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December 21, 2011

The Sun Takes Some Heat

by at 11:41 am.

There is no doubt that the Dan Phelps column discussed in Lynne’s diary below was utterly tasteless and decidedly tone deaf.

It should be noted that Lowell is, politically, much closer to Manchester, NH than say Cambridge, MA. Where this picture:

was snapped in May of 2004, then run on the front page of The Sun.

Suffice to say, those that habitually digest The Sun’s editorial slant were not so happy with the above picture. At the time, there was pushback, as there is today. I refuse to defend Phelps’ phuck up. But, it is not insignificant that the paper was caught trying in May 2004.

It shows, that we are winning the debate and that time is on our side.

Phelps’ column is a step back. It is not surprising, as this dead tree rag tries to claw for survival. Having a front row seat, I smirk watching the Sun try to become Lowell’s ‘Blog of Record.’ What the folks at the helm have not figured out, is how to straddle the line between providing the dead tree, Limbaugh slant, that its old world readers consume, like so much junk food and providing a center-left diet to those of us that read the news with a mouse and not a magnifying glass.

2 Responses to “The Sun Takes Some Heat”

  1. Lynne Says:

    Once again, the city, and the state, is embarrassed as all hell by its so-called paper of record. *rolls eyes* They even got the attention of the national advocacy group, Human Rights Campaign. Way to go! Total score.

    It’s hardly fair to other dead-tree organizations to call the Lowell Sun a newspaper though…

  2. Mimi Says:

    Here we are four days later and there is still no apology or comment from the editor or the publisher. Are we to think that they not only approved this column but do not understand the uproar?

    This column has 236 comments from readers. This is by far the highest number of comments on any article printed in the Sun since they dropped Topix and went to Disqus. I wonder what the ownership in Denver is thinking.

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