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October 7, 2010

Officially - The Sun Jumped the Shark

by at 8:15 am.

In other words, it’s the suckiest paper ever. Sorry to the reporters I like there, but that rag is sheer crap. I wouldn’t use it to line a birdcage - it’d be an insult to the bird shit.

Dick Howe outlines the disgusting, pathetic, and useless attack (in other words, employing completely made up outrage) on a veteran in order to score political points against Niki Tsongas.

Essentially, it is a made up scandal, based on the fact that a vet supporting Niki who praised her work on the GI bill is the son of famous-y (sort of) people. So, you know, he might not really have needed the GI bill to get ahead. WTF?? In what universe is it OK to attack a vet for coming home and using what he earned in combat (two wars, and a Bronze Star for valor) to make sure that his future isn’t grim? I’ll follow Dick’s lead and not even link to the ugly thing.

(Also, has the mental midget editor of the Lowell Sun looked at the cost of college lately? Frigging moron. I didn’t think it was possible for you to sink much lower, but I am big enough to admit when I am wrong.)

Go read Dick Howe’s post - it’s a lot more coherent than mine, I am just in outrage here. As should any patriotic American be.

I will ask one question however…Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

11 Responses to “Officially - The Sun Jumped the Shark”

  1. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    To tell you the truth the TV ad for Tsongas that the Sun trashes did need to be brought to the public’s attention.

    It should have been reserved for a “Political notebook” column and not the front page, but the ad does mislead voters in the sense that the ad implies if not outright states that Goodwin would not have been able to afford law school without the new GI Bill. That is not true by his own admission.

    I did not see it as an attack on Goodwin’s or anyone else’s patriotism. I saw it as a TV ad that misrepresented the soldier’s story to benefit Tsongas. She certainly could have found another soldier whose story was completely true and above reproach.

    I think was is more glaring and what the Sun’s story did not report is that the co-owner of the only other media outlet in Lowell is also featured in the ad identified only as an “army reserveist”.

    The Sun should have raised the question how can voters believe that WCAP will remain neutral and report unbiased stories on the 5th District Congressional race when one of the owners of the station appears in a Tsongas ad and is not idetified as co-owner of the local radio station?

    I have to disagree with you and Dick on this one. It is a story that needed to have been told but was only half of the story was told with the more critical information being left out.

    I think putting it on the front page was overkill and shows the Sun’s bias against Tsongas.

  2. Renee Aste Says:


    I felt outraged myself, as did Greg Page over at his blog. I didn’t seen a misrepresentation on Goodwin’s part. Tuition at Suffolk Law School is 40,000 a year. That’s right, times three years! Goodwin’s statement being burdened by debt isn’t untrue.

    I went to Massachusetts School of Law, I did live with my parents room and board free first year, but they never paid a student loan of mine. On the other hand my parents and my in-laws have been directly generous in other ways such as a purchase of washer/dryer and with their grandchildren (a trip to Canobie Lake/Movies/extra gifts), which helped with overall costs to pay down student loans between my husband and I.

    Even very affluent parents don’t have that kind of money sitting around, and if they help out their adult child it’s probably through a refinance of their personal home or taking something out of their retirement funds.

    As for the Lowell Sun, I guess my question is why did they think this was a news story? It just wasn’t.


  3. Renee Aste Says:

    Lynne, I totally re-read my statement. (Facepalm) I was constantly interrupted writing it by a six year old who wanted PBS online,

    Goodwin’s statement being burden by debt is true!

    And that’s why you don’t work at home with kids, which I don’t.


  4. Lynne Says:

    I read your comment correct typo or not Renee. :) Like I said in the post, has anyone LOOKED at college tuition lately? I did not think that the ad is misleading - and certainly, the MESSAGE is not misleading, and just think about how attacking this messenger really comes across.

    The Sun is a disgrace, people should stop subscribing to it, and this is NOT the only reason why. There are years of reasons. This is just the last straw.

  5. waittilnextyr Says:

    “I read your comment correct typo or not…”

    That is because it is the same - isn’t untrue = is true

  6. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    From my post on Dick’s forum:
    And no one has an issue with Sam P in the ad?

    I am not implying that Mr. Goodwin was not entitled to the benefits he received, I am saying that that ad implies that without those benefits he would have been burdened with debt that was not something he could handle. The article in the Sun quoted him as saying he could afford it on his own (paraphraed)

    Tsongas shoud have used someone else in the ad. The Sun should have pointed out that Sam P was the co-owner of WCAP and questioned how his radio station can present an unbiased coverage of the campaign.

    Conclusion; Using the co-owner of one of the two media outlets in the largest city in the ad, and using a wealthy veteran implying poverty were bad decisions on the part of the Tsongas campaign.

    The Sun only reporting half of that story and putting it on the front page instead of a political column was an obvious attempt to sway opinion.

    Again I disagree, the article does not put a means test on veterans benefits. Whoever used these particular particpants in the TV ad was clueless to the needs of veterans and put Tsongas’ credibility and that of WCAP at serious risk.

  7. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    One more note.

    Sam Poulton (sp) co-owner of WCAP obviously agreed to be in the Tsongas ad and yet no one has challenged his radio station’s objectivity and no one is criticizing him or WCAP! DUH!

  8. -b Says:

    I agree with a lot of what Eleanor said.

    Controversy sells papers - or maybe these days we’d have to say it results in more page impressions. The topix board for this article has 150+ comments, which means it stirred up a lot of emotion in it’s readership.

    I think the Sun was trying to push the classism card, and the connection between Tsongas and Doris Kearns Goodwin. Both of these are hot button issues, and I think they nailed it. If anyone was attacked in this article it was Tsongas, not Joseph Goodwin.

    It’s interesting to come on LiL and Dick’s site and see the 180 perspective on this.

  9. Mr. Lynne Says:

    “the article does not put a means test on veterans benefits”

    Well I have to ask, what is it about Goodwin’s appearance that that is objected to here then? For most it will be that he doesn’t need the money - which implies a means test. If you ‘merely’ object to the idea that he leaves you with the impression that he needs the money - I’d refer you to what he said, which was that this would ease his educational debt. No controversy there unless you read into the remark. If you read into the remark that this particular guy doesn’t need the money, then we’re back to my first point. I mean, if this isn’t an implied means test then whether he needs the money or not is moot. And if whether he needs the money or not is moot then there’s nothing to object to what he said. I can’t see how having it both ways is tenable without cognitive dissonance.

  10. Renee Aste Says:

    “I think the Sun was trying to push the classism card” -b

    Tsongas’ GOP opponent, Mr. Golnik lives in exclusive Carlisle, and is a graduate of an Ivy League School, Dartmouth. His brother Ben Golnik was a political director for McCain’s Presidential campaign two years. Both Tsongas and Golnik are very affluent and very well connected, but we well know that the editorial board of the Sun is a fan of Golnik.

    Being myself it seems a paycheck or two from losing everything, yet still carrying the middle class title, affluent people have rights too. It shouldn’t make a difference on both issues. Goodwin has every right to his earned benefits, and there no issue just because his parents are well-known with him making his own choice to support Tsongas.

    You want issues? Back in March local republicans were very concerned how Golnik was pretty much handed picked out of Washington by the RNC.


    “Please explain - WHY has the NRCC ‘picked their candidate’? (5.00 / 1)
    Truth or dare, this is the first I’ve heard of Golnik, but I’ve met Meas at a variety of events for over a year. His strategy to energize the Cambodian residents - who are philosophically conservative, by and large - is an interesting step for us to grow as a party.
    So who MADE this decision?

    I’m not from the area, and look on as an outsider - but this would be like the NRCC picking Malone over Perry in the 10th because they remember him.

    To put it politely, the national body does not have a good track record for choosing winners in this area after giving all the dough to a candidate that didn’t make the ballot and then shunning the one who did.

    How is such a decision made? (Oh, and think hard before donating national instead of local - all those annoying phone calls from DC seem to result in decisions like this).”

    and again another comment back in march

    “While Meas does have visibility and actual support; what would make you say that the other 5 candidates should drop out but this Golnik should be given a slot?
    What makes you assume his candidacy has any more credibility than one of the Mr X’s?
    Has anyone outside of the NRCC ever heard of Golnik?
    I mean outside of us here who read his solicitaions for donations?
    I had a laugh when I read the NRCC gloating about supposed momentum. What momentum? Was that supposed to be funny or are they that clueless?”

  11. -b Says:

    Renee, I agree with you on all points, and might have not phrased myself quite right. I see the article as an attack on Tsongas - using the class card in part to make people’s blood boil.

    Mr Goodwin is completely entitled to his benefits. He has do not wrong - really he has done a lot more right than most - he has put his life on the line to defend the country.

    I know nothing about Golnik, except that I didn’t vote for him. Meas was the only reason I voted in the primary. As much as I lean to the right the Republican party seems to consistently disappoint me.

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