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November 10, 2011

A Really Bad Strategy (Updated with Video!)

by at 8:13 am.

Has anyone else seen the new ad by Karl Rove’s American Crossroads attacking Elizabeth Warren? I did, this morning, and all I could do was think: thanks, Karl Rove…?

The ad hits Warren about her support for the Occupy movement (and talking about her contribution to the seeds of the movement, the idea that the middle class and the American dream have been under attack, something Warren has been fighting against for decades). The ad labels the movement as socialist/radical/yadda yadda yadda.

Is Karl Rove aware that he’s running the ad in Massachusetts? I’m just wonderin’. Maybe he’s getting senile in his old age. And he is aware, I have to assume, of the polling that shows more Americans support Occupy than not? Or that 2/3rds agree that income inequality needs to be addressed and the system as it is is not fair? The numbers are likely a lot higher in MA, since, as we keep getting reminded (by the “red speck” who’s running for President, if nothing else) that our state is one of the most liberal in the union.

If I were Scott Brown, I’d beg Karl to please…stop helping.

Seriously, if what’s come out of the MA GOP, the Brown campaign, and the Republicans in general thus far is indicative of their future attack strategy…I am not going to say it’s cakewalk because nothing ever is and one’d be a fool to underestimate the underwear model…but geez. Make it a bit competitive at least!

Update: and we have video! I will also make the point that if Scott Brown wants to win a real term next November, he has to tack to the middle and look moderate, and divorce himself from the radical right. It’s his only chance. However, this goes in the opposite direction - and his campaign will be tarred with the same brush, as these sorts of ads go into the general mindset as “from the opposition” - they don’t make such distinctions as “oh that was an independent Karl Rove ad, and I’ll judge Brown accordingly.” That just doesn’t happen.

12 Responses to “A Really Bad Strategy (Updated with Video!)”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Sounds like a good move to me.. associate her as much as you can with OWS, because its obvious the occupy events are getting more and more violent and support will continue to drop for them. They had no consistent message, and have been hijacked by every nut with a cause.

  2. Lynne Says:

    You are so cute when you toe the party line!

    The protests are getting more violent mostly because in some communities, the police are getting violent on them. Any of the videos you watch, you can see who is provoking whom.

    You just hate the fact that the rabble are rousing, and successfully have turned the conversation where it ought to be - on who is responsible for stealing our American dream out from under us.

  3. joe from Lowell Says:

    Tell me, Shawn, have the actions that “seem like a good idea” to you personally proven to be highly successful strategies in Massachusetts politics?

    For my part, it seems like a good idea to me for candidates in Oklahoma to campaign on public transit spending and civil rights enforcement.

  4. joe from Lowell Says:

    Let’s remember Karl Rove’s political strategy: attack your opponent not on his weaknesses, but on his strengths. In his first race, his candidate was running against a popular incumbent judge who was well-known for his work with children. Therefore, Karl Rove started a whisper campaign that the judge was a pedophile. Against decorated war hero John Kerry, who was getting a huge boost from his record in Vietnam, Rove ginned up a campaign attacking his war record. Against honest, trustworthy, dull Al Gore, he spun a tale about a pathological liar.

    The purpose here is not to win the arguments he starts, but to take an arrow out of his opponent’s quiver. After the Swift Boat smear and the pie-fight that followed, John Kerry was no longer able to get the same punch out of his honorable record as a combat commander. If he brought it up, people wouldn’t think about his service, and feel more positively towards him, but about the pie-fight.

    So, Shawn, you are precisely wrong. If Karl Rove is running this ad, it’s because he sees Warren’s affiliation with the people protesting Wall Street as a strength, not a weakness.

  5. Fran McDougall Says:

    What bothers me are the protests I witnessed last night in support of a senile old man who allowed unspeakable acts to occor in his fiefdom, in the name of the almighty football program. How proud their parents must be to see that the money being spent on their education is being wasted on this sick idolatry. Sad.

  6. Right In Lowell Says:

    Right on Fran. I’ve never understood why athletes got the praise and notoriety and the kids who plug along and do good things are left out in the cold. Cut the science program or library in schools and there is hardly a comment but cut the football program and the old jocks come out of the woodwork! The parents of these protesters should pull them right out of school and give them a taste of the real world. Very sad!

  7. Shawn Says:

    Have to admit, I don’t know the party line. Don’t get the daily talking points like you seem to.

    From what I’ve read.. murders, rapes, disease, property damage… there’s a new story every day.

    Warren can take credit for that if she wants.

    The OWS made the mistake of starting a movement with no focus and no purpose.. it was a bunch of kids who wanted to protest just for the sake of protesting. Everyone added their own cause to the mix, and now the regular folks on the street see it as rediculous brats who are just an annoyance.

    As far as I’m concerned, make them follow the laws that everyone else does (permits, police, curfews, etc), and close them down when they don’t.

    If she is claiming this organization as a strength, she is making the mistake that the voters will continue to support it.

    Then again, the leftists in Mass probably who are already in her camp already do.. so its a battle for the middle again.

    And what do you think the blue collar worker out of work thinks about a bunch of trust fund babies crying about obscure economic policy in Boston while he sees money flowing to the non-working entitlists?

  8. Jack Says:

    Shawn, you are shitting us, right?

    You say you don’t get the talking points and the only one you missed is the ever present, “Israel first, Israel always” you fringers use to wedge between liberals and the Jewish-American donor base of the Democratic Party.

    Oy vey!

  9. Shawn Says:

    Funny that.. I would never use that kind of language in public. Guess thats another example of the left destroying basic values.

    No Jack, my values and morals come from myself, after years of observation and experience. I don’t need someone else to tell me how to think.

    I don’t go to party strategy meetings or organizational sessions as do some of you.

    You can throw the Israel issue in if you want, I have opinions on that as well… and they are not “nuanced”.

  10. Lynne Says:

    I do so love straw man arguments. They are so yummy and easy to make, even if they’re bullshit. Oh no, I used a bad word!

  11. joe from Lowell Says:

    Have to admit, I don’t know the party line. Don’t get the daily talking points like you seem to.

    Then why did you just tick off every anti-OWS talking point that’s been making the rounds in the right-wing media?

    Trust-fund kids? Check.

    Dirty hippies? Check.

    Feigned confusion about OWS’ message? Check.

  12. Jack Says:

    OWS does have disparate views. Very much like the fetal Tea Party did, until Dick Armey and The Koch Bros got a hold of them. Oh, my! I used a liberal talking point. Or, was it years of wisdom gleened from the school of politcal hard knocks?

    Trying to keep up with Shawn is exhausting.

    See Nana. No swear words.

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