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February 10, 2012

Open Thread: Law & Order Edition

by at 12:18 pm.

I’m sure you have heard by now. (The Sun in its infinite incompetence likes to move their links around and let the previous one die. Link edited - Lynne)

Let’s all take a deep breath and consider our next steps carefully. The City has acted:


The challenge we face, as a community, is that events have been escalating and rhetoric is as heated, as the finger pointing. We have to be better going forward.

Starting with the residents of Lowell, we need to carefully craft a sustainable solution that all the stakeholders can find acceptable. No one “party” will get all that they desire, as we have several competing interests. It is upon our civic leaders to lead by example and gingerly walk this process to a fair outcome. So, as the Zen Master says, “Empty your cup.”

Please bring something to the table on this Open Thread

4 Responses to “Open Thread: Law & Order Edition”

  1. Joe S Says:

    The police requested $750 bail for the worst offenders - the judge released them on personal recognizance.

    As the saying goes “let no good deed go unpunished”, but here,oonversely, are we saying “let no bad deed go punished”?

    If the fines were stiff enough, there may be a double benefit - reducing the occurences of these crimes and providing some funds other than taxpayer money for enforcement.

  2. Jack Says:

    Dick Howe has the LPD’s account, here.

  3. Jack Says:

    Holy Collaboration, Batman!

    18. M. Murphy/C. Nuon – Req. Mgr. develop recommendations for more stringent policies and regulation of liquor establishments, and improved enforcement mechanisms for consideration by the License Commission.

    19. M. Murphy/C. Mercier – Req. Mgr. report on establishment of fund through the Lowell Prescription Drug Discount Program to support opiate abuse prevention efforts.

    20. M. Murphy/C. Mendonca – Req. Mgr. report on potential partnership with UML on the Gig. U University Community Next Generation Innovation Project.

    21. M. Murphy/C. Martin – Req. Mgr. report on progress of the REEL program and plan to encourage more public participation.

    22. M. Murphy/C. Lorrey – Req. Mgr. develop plan to raise participation of qualified residents in EITC program, including links to website, information at public buildings, etc.

    23. M. Murphy/C. Kennedy – Req. City Council support a resolution, drafted by the law department, to join the city manager in opposition to the proposed cuts to MBTA service.

    24. M. Murphy/C. Elliott – Req. City Clerk report data on Open Meeting Law and State Ethics packets issued, percentage passed, and plan for full compliance.

    25. M. Murphy/C. Broderick – Req. Mgr. report on renovation of city website to encourage greater use of online services, new forms of public engagement and increased potential for marketing and business development

  4. Paul@01852 Says:

    Since when has CC Ed Kennedy become spokesman for the city? In today’s Globe (Pg B2, New England in Brief–no link currently available) he was quoted as the source for story on Fortunato’s closure by the BoH. Are CCs officially notified of BoH actions or did CC Kennedy get the news the same way as the rest of us, i.e., the Blog of Record?

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