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October 27, 2011

Lashing The Leak *Bubble Alert*

by at 10:35 am.

*Bubble Alert*

School Committee member Jackie Doherty has opted to take her medicine in a public meeting:Tonight, 6:30 at the Rogers School.

If you can’t attend, stay tuned.

Update, 19:10: Quick meeting. Seemed relaxed, but I wasn’t in the hot seat. I did record it on my cellie, but I’m not sure how to get the video off of the phone. Derp They call the meeting to order. Jackie Doherty read a prepared statement. Basically an apology with caveats. I’m sure she IS sorry, but there was a whole “The Devil made me do it” twist.

Leary, Conway and Laraba made short remarks. Leary effectively cautioned the danger of these sorts of actions, but offered forgiveness. Laraba was more … stern. She seemed to be driving home the severity of this and breaches, in general. Not pleasant, but I’d say necessary. This wasn’t a whitewash. Conway urged the Committee to move forward and forge ahead with the contract negotiations.

There were several members of the public there, including Bob Gignac and Kim Scott. Union leadership, as well as an assortment of others that seemed normal in the room. If that means anything.

The Sun’s Jen Myers was there, so look for something on this evening from her. How’s that for some sick blog/tradmed liasing, Jen?

9 Responses to “Lashing The Leak *Bubble Alert*”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Doesn’t Lowell have any stocks stored in the basement at city hall?

    30 Lashes!!

    Burn her at the stake!!

    Haven’t we all realized yet that the Lowell Sun has already announced that executive session is a law that is basically ignored by all?

    As Al Gore says.. there is “no controlling legal authority,” therefore this incident has taught us that all committee members should be expected to just tell us what happens during negotiations.

  2. Jack Says:

  3. Jen Myers Says:

    Yay!!! Liasing. Excellent use of your new word Mr. Mitchell.

  4. Prince Charming Says:

    Python is funny. This is not. She broke the law, period.

  5. Jack Says:

    Added the link to the Jen Myer’s story above.

    My goal is to be Lowell’s version of Frank Luntz. ;v)

    Vote accordingly, PC.

  6. Joe S Says:

    Now that the contract has apparently been settled, we might ask the question if the breach of executive session may have been an “end justifies the means” strategy.

  7. Paul@01852 Says:

    @Joe S: I think we will have to see the terms before we can judge if the breach was a positive or negative influence.

  8. Hampton Says:

    @ Joe S & Paul
    At what point will you be able to determine if the breach was the cause? The sun came up this morning and then I stubbed my toe. By Joe’s logic, I need to start investigating this sun coming up thing. Feel free to ask the question, but do not expect a logically sound answer.

  9. Joe S Says:

    It was a harmonic convergence, rather than cause and effect.

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