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December 20, 2011

Sun Getting Famous…For Being Total Jerks (Updated)

by at 11:28 am.

Well well well…the Lowell Sun made national blog news on FireDogLake for what is, and I agree with the post, one of the assiest things written in there in a long time. And yes, that is saying something considering the source.

As we approach the Christmas holidays, what editor thought this was fit to print? Here’s an excerpt from “Christmas carols - with a twist” written by columnist and copy editor Dan Phelps at the Lowell Sun. …

We’re instructed to sing it “to the tune of ‘Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer’”.

Chaz Bono got turned into a man, dear.
Dancin’ with a woman on TV.
You might say there’s no such thing as Santa
Till you see what Chaz got ‘neath his tree.

Chastity was once a cute girl
On her parents’ TV show.
Then she stunned the whole dang nation,
When she said her girl parts had to go.

Now transgenders in the Bay State
Have a law that’s etched in black.
It says they can change their gender.
Then if they want, they can change it back. …

I agree with FDL, what an insensitive piece of crap. It not even funny, so it doesn’t have even that excuse. Pathetic, and typically mean the way the Sun just loves to be.

If you think so too, call them and say so (FDL has the relevant numbers for the so-called editor and the publisher at the initial link to their post).

Just when I think they can sink no lower…they surprise me. *rolls eyes*

Update: MassEquality Executive Director Kara Suffredini has submitted this letter to the editor. Any bets on whether or not our “editor” in chief will print it?

35 Responses to “Sun Getting Famous…For Being Total Jerks (Updated)”

  1. Elias Nugator Says:

    Its very “Howie Carr”, someone’s sexuality is threatened by a TV broadcast…typical.

    Elias N

  2. Lynne Says:

    The problem at the Sun is, things are changing too fast for The Museum relics to keep up with.

    I hear the excuse-makers now…”Can’t you take a JOKE? Stupid liberals with no sense of humor.”

    But make this tasteless song about a black guy and see how well that goes over.

    Plus, it doesn’t even pass the “funny satire” test! It just sucks all around.

  3. joe from Lowell Says:

    Chortling schoolboys.

    They thought it was hilarious to make gay jokes after Kevin Murphy voted against putting gay-marriage repeal on the ballot, too.

  4. Lowell Resident Says:

    That was an awful column, the bit about the Occupy Wall Street was also pretty stupid, the rest of it unfunny, but no doubt the Chaz Bono/Transgender piece was the worst. I guess I’m lucky that I hadnt read a Dan Phelps column since the 1990s but too bad I had to see this one.

  5. Lowell Resident Says:

    in fact, making fun of Chaz Bono, as a public figure is probably fine. But to tie it to the recently passed MA law is where this goes from just making fun of a (albeit random) celebrity to being an offensive smear.

  6. Not Good... Says:

    Wonder what the people at Phelps’ other gig would think about this?

  7. Huh Says:

    Does Nashoba Tech approve of this kind of bigotry? This guy should be a million miles from any educational institution.

  8. Kathy Says:

    What a truly terrible column! Such an embarrassment to have this printed in our community! This kind of backward thinking should not be allowed anywhere near a public school. Tasteless, classless and bigoted.

  9. Lynne Says:

    One comment from a Sarah Pendleton on that article:
    “Wrote to everyone’s email at LowellSun (feel free to ask if you’d like the list) and got one reply already telling me that my saying that the piece was disgusting and bigoted is only my opinion and that this is just the columnist’s ‘view’.”

    Typical response from one of the least responsible, least talented newspaper editors in the country. *rolls eyes*

    No, he can’t admit to being WRONG on this one. He has to be defensive, because he’s immature. Lame lame lame.

  10. Robert Forrant Says:

    Just when you think the Sun’s rants can not get any more awful - here comes this piece passing as humor. This is hate speech dressed up as some moronic form of humor that only perpetuates the kinds of brutality inflicted on anyone who is ‘different’ than whatever now passes for normal among the management ranks at the Sun. How many beaten up and murdered teens struggling with their identity do we need to see before this kind of crap no longer graces the pages of a newspaper that at least alleges to be a serious journalistic endeavor?

  11. Renee Says:

    Made the Huffington Post too…


  12. -b Says:

    Couldn’t even get myself to read it all, just too painful.

  13. Mary Anna Sullivan Says:

    Sent a letter to all in editorial office and to DP– no answer. No editorial response from them in today’s paper either!

  14. Jack Says:

    From today’s Sun:

    Editor’s note: The Sun has received more than a dozen letters and comments critical of Dan Phelps’ column concerning an item about Chaz Bono that was published Monday, Dec. 16. The following two letters sum up the sentiments expressed.

    Phelps’ parody on Chaz Bono criticized

    Transgender parody was ‘dehumanizing’

  15. Jack Says:

    Note to blog mistress: I humbly suggest any follow up diary be called “Sun Phucked Up!”

  16. Lowell Resident Says:

    Jack, did you see this post on Phelps’s facebook? I’ll take the name out for the original commenter, even though its a public facebook.

    (name redacted)
    DAN … I “sang” your Christmas Carols out loud yesterday to my mom. … You had her in stitches, man. … Very clever !! - (name redacted) : )
    16 hours ago ·

    Dan Phelps Thanks, (name redacted). Proof that you are not transgendered. Merry Christmas
    3 hours ago

    Is this as close as he’s come to commenting on the fiasco? Laughing it off?

  17. Lynne Says:

    “More than a dozen” - hardly. HARDLY. That’s one way to downplay the reaction, I guess. Just on comments from online alone of the people stating they sent LTE I am guessing they got several dozen at least.

    But even if they got 200 letters, “more than a dozen” isn’t a lie - it’s truthiness. *rolls eyes*

  18. Michael Luciano Says:

    Hopefully this fiasco will start a serious discussion about how Phelps is a bad writer to boot. I feel like that’s getting lost in all this.

    Just putting it out there.

  19. Tim Little Says:

    Occupy Dutton Street anyone?

  20. Jack Says:

    Dutton Street will revel in the celebrity, sipping eggnog and diddling their Christmas Ties.

    Occupy John Paton, MediaNews Group CEO
    MediaNews Group Corporate Headquarters
    101 West Colfax Ave Suite 1100 • Denver CO 80202

  21. Jack Says:

    Btw, I didn’t mean to squash the notion of a protest at Dutton St. But, if you do, go HUGE. Like, bring Chaz huge.

  22. Robert Forrant Says:

    Anyone want to think about a new newspaper for Lowell - a weekly of some sort - maybe web-based?
    Then we can skip the pretense of the Sun being a serious newspaper and the city’s singular source of print news.

    There lack of even remote remorse is quite telling with respect to the paper’s local and national leadership. SHameful lot.

  23. Tim Little Says:

    Robert Forrant Says:
    “Anyone want to think about a new newspaper for Lowell…?”

    Yes, all the time! The question is feasability….

  24. Jack Says:

    Bob, Do you think The Boston Phoenix would be a viable business model?

    The Lowell Phoenix?

  25. Robert Forrant Says:

    Yes, I do think something like this could work - lots of talent around here to write, produce photojournalism, art work, etc. Maybe we start modestly - once a month for a year to develop financing, ads for revenue purposes, perhaps at first it is a web based paper with IPad and other electronic formats? There is so much to write about, lots of politics of course, history of the region, economic news. Could even lead to a video magazine of some sort too, perhaps on LTC.

  26. Eric Sack Says:

    Now you’re talking. LTC is the best deal in town. But seriously, I’d be willing to help with an informative, current events show like that….

  27. megan Says:

    Sign the petition http://chn.ge/vcKiWO

  28. Michael Luciano Says:

    Anything that encroaches on the Sun’s monopolistic stranglehold on Lowell media, I am in favor of. I’m sick of merely bitching about the Sun. It’s time for action–a meeting of the minds perhaps.

  29. Bob Forrant Says:

    I was banned from the Sunday Focus section of the Sun a while back by JC superstar, so I have a few columns pent up and ready to roll. He referred to me as an ‘ilk’ whatever the hell that is! A meeting to discuss strategies for maybe an online twice a month at first and maybe a once monthly Lowell version of 60 minutes on LTC anyone? Anybody got a radio station? We could bring back a version of Sunrise, sadly taken off the air on WUML.

    The Phoenix has regional version, maybe a discussion with them about a Merrimack Valley version?

  30. Tim Little Says:


    “Ilk” is a Scots word

    1. family, class, or kind: “he and all his ilk”

    Of course I don’t know the exact context in which it was used to refer to you, but one would think an Editor would be somewhat more skillful in his use of language than to throw about random words. One wold think….

  31. Paul@01852 Says:

    @Tim: Editor? Did someone come in?

  32. openyoureyes Says:

    You are all so offended at this clearly unfunny satire but I love the hypocricy. If it were making fun of a conservative person or institution such as the church it would be considered free speech. Where was the female outrage on this blog when the Jimmy Fallon show played “Lying Ass Bitch” when Michelle Bachman came out, hypocricy reigns. But once again liberal hypocrites can’t take it when one of their causes is assailed. I hate the word transgender because it is completely made up. Don’t quote me some egghead professor that has studied the issue, I don’t buy it. You are either a man or a woman period. You may identify with the opposite sex and wish to be such but you are whatever your plumbing dictates. If you wish to be different then go through the process and change transgender does not exist and is an insult to the vast,vast,vast majority of us who feel this way just so some degenerets can get their jollies by going into another restroom where they do not belong. The other thing I would suggest is to those who want to change is to commit a crime and become imprisoned so they can get this f…ed up state to pay for it.

  33. Mr. Lynne Says:

    “Don’t quote me some egghead professor that has studied the issue, I don’t buy it. You are either a man or a woman period. You may identify with the opposite sex and wish to be such but you are whatever your plumbing dictates.”

    Well I’m glad that’s settled. I guess I didn’t know who the authority was on the issue. [/snark]

  34. Tim Little Says:

    If only the matter of personal identity was cut and dried, life would be so much simpler, no?

    The fact is we live in a world of shades of gray rather than extreems of black and white. We take on many different identities and assume many different roles over the course of a lifetime. There is no Platonic ideal of “manhood” or “womanhood” or “liberal” or “conservative” or any other label we affix to ourselves — only momentary expressions along a continuum. Some may gravitate more strongly to one pole or the other, but its a dynamic process not something that is set in stone.

    And this is not some “eggheaded” theory — this is an experiment each of us can carry out for ourselves from moment to moment: Who am I?

    In the end the take home message is always this: treat others kindly.

  35. Tim Little Says:

    As for Michelle Bachmann and Jimmy Fallon, perhaps that’s less relevant to this particular blog than the comments made by the copy editor of our city’s one and only newspaper?

    Certainly others in the liberal blogosphere have taken up the cause of calling out the Roots for their poor choice of music:


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