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October 31, 2011

Halloween Postponed

by at 7:38 am.

In case you didn’t know, trick or treating has been postponed in just about every community including Lowell’s (originally scheduled for tonight). I guess having kids slipping up and down icy sidewalks in costume didn’t appeal! Not to mention all the outages still going on. (Pawtucketville, I’m looking at YOU!)

Via Facebook and Jen Meyers, here’s some info on the rescheduling:
Lowell - postponed until Sunday, Nov. 6.
Dracut - postponed until Saturday, Nov. 5.
Tyngsboro - postponed until Sunday, Nov. 6.
Chelmsford - cancelled (what, no candy for Chelmsfordian kids? Mean! Mean!)
Tewksbury - at parent’s discretion.

Presumably times have not changed (Lowell was supposed to go from 6 to 8 if I am remembering correctly). Ah yes, here’s the CM’s blog post on the subject. 6 - 8 next Sunday it is.

I am certain the entirety of the children of New England are in apoplectic fits not being able to get their sugar rush today. Hopefully your parents are good enough to bring you around next weekend!

15 Responses to “Halloween Postponed”

  1. Michael Luciano Says:

    The fact is, If kids and parents want to go door to door on October 31, they can’t be prevented from doing so. There is no law against it. And if there is, it’s a bad law.

  2. Lynne Says:

    OK, that’s just about the weirdest libertarian reaction I’ve ever seen in my life. Good lord!

  3. Prince Charming Says:

    Make sure the kiddies take their masks off at Rodney’s house. It’s all about transparency.

  4. Michael Luciano Says:

    It’s not a libertarian reaction; it’s a common sense reaction. There’s really no good reason towns should have designated trick or treat days. Halloween is when it is, not when Chelmsford says it is, which is, “Never!”

  5. Jack Says:

    Did you fall victim to the “flaming paper bag filled with dog poop” trick, early in life? I detect … baggage.

  6. Michael Luciano Says:

    Lynne or Jack, do you want to counter with anything substantive, or would you just prefer to keep mocking me?

  7. Paul@01852 Says:

    Michael you’ve made such a ridiculous assertion that even something “substantive” would be considered “mocking”

  8. Lynne Says:

    Precisely my point, Paul, thanks.

  9. Mr. Lynne Says:

    I have to agree with Lynne. Of course nobody can stop them. The point though is that the activity is by definition, a group activity. Being a group activity, an agreed upon time to participate might not be technically necessary, but it’d be an awfully dumb idea to proceed without an agreed upon time. It’d be interesting to see how other group activities might succeed (or more likely not) given a complete disregard to organizing a time for the activity.

  10. Tim Little Says:

    Heh…. That makes me think of this, of course:

  11. Tim Little Says:

    Uh, I mean this:

  12. Michael Luciano Says:

    @Mr. Lynne, fair points. But I would say that virtually everyone has an idea of when it’s appropriate to go trick or treating, i.e., October 31, probably between 6pm and 9pm or 10pm, and at houses with the outside light on. This is my understanding, not of any specific town ordinance, but of common courtesy and custom. Not every tradition needs codification, and right now there are some kids in Chelmsford who would agree. I appreciate your thoughtful response.

    As for Paul and Lynne, why bother commenting if you’re going to say nothing anyway? Forgive me for trying to start an exchange on an otherwise dead post. You can agree or disagree (as Mr. Lynne did) with what I said, but what you can’t do is call it ridiculous and declare the matter finished. Many towns don’t even have trick-or-treat hours and they do just fine.

  13. Lynne Says:

    Because it was a weird freaking overreaction to something that has never, and will never, be an issue of any sort except for you bitching about it. And I have a right to remark on that (or are we now the thought police as well?).

    OMG, I reacted to your overreaction! Call out the hounds!

  14. Renee Says:

    Sure I’m going let my children walk around in the dark during a multi-day blackout with debris and potential live wires lying around on the yards/streets COMPLETELY UNSURE if my neighbors are home or safe. Screw the needs of the community and possibly check up on elderly neighbors who have been without heat for a few days. My kids demand their candy, who cares if the old lady is potentially suffering from hypothermia inside, because it’s October 31st and it’s Halloween.

    My parents’ 85 year old independent neighbor was without heat. My mother had to coax her out of her house with a hot cup of coffee and the heat of their generator, then convince her to stay with her niece for a few days until the power came on. Who doesn’t remember enjoying Halloween, yeah it stunk not being able to trick or treat, but my kids are handling it fine.

    I doubt in twenty years, they’ll have total resentment against local government for the request to postpone it until Sunday, November 6th. I hope enough people get the message.

  15. Fran McDougall Says:

    Chelmsford children need not fear. Halloween will come to them on Sun. from 4-7. Change in time coincides with change in clock settings. Now if we adults can just keep our hands off our supply for the little goblins, we won’t have to run down and restock it. Now Dracut kids, you don’t get to do it again on Sunday here. We have guards at the borders.

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