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June 10, 2010

GLTHS Live Stream Thread

by at 4:55 pm.

Since I’m going to the GLT school board meeting tonight, and since I have the Evo, I might as well live stream it, since it doesn’t run on TV live as yet. I am told that is being worked on, so let’s hope to see some progress on that front soon. ‘Twould be better than my shaky web-res version anyway. But for now, better than nothing. :)

The meeting is at 6pm, so I will start streaming about then as well. As always, it will stream below (then the video will be permanently affixed to this thread).

NOTE: until we start the live stream, you will get the last video I created - in this case, the interview with the Gov.

UPDATE: Stream disabled. I doubt anyone could hear anything on it…ug. Really, it is a terrible set up for a public meeting, totally atrocious.

13 Responses to “GLTHS Live Stream Thread”

  1. Mimi Says:


    Please let us know if they report on the new Superintendent’s contract. I hope in this economic atmosphere they give her a contract that is more in line with other Voke Superintendent. I hope this is not Cassin redux.

  2. Lynne Says:

    There was nothing on the contract, they went into exec session at the end of the meeting, still negotiating. I hope that they make the final contract public before voting on it.

    One cannot hear the sound on that vid, I was afraid of that. Hell, some of the time *I* couldn’t hear it in *person*. They need to output the mics to a speaker.

  3. Paul@01852 Says:

    I would like to add several other comments about the meeting

    (1) There was over $1/2 million in transfers between multiple accounts. I do understand the necessity of these transfers but the reasons given such as “additional supplies needed” and “additional funds needed” leave a lot to be desired

    (2) Several items discussed at length during the meeting were NOT on the published agenda. I was under the impression that according to Robert’s Rules that discussion of unpublished items required a suspension of the rules. However, GLT SC Chair handled these items just the same as published items. All I could think was what if one of those unpublished items struck a cord in me and made me want to speak? I would have been sheer out of luck since I did not sign up to speak! After all, I should have “known” about those UN-published items, right?

    (3) The SC approved a 3 year contract with the current firm who performs their audits. From the published in formation there were 4 firms who bid. The current firm was the “recommended” one by Business Manager Garabedian. None of the other three bids had even the name of the bidder published or disclosed during the meeting never mind bid details so there is no way to judge if the current firm had the “best reasonable bid” as Mr Garabedian declared in his recommendation.

    (4) It was learned that it would cost ~$2500 to purchase a modulator so that meeting could be braodcast live on cable access channel(s). I spoke briefly to Mr Bahou after the meeting but due to time pressures I did not get clarification if that was to broadcast to all 4 communities or just Lowell.

    (5) The committee went in executive session after the regular meeting but it was unclear to me what the specific reasons (there were two) for calling the executive sessions were. My understanding of the Public Meeting Law is that the wording of a motion to go into executive session has to be VERY specific. In fact Mass courts have declared executive sessions illegal just because the wording of the motion was incorrect. Some one must remind me the next time I need legal assistance to avoid the legal counsel for the committee since he told me that the motion was “in the spirit of the Public Meeting Law!” Next time I commit a tort I guess my best defence might be that I was acting in the “spirit of the law!”

    I would be quite pleased if someone from the Tech School Committee would comment on any or all of my points

  4. Kim Says:

    At the meetings I could only understand every few words that they said. I tried to record the last meeting on my iphone recorder and when I went to listen to it I realized that I had a blank recording.

  5. JC Says:

    Things go on unchanged at “camp swampy!”

    All that Paul reports is SOP for that school committee. They have never experienced public scrutiny…they have never had to account for their actions…they have never needed to follow rules of procedure…they have never had to exercise due diligence in the selection of contractors. They have always been under law/regulation to do these things - the things ANY public body MUST do - but lacking public interest they have always been able to do just as they pleased. Just take a look at the minutes of their meetings over the past several years and compare them to the minutes published by similar institutions. You will find little detail in their minutes, and practically nothing in the way of serious discussion among the members. Just how and why many important past decisions were made is completely unknown and completely undocumented.

    Job one IMHO is to get those meetings broadcast live! All the other reforms must necessarily follow.

  6. Lynne Says:

    That won’t happen because the committee won’t spend the $2500 to get the box needed. They say if they get it for Lowell, then they have to get it for the other towns. At the funding level they get, I am shocked they are nickel and diming on this one.

    SC Member Fred Bahou is trying to work on this issue and told me he is talking with LTC to try to get this done. The question is, who pays?

  7. Paul@01852 Says:

    JC (and others) if you want to shed more daylight on the GLT then *please* attend their meetings. My request to publish their schedule, agenda and packet on their web page has been successfully implemented. As I noted above sometimes the agenda and packets don’t quite match up to reality but their schedule has been accurate as has the published meeting notices. Please come and show your support for increased openness. Maybe once the SC members begin seeing citizen interest they will realize it would be in their own best interest to live televise their meetings as long as the cost is reasonable. The next meeting appears to be August 12. Meetings are held in the Supt’s office at the school on Pawtucket Blvd in Tyngsboro. Hope to see you and others there!

  8. Mary Says:

    Why don’t you and the Move Lowell Forward PAC raise the money Lynne? You have a vehicle in place, use it. If you really think this is such an important issue and you have the public support you believe you have you should be able to raise the $2,500 in a snap.

    Take the challenge and run with it Lynne. Finally do something with some value instead of sitting behind your keyboard and launching bombs at everyone. That as well all know my dear, is easy.

  9. Paul@01852 Says:

    Mary GLT has a guaranteed budget provided by the state education formula that almost no one understands. They are offering 9.5% raises to the Supt when industry is struggling to offer 1% to workers. They have enough income to hire a Public Relations Director when cities and tows are laying off teachers. Ask Medford–they just gave pink slips to 140 of them. But you expect a volunteer group to raise money to purchase something that should have been routine many years ago? Get real!

  10. JC Says:

    It is so easy to snipe from the tall grass, Mary. There is a lot that get’s said on this blog I don’t agree with. There are statements the owners make, and positions they adopt that don’t make a great deal of sense to me, that actually seem counterproductive to their stated purpose (having Dems eating other Dems over the Donahue-Doherty thing is just one outstanding example)…but if that’s what they want to do, if that’s what they consider constructive advocacy, well…fine with me.

    The GLTHS issue is a complete no brainer. It’s non controversial as far as I’m concerned. This blog comes down on the side of the angels on that issue. That’s good enough for me.

    I have no personal ax to grind with the blog owners (don’t know them), but it certainly seems that you do. The nature of your personal attack fails to add substance to the discussion. It just make you look small-minded and mean-spirited.

  11. Jack Mitchell Says:

    Let me clear, LiL is not MLF. Neither is RSoL.

    Our co-chairs are each bloggers and on occasion, we at MLF use those blogs to get the word out. At times, the opinion our co-chairs express as individuals, closely align with the position of MLF. However, and this is a point that I implore you to note, the group is very much a TEAM EFFORT.

    With risk of repeating myself, MLF is NOT one and the same, as the blogs that their co-chairs write.


  12. JC Says:

    I really don’t believe Mary cares about the differences at all, Jack. She has a personal, irrational issue with a particular blog owner. Reasoned appeals make no difference to her. For Mary, it’s not about real issues or about contributing to the thread of a discussion, it’s about striking out to fulfill her emotional needs. MLF, LiL…she could care less that they are distinct, she only sees a person/personality common to both, and that person must be put down.

  13. Lynne Says:

    Folks, for the last time, comments without a nickname are deleted. It gets too confusing to track who said what. Thanks.

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