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December 3, 2011

Ring of Corruption

by at 11:05 am.

You may have read recently that former City Manager and State Senator Joe Tully, having been convicted of his second felony related to corruption, was sentenced. The terms of his sentence have been a matter of contentious discussion amongst those that note such things. The Blog of Record did make the sentence central to its story.

If we are concerned about justice, I suggest we move on from Tully and take note of this snippet:

… Tully and the co-conspirator pocketed the money, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney William Welch.

The co-conspirator has never been charged, although Welch said the investigation is continuing.

The Assistant U.S. Attorney is clear, there is a co-conspirator with half of the loot burning a hole in his/her pocket. I find that troubling. You?

Welch stated about Tully, “He took advantage of the public’s cynicism of public officials,”

*chin scratch*

Among us are sinners and saints. The moral melting pot that is Lowell drives us to accomplish and we should be proud of what we have accomplished. Though, it might be wise to take some shame in facets of how we have accomplished what we have.

What is past is past. It matters more, how we move forward.

Thus, as we endeavor to commit to the enterprise of lifting Lowell up, be consciencous of whose ring you would choose to kiss. You may not know where it has been.

Update (12/5/11): The Blog of Record points a fickle finger:

The clandestine co-conspirator is widely believed to be downtown Lowell property owner Thomas Byrne.

Tommy’s name was out there before. Ho-hum, Chris Scott.

Note: This blog is not here for you to accuse. I reserve the right to censor/delete anything that attacks a reputation. Besides, if you know something important, you should not be blogging here. I’m sure Assistant U.S. Attorney William Welch’s number is in the book.

7 Responses to “Ring of Corruption”

  1. Paul@01852 Says:

    …and if I’m Sal DiMasi, I’m now TWICE as angry that I’m in jail! Just exactly who *is* this co-conspirator and why is he/she being allowed to keep 1/2 that money in his/her pocket? And poor Joe Tully… he gets to be catered to in his own home since he isn’t allowed to even go grocery shopping for the next four months. And how about that poor “illegal” immigrant who only wants a job and to pay taxes and contribute to the community so his family can have a better life might spend up to two YEARS in jail awaiting deportation! Somehow it’s just not fair!

  2. Lynne Says:

    What a long list of “interesting characters” line Lowell’s distant and recent history…

    Sunlight, sunlight, sunlight.

  3. joe from Lowell Says:

    The story says the investigation is ongoing.

  4. Jack Says:

    @Lynne Yes there are. There seems to be a perverse pride in local public officials/workers taking ‘perks,’ bilking, freeloading, or whatever you want to call it. Worse, are those that smirk when they come in with a photo finish with the DA/US Attorney. Worser, are those that use their ill gotten juice to influence the investigation, thus, ultimately the justice.

    The game is rigged, like it is in DC, just on a smaller scale with people we walk around. This proximity, and tacit complicity, builds the cynicism that folks like Tully can exploit.

  5. Joe S Says:

    It may be that there was $20K at issue, with 10% for the co-conspirator, as Tully is re-paying $18K as part of the plea deal. It still is enough to prosecute, but it may not be a clear case and that is causing a delay.

    Instead of focusing on Tully, it may be better to look for others still out there with the same inclinations.

  6. Prince Charming Says:

    Tully needed that money like my ass needs another crack. Thank God the investigation continues.

  7. C R Krieger Says:

    The “NB” caught my attention.  I actually liked it.

    I do agree Sal DiMasi got a raw deal.  A few years, OK, but not the slug he got.

    Regards  —  Cliff

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