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February 24, 2012

Grow-ins: Remember Why

by at 10:53 am.

Remember why you came to this city? Longtime residents, do you remember why you stayed? With all the negative news surrounding latenight downtown, it’s nice to come back to all the reasons why this city rocks.

Here’s a great video of a great new venture in Lowell:

I just saw the email from Suzzanne Cromwell, but Dick Howe’s already got the skinny. More on the flip.

Hello Lowell,

Something electric is in the air. Do you feel it? You should because you, dear readers, are the charge, the spark, the burst of energy lighting the way to a new era in our city.

Welcome to Howl in Lowell, an online arts and entertainment magazine celebrating the voice of a new generation – yours.

During the past seven years, I have worked as a full-time staff writer at The Sun newspaper and was often asked the same question: Why isn’t there more coverage of the city’s eclectic and flourishing arts scene?

The time to fill the void is now. I have left The Sun to team up with Caroline Gallagher, an experienced filmmaker, broadcast news veteran and webisode guru. With help from a very talented group of local writers, artists and art-lovers, we have created howlinlowell.com. Launching March 1, Howl in Lowell’s mission is bringing you the latest and greatest in entertainment news and reviews, and introduce the talent of tomorrow, today. Whether you’re an artist, musician, writer, photographer, filmmaker or simply an art-lover, Howl in Lowell is a portal for connecting people like you to the music, art and culture that inspires your world.

Check howlinlowell.com daily for news bites and feature stories spotlighting the names, faces and places making Greater Lowell a destination location for the arts. We’ll also be your tour guide for shows and events in the city and beyond. So come out and play.

The Howl in Lowell name stands for our strong desire to hear the city’s unique voices. Howl out, we want to hear you! Our name also gives a big salute to the Beat Generation, a period in time when the unique voices of a small but creative group of friends led to a movement that rocked the world. Lowell native Jack Kerouac, along with Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady, believed in stirring things up and living out loud. Their infusion of new ideas and talent dropped like a bombshell into staid 1950s America.

With your help, we’re here to shake up the Merrimack Valley. Our message: Open your mind, dream big, create, play and take an active part in a community cultivating culture.

Think of Howl in Lowell as the new Beats, improving quality of life through exposure to beauty. So, as Kerouac put it so brilliantly, let’s “burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes ‘Awww!’ ”

The centerlight is you. Keep your mind open, your heart full and follow your unique voice. It’s time to Howl!


Rita Savard, Editor

Have a tip for us? Is there a local band we simply need to hear or an artist we should know about? Or maybe, you’d like to write forus. Please let us know at submissions@howlinlowell.com

Editor’s note: Jack and I posted within minutes of each other the same video. Since mine had more info, I deleted Jack’s and kept mine. No offense, Jack! :D

4 Responses to “Grow-ins: Remember Why”

  1. Jack Says:

    Story around the campfire is Howl was going to fly under the Blog of Record. Maybe Rita was feeling her oats or something, but rumor is Campi gave her the “full Guzda.”

  2. Lynne Says:

    F*ck the Lowell Sun. No, really. It’s so irrelevant at this point as to be ridiculous. Even if the rumors aren’t true. Like I care what the “editor” of the dino-paper thinks?

    I prefer to listen to WCAP, honestly. Even the sometimes-weighted commentary there is far more informed and informative.

  3. Mimi Says:

    Congratulations Caroline (from one of Datev’s aunt to another of Datev’s aunt). Best wishes. This is exciting.

  4. Caroline Says:

    Thank you Mimi. We’ve got a lot of fun things planned that we’ll be rolling out over the coming weeks. Thanks for posting Lynne.

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