathic here Lynne is you,it is no wonder your an atheist the only thing you worship is yourself. You really are a sad person I will pray for you ”

    Please tell me this was written by a troll and not someone who is, has been or ever will be responsible for making sure people learn English. Mike, if this really is you: You’re in the United States. The written language of choice here is English. Please learn it.

  10. Lynne Says:

    I have no reason to believe it’s someone posting with his name. He also posts all over the Topix comments on the Lowell Sun’s website (apparently - I don’t go in there like ever).

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