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November 3, 2010

Now THAT Is Guarding the Change

by at 1:18 am.

“Patrick Roars to 2nd Term” reads the top headline on boston.com right now.

Patrick’s margin of victory was unmistakable tonight. Considering the problems we face and the tendency of voters to take out anxiety and anger out on the incumbents, deserving or not, beating Baker by around 7 points is a roar, and a resounding endorsement to start his second term.

Considering the mixed results nationwide, I am more convinced than ever that we chose the right state in which to settle. I think our future here is very bright - I only hope we can buck the national trends of obstruction and willful ignorance and economic self-destruction, in our small corner of the world. With four more years, we can really showcase a strong Progressive Experiment and pit it against the regression of the Republicans elsewhere.

Congratulations, Governor Patrick!

19 Responses to “Now THAT Is Guarding the Change”

  1. Fran McDougall Says:

    Sanity reigns in the Bay State. John Stewart should move his show to MA. We got his message loud and clear. or should that be loudly and clearly? Oh well, we get it.

  2. lowell gal Says:

    the right state to have settled in!! My husband and I were talking today about moving out of this state after 50+ years in Ma
    This is not a victory for the voters, this just gives the incumbents the notion that they can keep doing what they are doing, raising taxes(sales taxes etc) not listening to the people(income tax)and hand out more big pensions, golden parachutes, and more unchecked spending. Three recent House speakers indited and you think this is the “RIGHT STATE”.
    Just google James Fagan (D) state rep from Tauton(defeated last night) The speech that he gave on the house floor regarding Jessica’s law is probably the most mean sprited speech that I have heard anyone give in all my years following politics in this state and for that matter across the USA-If you haven’t heard it yet you must be living under a rock. Why does it take something that despicable to unseat an incumbent?

  3. outsider Says:

    Lowell Gal

    I am not a big fan of the taxes but the people have spoken??? — In record numbers no less

    Your tax argument is pretty lame — you need to do some research on that

    Big Pensions? Please don’t tell me you are using the Bill Bulger excuse? It is my understanding that the pension system is primarily unfunded because of the market and the loopholes that have since been closed.
    I have questioned a friend of mine who works for the state and she told me she has been paying in 11% of her salary?

    House Speakers — Hmm can’t say your wrong

    Jim Fagan — I too was upset by what I had heard but I googled his speech. In my opinion he was taken way out of context — he says this is what a defense atty (like himself) would do if you put the victim on the stand.
    He then goes on to talk about how despicable these dirty balls are.
    Jessica’s Law sounds like a red meat idea — but if you talk to any of the DA’s it takes away their ability to put some of the scumbags away instead of putting a young victim on the stand.

    Stop watching FOX news !!! — Your blood pressure will go down

  4. Lynne Says:

    Lowell gal, I will quote myself as I posted in the other thread…

    “If you hate democracy so much, then please, by all means, move to Kazakhstan.”

    (BTW for the record, this blog, and its progressive writers, have ALways fought against the hack wing of the party including the Speakers.)

  5. Prince Charming Says:

    Lowellgal: don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way to exit one.

  6. Jack Mitchell Says:

    lowell gal,
    Drive North until you hit the first toll booth. Get out and kiss the ground. You’ll be so happy.

    The houses aren’t so cheap, btw. Pfft. We won’t even talk about the property ta.. never mind. Enjoy. ;v)

  7. Prince Charming Says:

    BTW, how’dya like to be Scott Brown today? One of these rabid Democrats who easily won re-election this week will probably have no district when the census numbers come out. That means there’ll be a popular Democrat with statewide name recognition looking for a job in DC. There’s no way in hell they’ll nominate a choker next time. Look out, Brownie, the Mass Blue Wave is coming! Enjoy your tea, everyone.

  8. Robby Says:

    Quick analysis on a race that was good for every Republican out there… except for Massachusetts!

    The Good:

    Republicans did extremely well, picking up 60+ seats in the House nationwide, the largest margin since WW2.

    Republicans did well in Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire, Ohio, Maine, and Florida.

    Record turnout everywhere: Good to see people vote, regardless of power. Republicans have made a huge comeback in a quick two year period and made the Senate tighter. Even here, record turnout; and for both sides. Good to see people stepping up and voicing thier opinion.

    Hopefully the unconstitutional healthcare bill is now history and both sides can work on the real issue- jobs. Healthcare reform is importnant (no one should be denied coverage), but the current bill is bad news. With the exception of this state, supporters of the bill are gone for the most part.

    The MAJORITY of MA citizens voted AGAINST Deval Patrick. We have not been happy with what we have seen over the past four years. We just didn’t all agree on who would do a better job.

    The Bad:

    Republicans came up short here- in EVERY race. We were really hoping for at least ONE pickup- auditor or treasurer would have given at least some balance. We have the same old- blind, one party rule. What tax increase is next?

    My fear is now the country faces two years of NOTHING. I doubt we will see any positive changes because both sides won’t agree- and We The People suffer as a result. I hope Im wrong, but fear I am right.

    Baker got it right on the money when he said we can do better, and that what we have seen over the past four years has not been working for the people. But he totally blew it when it came to actually offering ideas on how to fix the problems. He was too moderate for a Republican (yes, even in MA) and didn’t get support of a good portion of Republicans. That hurt. No question that Cahill was spoiler, but the Baker campaign did a HORRENDOUS job of winning over the Cahill people. I was wrong when I said Baker focused to much on Cahill- if every Cahill voter voted for Baker, he would have won. he just went about it in the wrong way. As someone who wats to see positive changes for the young community here in MA, I cannot be anymore dissapointed with the Baker campaign.

    This may be a surpise to some people, but I do firmly believe that although the Republicans offered solid, qualified choices for almost every seat, this HURT Baker’s chances. Candidates like Beilat and Perry drew out Barney Frank’s supporters and others who probably would have stayed home. Also, Republican predictions of winning everything did nothing but help the Democratic machine GOTV. I hate saying this, but having so many Republicans running for so many offices probably hurt us in the big race for Governor.

    With all of that said, it was a GOOD thing to at least offer the people a choice for a change. For too long these people have run without opposition or with candidates with no chance. We had some great candidates this year (Cannoughton, Polito) and actually made Democrats run campaigns and earn votes. I think this year in MA has been positive for both sides. There is no question Scott Brown motivated us Republican-leaners and made us overly optimistic, but the reality is this is still MA at the end of the day. Too even put up candidates that even have a SLIM chance of winning, we did good. We kept these guys scared out of thier life and more important- made them spend thier millions here in MA, instead of around the country.

    Deval Patrick is going to be the Governor for the next four years unless be bails on us. I don’t think he will. It is my hope that he focuses on getting real jobs back to this state, lowers our 2nd in the nation deficit, and lowers our taxes. Republicans need to hold thier heads up high and look to the future.

    But make no mistake- 51% (majority) of people voting AGAINST Deval, his reelection is by no means a mandate.

  9. Robby Says:


    Shocked to see BUBA get 16,000 votes to Eileen’s 24,000. Still a hands down victory, but I never expected Buba getting more than 10k.

    And by the way, Lynne, I did vote for Democrats this year, as I have in the past. I may be registered as a Republican, but I vote for the person, not the party.

    And this year in MA, both parties offered We The People good choices to respresent us and tackle the issues we face.

  10. Robby Says:

    One last point (I swear!)

    Barney Franks “victory” speech was the MOST disrespectful, disgusting rant I have ever heard. The guy is totally classless.

    Sorry for the long rants; it was an interesting year! :)

  11. Renee Aste Says:

    Robby, I guess the votes for (R) were a generic opposition to Democrats, not a vote for that person in particular for many of the races.

  12. joe from Lowell Says:

    “With the exception of this state, supporters of the bill are gone for the most part.”

    That’s not true, actually. This election was much worse for anti-health care Democrats than for it supporters.

  13. joe from Lowell Says:

    “Robby, I guess the votes for (R) were a generic opposition to Democrats…”

    According to one poll, 37% of people who supported higher levels of government spending to stimulate the economy voted for Republicans on Tuesday.

    So, yeah, it’s pretty clear that a lot of the votes they got were simply anti- votes, and not votes for anyone.

  14. Lynne Says:

    “I vote for the person, not the party.”

    Meaning you have no underlying principle or philosophy of government you care about? The person could be the nicest dude on the planet, but if he enacts reprehensible policies, why would you ever vote for him??

    (RE Frank - funny how HE is reprehensible but the several Republicans who had worse ones, or refused to concede, weren’t? Like speaking to a kitchen table…)

    A LOT of our voters nationwide did not show up. Except in MA of course, where we turned ‘em out. :)

  15. Lynne Says:

    And joe is right - Blue Dog House members were decimated - a huge chunk of of the losses were the so-called “moderate” (read: right of center) Dems.

  16. Jack Mitchell Says:

    I’m confused. Is the implication that Blue Dogs lost because they weren’t “Democrat” enough?

    Of the Blue Dogs that lost, how many were elected in ‘06 or ‘08? Were these “Democrats” in districts where Democrats have no business getting elected?

    Those assholes are on the frontline of expanding our majority. The fact that they were decimated speaks to one thing. They were the ones farthest out on a limb.

    Let’s not pretend that (Non New England) America is rejecting centrism. That is utter bullshit. If it were true. If running as a proud Liberal was a strong point, Carol Shea-Porter (NH-02) would not have lost.

    Let’s try to avoid reading the tea leaves through beer googles.

  17. Lynne Says:

    There’s moderate, then there’s why the f are they Dems Dems. Those in the Senate cost us the MODERate health care reform, the public option. So no, I’m not going to give them slack.

    Plus, I think quite a number are old Blue Dogs.

  18. joe from Lowell Says:

    I’m confused. Is the implication that Blue Dogs lost because they weren’t “Democrat” enough?

    I don’t think the Blue Dogs’ decimation proves anything, beyond the fact that it was a tough year for Democrats in districts that aren’t deep-blue.

    I think, however, it disproves something: the notion, often heard in the mainstream press, that Democrats could help themselves weather the storm by running away from Obama, from health care, from liberalism, and from their party.

    Clearly, that strategy has been refudiated.

  19. waittilnextyr Says:

    The underpinnings of our economic problems have been long since set. Clinton signed NAFTA, but that pales in comparison to the many free trade agreements signed since 2000. These agreements were signed with little regard for those factors that create an uneven playing field for US workers.

    In Mumbai, President Obama touted the benefits of $10B in trade deals that could produce 54,000 US jobs. Since that represents about $185K per job cited, it seems like a reasonable number given that these jobs are spread over a few years.

    But let’s look at the potential job loss due to trade deficits during the last 4 years of the Bush administration - $772B in 2005, then $628B, $809B and $816B, or a total deficit of over $3T. Using the same basis of $185K = 1 job, that represents a loss of over 16 million jobs.

    Open your eyes to that reality.

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