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February 15, 2012

Hey Virginia State House, Stick It Up Your Own &%@^

by at 8:36 pm.

A bunch of dried up old male assholes in Virginia are passing a law that mandates transvaginal ultrasounds for women before getting an abortion:

The ultrasound legislation would constitute an unprecedented government mandate to insert vaginal ultrasonic probes into women as part of a state-ordered effort to dissuade them from terminating pregnancies, legislative opponents noted.

“We’re talking about inside a woman’s body,” Del. Charnielle Herring, a Democrat, said in an emotional floor speech. “This is the first time, if we pass this bill, that we will be dictating a medical procedure to a physician.”

PhotobucketTell you what, Virginia State House (and Senate and Governor if it passes and is signed): why don’t you take this probe, lube it up nice and good (this’ll be cold for a moment), and stick it up your own most intimate orifice?

So you literally want to tell a doctor what procedure they must use on a woman? And for what? “Informed consent” my ass. Of course, everyone knows that this is a lie and it’s about controlling women, but just to spell it out, do you think women are dumb? That they are not informed about what the end result of not terminating a pregnancy is? Oh, gee, it ends with having a baby. You really must think us wee widdle women are idiots.

Except we know one thing: the instant the government mandated you get a stick up your ass or else face lifelong, dire consequences (which bringing a child to term is, for better or worse), you’d be howling and screaming about the violation of your right to privacy and to make up your own mind on the advice of your doctor about what medical procedures are necessary or needed in your own personal case.

But probing a woman with an invasive ultrasound that isn’t even medically necessary in most cases where a woman chooses to have an abortion, hey that’s not a bridge too far for you. This bill makes no sense whatsoever on its supposed merits, unless of course you believe that the poor little woman with a medical probe sticking out of her vagina, upon seeing the fetus wiggling on the screen, will so fall in love with the little tiny heartbeat and fingernails that they suddenly change their minds and hey! you’ve saved a tiny human life that houses a soul (according to YOU) from some sort of gruesome murder.

Except that is not your choice to make, or influence. You’re not only hypocritical in passing this bill that you would not ever pass about male patients, you are tormentors. Bullies. You are misogynists of the most vile kind. I have worse names for you, but I think I have made my point.

Get out of my vagina, and the vaginae of the rest of America’s women. You are not fit to govern, nevermind tell me and my doctor what procedures are or are not necessary.

8 Responses to “Hey Virginia State House, Stick It Up Your Own &%@^”

  1. Michael Luciano Says:

    Remember when all those Tea Party types insisted that the 2010 elections were about advancing their economic agenda and not their social issue wet dreams?

  2. Lynne Says:

    Of course NEITHER of those are good for women.

    Wake up, gals.

  3. Kim Says:

    Sticking inanimate items inside a female (without their permission) is only considered rape when not mandated by Virginia politicians? I find this deeply disturbing and a huge step backwards for females every where.

  4. Magnolia Says:

    I have a certain portion of the anatomy of those men that I would like to stick the probe up and it’s not in the rear. Why is it that “dried up old men” think they have a right to tell a woman what to do with her body.

  5. Lynne Says:

    Because they used to, in the good old days.

  6. Lynne Says:

    FYI - apparently there are MA legislators that believe VA has it all correct.


    If you know anyone in those districts, tell them to contact their legislators on this issue, and that we need to work hard to dispose them.

  7. Lola Says:

    We let Susan Komen know how we felt, loud and clear, and I don’t think they’ll ever fully recover. There were petitions to sign online to bombard them with opposition. If anyone sees a similar mechanism to let these nimrods know our feelings, please share!

  8. joe from Lowell Says:

    “Our first order of business is going to be jobs, jobs, jobs.” - Virginia Republican candidates, 2010.

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