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August 11, 2011

Elizabeth Warren - Interested?

by at 2:06 pm.

A nice intro and coming-home post on BMG from Elizabeth Warren, which while not broaching the subject of running for the US Senate seat, certainly gives off all the right signals, especially this:

I left Washington, but I don’t plan to stop fighting for middle class families. I spent years working against special interests and have the battle scars to show it – and I have no intention of stopping now. It is time for me to think hard about what role I can play next to help rebuild a middle class that has been hacked at, chipped at, and pulled at for more than a generation—and that that is under greater strain every day.

In the weeks ahead, I want to hear from you about the challenges we face and how we get our economy growing again. I also want to hear your ideas about how we can fix what all of us – regardless of party – know is a badly broken political system.

I myself am hoping she runs, and decides to jump in soon. This is about the time of year another candidate - a completely unknown quantity - began making the rounds ahead of his election. The year was 2005 and his name was Deval Patrick. If she can leverage her public profile (an advantage Patrick didn’t have) and get the campaign going right, she can win, and she’d clean Brown’s clock. Just the sort of candidate I, and many other progressives, might be looking for.

18 Responses to “Elizabeth Warren - Interested?”

  1. Jack Says:

    I got a call yesterday from Setti Warren’s campaign. We chatted. I’d venture to say, they may just be reacting to E. Warren’s “signals.”

  2. joe from Lowell Says:

    Scott Brown’s clock is going to be hard to clean. There are a lot of people, even good liberals, who just plain like the man on a personal level, and who (understandably, actually) look at his willingness to stab his party’s leadership in the back on high-profile bills as a breath of fresh air.

    Which means that a likable, outsider, non-politician like Elizabeth Warren might be just the right match-up against him.

  3. Jack Says:

    Joe, I’m not prepared to accept your summary of Brown. I have talked to a few moderate Dems that are over the glam campaign that Brown weilded so well in 2010. That is not to say they will pick any Dem over Brown. We need to choose wisely in the Primary.

    That said, did anyone notice that Kerry has announced his intention to run in 2014?

    What does that mean for pols like Capuano? Rumor was, some in the House delegation were waiting for a special election based on Kerry moving into a Cabinet slot.

  4. Lynne Says:

    Jack I think you might be reading too much into it. I got a call from Setti’s campaign too, this week, last week or so, three weeks before that…

    I think they are just hitting the phones for really active Dems and/or convention delegates. I’m actually surprised no one else is. I wish they’d record my wish to stop getting calls every week or every other week from them. It’s actually getting annoying. Go spend your time with someone new for a change!

    I think Brown’s beatable, but it’ll take educating the voter on his REAL record, as opposed to what people sort of think of him vaguely. Tell people that he has not held a goddamned “town hall” meeting like, ever.

    Brown has not stabbed his party in the back, not really. His “buck the leadership” votes were either foregone conclusions (Mr.’s words actually) or else, “allowed” to him. He fought hard to undermine important legislation by holding the “filibuster” vote hostage a couple of times. He’s not really a winner.

  5. Elias Nugator Says:

    I dunno Lynne, I wanna see Brown cast down as much as you, but the past tem years have revealed a thick glass ceiling in Massachusetts politics. I don’t think much of any woman’s chances if she does not have a plan to deal with that…
    I mean, I hate to say it, but Governors Swift, O’Brien, Healey and Senator Coakley would likely all agree with me.

    Just sayin’

  6. Lynne Says:

    What do all those people (mostly) have in common? They fell short of their OWN doing. Coakley, Swift, Healey oh god Healey…there was problems in their respective campaigns, IMHO. O’Brien too, though that was before my time.

    Some of it was personality-wise - like, Coakley, who is pretty warm in person, doesn’t stump well. Then she dropped her campaigning in the general. Healey was just…awful.

    Anyway, if we want a SHOT at a woman Senator from MA - Warren is it. DeFranco is too obscure, and, honestly, a bit not ready for prime time. (Not that this is unexpected from her - going from nothing to Senate campaign? That’s a leap. I’m all for destroying the “it’s YOUR turn” aspect of MA politics, but seriously, some campaign polish and experience is needed in a statewide race like this…)

  7. Lynne Says:

    What we need is more Elizabeth Warrens RUNNING before we talk about a glass ceiling, is what I mean.

    And I figured out what it is I need in a candidate first before looking at anything else. It’s ability to think on your feet that is the necessary first step. You can be the most awesome progressive person in the world, but if you can’t sit across from Scott Brown and take his GOP talking points down with a dearth of words, that cut to the heart of the issue, and yet include enough strong detail to showcase your intelligence, then you can’t get anywhere.

    It’s why Patrick went from “who the eff is that?” to Governor - he had that in spades.

    So, first, polish. Sounds stupid but there it is, in our TV world it’s required for high-profile races. Warren has definitely proven that she can do that in some fairly high-stress situations.

    Then of course there’s the other requirements - where are they on the issues, how well they choose their top campaign aids, how the campaign is run (me likey grassroots), how much money raised, etc etc…

    But this new thought of mine, it explains exactly why I am not excited about any of the existing candidates of the 2012 Sen race already. None of them totally wowed me, and I think we need a wow candidate to fight incumbency and what’s left of Senator Pickup Truck’s popularity. (Mostly, he’s popular by virtue of being fairly bland…)

    I mean, if it were just on the issues and their dedication to grassroots, there’s plenty of candidates that I should be interested in.

  8. Jack Says:

    That “glass ceiling” is just begging to be broken. I want to see more of E.Warren to say for sure, but she seems to be quick on her feet.

    The Daily Show episode.

    The Dailey Show archive.

  9. Mike Hayden Says:

    I think Brown is what we need more of and less of a guy like Kerry who says he is for the people but in reality is for himself. Example Docking his boat in RI to beat the tax in his own state the guy is a phony

  10. Lynne Says:

    And fewer immigrants, yes?

    Whatevs. You’re pretty dismissible. Love the GOPer talking points, you wear them well. They suit you.

  11. Tim Little Says:

    While it may have been awkward/embarrassing at the time, Kerry’s yacht tax issue was settled quite a while ago, I believe. Personally I prefer to evaluate candidates by things that actually matter — like their records:



    Re: E. Warren — I agree with Lynne about the “wow” factor; I’m certainly intrigued, but need to learn more.

  12. joe from Lowell Says:

    Jack, I believe your anecdote. Mine is that my mother, who had to decide between Nader and Gore and still spits nails over Richard Nixon, says she “loves Scott Brown.” She’s not a moderate, btw.

    But what I put a lot more faith in than anecdotes is polling. Scott Brown’s favorability rating in this state would not be where it is if there were not a lot of people who would never otherwise consider voting for a Republican who like him.

    I think Brown’s beatable, but it’ll take educating the voter…

    So, we’re &%#$ed.

    Brown has not stabbed his party in the back, not really. His “buck the leadership” votes were either foregone conclusions (Mr.’s words actually) or else, “allowed” to him.

    Regardless, he has used them effectively to produce that impression. (Some of his votes actually were stabs-in-the-back. He sold out McConnell on Dodd-Frank in order to get something that State Street Bank wanted. Scott Brown is in it for Scott Brown, not for the RNC or the conservative movement, which is either a compliment or an insult, depending on how you look at it.)

  13. joe from Lowell Says:

    Mostly, he’s popular by virtue of being fairly bland…

    He’s popular because he doesn’t come across as a phony or a standard-issue politician - which is 1) deeply ironic, and 2) indicative of his talent at selling himself to voters.

    And now, joe’s inner monologue:

    I think Brown is what we need more of and less of a guy like Kerry who says he is for the people but in reality is for himself.

    Hmm, should I take this person seriously? Or is this just someone who unconsciously internalizes and repeats what he is told by partisan political figures?

    Example Docking his boat in RI to beat the tax in his own state the guy is a phony

    Ah. OK then. Why is it that, despite never having met this person, I know exactly what he thinks about the type of cheese John Kerry prefers on hot sandwiches?

  14. Lynne Says:

    Funny, Brown comes across as totally phony to me…he smacked of G W Bushness.

  15. Mike Hayden Says:

    you know Lynne you are such a dishrag

  16. Lynne Says:

    I allowed this comment through, against my better judgment, so people could understand why you are dismissible. You basically proved my point. Thank you so very much. Since this is not your first offense at insulting people on this blog, you are officially banned until you can keep your temper in check.

  17. Paul@01852 Says:

    Lynne, let him rant. I always like a bit of humor when I read the serious comments most posters make, especially when the anger comes from someone who professes to be an anger management specialist. And secondly, we here do NOT want to emulate that “other” Lowell master of the Intertubes, who rants and posts email addresses of people he does not agree with.

  18. Lynne Says:

    Paul, I have always had the same policy. It hasn’t changed since 2005. :)

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