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August 18, 2011

YouTube is Better Than facebook

by at 1:18 pm.

It’s only August and I’m tired of the City Council election. It’s my own damn fault. I keep my nose in it. I don’t know where the Red Sox are in the standings. I’m sure Tom Brady is still our QB. Heard Milan Lucic brought The Cup back home to Vancouver. The only thing I know about TV and movies comes, pretty much, from my kids. I’m lame.

And I’m bored.

See, all the drama that puts this city into fits, turns into nothing more than local machinations. Very predictable, for the most part. One thing that offers a hint a pizazz is how campaigns approach new media outreach. This is a thing that speaks to the future. It is untried, discoverable. Aka, not boring.

Patrick Murphy is not boring:

What is boring is the parade of fluff glomming up my FB feed. Like yard signs, facebook don’t vote. For every 10 status updates a candidate puts up cheerleading themselves, I’d like to see one Lowellian post something positive, unsolicited. I put more credence into a coffee shop anecdote about, “I ran into ‘X’ dropping lit in my neighborhood,” than I do a FB update telling me about it. Managing expectations, via FB, is not the way to go folks. Especially, if the candidate is the source of the posts.

Now let’s talk about YouTube. Here is a venue where creativity and imagination can shine. Short clips are effectively digital “lit drops.” These things can fly by e-mail, splash on FB and dwell on the local blog(s). A well crafted YouTube video can tell you a lot about a candidate. By “well crafted,” I don’t mean pro or high production. I mean smart, savvy, homespun brilliance. The type of thing that conveys the aptitude and expression of a campaign with it’s finger on the pulse of this vibrant city.

It’s mid-August. Murphy is out front in this arena. Who else can hang?

8 Responses to “YouTube is Better Than facebook”

  1. Robby G. Says:

    Youtube is much better than facebook simply because you do not have to “register” to see certain aspects of the site. Youtube is strictly about videos where as facebook is much more than that. I can only imagine how much is costs a candidate to have a professional paper brochure made and delivered to homes, where putting a video on Youtube is actually done (or should be) by the actual candidate is free. The only cost is some time, but candidates should already plan on having plenty of that available!

    Video “ads” done by the actual candidate just make that person seem more down-to-earth as opposed to professional types of advertising.

    It’s definitely something a candidate should do in this online digital age, but I would caution against over-doing it, either. Nothing beats the good ol fashion way of campaigning door-to-door. Seniors vote almost in every election, and many don’t even know how to turn a computer on, let alone how to “youtube”!

    If you want to win an election, the more, the merrier.

  2. Magnolia Says:

    Bored Jack - really? I am retired and I am not bored. I have lots of stuff going on in my life and I don’t have the time for youtube.

  3. Mimi Says:


    I like the candidates’ post on FB. Right now it may be limited to their activities but I am expecting that soon as the campaign heats up, we will read issue-oriented posts. By the way, have you de-friended any of them?

    And of course, they can use FB to promote their You Tube videos.

  4. Shawn Says:

    I agree with Robby.. in youtube, people are looking for something they are interested in. It gathers many who might have not planned on visiting a video.

    Facebook is good for talking to the initiated. And fact is, a lot of people tried it out, and then have dropped out of it.. bored with the concept and annoyed with what all those people were drinking last night who they hang out with.. etc.

    (betterology forever)

  5. Corey Says:

    I de-friended a lot of the candidates for excessive chatter. There is only a certain level of Facebook chatter one can take. FB has tried hard to keep the newsfeed pertinent, etc…as a side-effect, many people don’t know that quite a few people and pages posts are hidden from them, and I don’t mean just clicking between Newsfeed and Top News. Murphy, again, has mastered the balancing act here of remaining on people’s minds without being annoying.

    Similarly, I also noticed a local activist spammed a bunch of city employees’ personal Facebook pages this week with business-related stuff. He received one im-being-nice-but-dont-do-that-again-i-want-work-life-balance reply.

    The social media revolution is causing people to have to learn a whole new set of rules on interacting with others, and some are far, far better at this than others.

  6. joe from Lowell Says:

    I don’t know where the Red Sox are in the standings. I’m sure Tom Brady is still our QB.

    Yeah, you totally need to start watching more baseball. Jacoby Ellsbury is their QB now.

  7. Lynne Says:

    LOL Shawn. :P Turns out it was the host, a glitch they had, and they are looking into how it happened so it doesn’t happen again…we can hope.

    The candidates’ FB posts that I like are the informative ones, where the candidate is posting interesting articles and ideas they encounter - it shows they are doing the research on their respective areas of influence should they get elected. The SC candidates like Connie Martin, Kim Scott and Kristin Ross-Sitcawich (disclosure: I helped Kristin and Kim a lot on their websites and social media presences at launch) do this really well.

    What I like about Patrick’s video is that he really CAN take at least partial, if not in many cases full credit for the things listed in it. He really has achieved so much in two years. Kudos for him and his team for a fun video - AND bonus points for the Irish fiddle. :D

  8. Lynne Says:

    BTW you cannot imagine the panic I had when dealing with the redirect that happened last night to this site AND my biz site AND a bunch (but not all) of my clients’ sites, when I looked into it and saw that there was nothing *I* could do (checked my files, htaccess, everything). Though in a way that’s good - it means I wasn’t personally hacked - but nothing gives you a feeling of lack of control than pitting your technical skills against such a serious problem and coming up with a blank.

    Never want THAT to happen ever again. It better not!

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