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January 10, 2012

Sub-Committee Appointments

by at 8:31 pm.

Here is a listing of the new Sub-Committee appointed by Mayor Patrick Murphy.
A few observations:

1. All the City Councilors, including the “freshmen” were appointed to Chairmanship. Traditionally, this was not done. “New Era.”

2. The Mayor has decided to chair a sub-committee. “New Era.”

3. Finance Committee change, J. Mendonca (if you have been following the CC, you would that he is the CC member who understands finances, does his homework and his only agenda is to save the City some money) was appointed Chair. “New Era.”

4. Chair Count: Every City Councilor has been appointed to Chair two Sub-Committees each, except for City Councilor B. Martin, three, and Mayor Murphy, one.

5. Membership Count: Every City Councilor is serving on 7 Sub-Committees; except for City Councilor K. Broderick who gets 8 and of course, Mayor Murphy gets one.

6. NMCOG representative: CC M. Lorrey; LTC Appointee B. Martin; CTI Appointee R. Mercier; Immigration Commission: V. Nuon; and Mayor Murphy to Lowell Plan.

CC Kennedy asked about combining committees to lower the number of them. That is the same number as last year after it was reduced. Actually, last year there was an ad-hoc committee, at least one, maybe two.

If you watched the meeting you would have seen CC R. Elliott asking why he was removed from the Chairmanship of the Finance Committee. Mayor Murphy reminded him that no one was removed. People are appointed. Interesting exchange. Elliott stated that the Mayor did not speak to him. That is true but if the Mayor contacted him and the CC did not answer him, what was he supposed to do. Also, isn’t that a nice way for CC Elliott to thank (new Finance Chair) CC Mendonca for his support.

Apparently, the Mayor contacted the entire Councilors but both Kennedy and Elliott either did not get the message or did not call back. If I were Mayor Murphy, I would send e-mails to my colleagues through the Mayor’s office. Let it be part of the public record.

Here is the line-up.

Committee Name
Finance J. Mendonca, Chair; K. Broderick; R. Elliott; B. Martin
Economic Development K. Broderick, Chair; E. Kennedy; M. Lorrey; B. Martin
Community Services R. Mercier, Chair; R. Elliott; V. Nuon
Neighborhood J. Mendonca, Chair; M. Lorrey; R. Mercier
Arts & Culture V. Nuon, Chair; K. Broderick; R. Mercier
Education Partnership M. Lorrey, Chair; E. Kennedy; J. Mendonca; R. Mercier
Environment P. Murphy, Chair; M. Lorrey; V. Nuon
Flood Issues R. Elliott, Chair; M. Lorrey; R. Mercier
Housing B. Martin, Chair; K. Broderick; E. Kennedy
Municipal Facilities E. Kennedy, Chair; K. Broderick; J. Mendonca
Parks and Recreations R. Mercier, Chair; R. Elliott; M. Lorrey; V. Nuon
Personnel K. Broderick, Chair; E. Kennedy; B. Martin
Public Safety V. Nuon, Chair; K. Broderick; R. Elliott
Rules E. Kennedy, Chair; B. Martin; J. Mendonca
Technology & Utilities B. Martin, Chair; R. Elliott; J. Mendonca
Transportation M. Lorrey, Chair; E. Kennedy; J. Mendonca
Youth R. Elliott, Chair; R. Mercier; V. Nuon
Zoning B. Martin, Chair; K. Broderick; V. Nuon

9 Responses to “Sub-Committee Appointments”

  1. Riddler Says:

    Vesna Nuon. Chair of public safety. Wow. That’s going to be awkward

  2. C R Krieger Says:

    I like the Community Services sub-committee.  Good membership.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  3. Paul@01852 Says:

    Once again CC Elliott seems to think he “deserves” positions based on his perception of “seniority.” In his mind the city should have a “Good Ol’ Boy” ordinance allotting appointments and offices based on who you know and how loud you whine rather than proven track record of accomplishments.

    I actually like his appointment as Chair of the Flood Issues committee. He has been very active in protecting the Pawtucketville residents from the aggression of Enel NA as well as obtaining relief for the residents from the floods of a few years ago. He also was able to convince the Army Corps of Engineers to examine the situation and offer some advice I believe.

  4. Lynne Says:

    Joe Mendonca as Finance Chair, yay! He’s a serious guy who knows his stuff.

    Yeah, it’s a new era all right!

    It makes total sense that Murphy would chair the Environment subcommittee. As soon as you wrote “he put himself in as chair for a subcomm” I said to myself, Environment, right? LOL

  5. Mr. Lynne Says:

    It’s started already - the ‘Murphy-as-puppet” meme.

    But Elliott, who is in his 8th term, said Wednesday Murphy’s decision to end his 12-year run as finance chair was “personal” and likely made at City Manager Bernie Lynch’s request. The Column Blog is chasing down Murphy and Lynch for their response.

  6. Tim Little Says:

    Elliott really needs to get over himself.

  7. jdayne Says:

    Many thanks for this post, Mimi. You are missed!

  8. Lynne Says:

    Is Elliot as transparent as I think he is, or is he diabolically clever? I can’t decide. I don’t want to underestimate him but…I mean, he’s as naked in his agenda and bitterness as Mitt Romney is wanting the Presidency!

    Is there anyone in the city who can’t see through this bologna?? Or am I missing something?

  9. Kathy Says:

    Rodney Elliott is ridiculously transparent. And he bases his political decisions on which way the wind blows. Now he has hitched his tarnished star to the Sun, which seems to be burning out fast. More departures at the blog of record lately than at a Greyhound Bus terminal. Elliott has always had bad timing.

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