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February 27, 2012

Do They Teach Reading Comprehension At Tufts?

by at 1:42 pm.

This is just turning into a bizarre set of examples of a total misreading of plain old English.

Does Scott Brown actually know how to read? Does he have any skills at all in reading comprehension? Did Tufts neglect this very important part of his education? I know I learned those skills in grammar school, but man, if he got into college without them, one would have hoped Tufts could have picked up the slack somehow. I have never seen an adult this epically bad at plain old reading comprehension.

Because now Brown is reading extra meaning into a letter Ted Kennedy sent a dying Pope about religious exemptions where he wrote

I believe in a conscience protection for Catholics in the health field and I’ll continue to advocate for it as my colleagues in the Senate and I work to develop an overall national health policy that guarantees health care for everyone

and claiming that Ted Kennedy would share his view of the Blunt amendment! Who in their right mind would think Kennedy would support this amendment?? Kennedy was specifying that a doctor or nurse should have an exemption from performing a medical procedure their religion disagrees with (a la abortion etc). NOT that employers should be able to discriminate against covering birth control for employees of their non-core institutions like hospitals.

This is beyond sad and insane. I can’t believe a sitting US Senator would be this dumb and exhibit such poor intellect. Never mind how bad it would be if Senator Brown knows exactly what the language in the letter (and in the Blunt amendment) mean but has decided to lie about it, an even worse situation. A wrong interpretation of an obvious plain English statement, or a lie to distort and exploit Ted Kennedy’s legacy - either way, it’s flabbergastingly terrible.

16 Responses to “Do They Teach Reading Comprehension At Tufts?”

  1. Leverett Saltonstall Says:

    Even Brown’s own wealthy backers can’t understand the senator’s motivation on this:


  2. joe from Lowell Says:

    Kennedy’s support for an exemption for individual health care providers can, indeed, be read as support for an exemption for health insurance corporations, as long as you remember that corporations are people, my friend.

  3. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    Corporations being people and all, one aspect of this bill that has been overlooked is our friends the corporations deciding they don’t want Catholics, or 7th Day Adventists, or Mormons etc working for them, so they purge their little “families” of those types claiming their religious beliefs would interfere with their jobs in the companies that continue to provide $ for contraception, abortion, blood transfusions etc.

  4. joe from Lowell Says:

    Leverett Saltonstall Says:

    Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!

    Governor Saltonstall, there’s something I always wanted to ask you: What’s Henry Cabot Lodge really like?

  5. Jack Says:

    I need you to clarify, please. I think your point is: corporations will attract or repel certain demographics by the health insurance they carry? That Catholics would not work at a “pro-abortion” company or something like that?

  6. Brian Flaherty Says:

    Just being nit-picky - the letter the president delivered was not to a “dying” Pope (he’s very much alive), Kennedy was the one dying. It was sent, I believe, right before he died.

  7. Lynne Says:

    Sorry, I could have sworn the thing I read about it was about an older letter to the previous Pope, but you’re right, it’s from 2009.

    It’s a minor quibble though since the issue is about the contents.

  8. Right In Lowell Says:

    Lynne: Did you not learn reading comprehension in 4twhatever grammar school you attended?

    “Sorry, I could have sworn the thing I read about it was about an older letter to the previous Pope, but you’re right, it’s from 2009.”

  9. Lynne Says:

    Hey RiL - you are soooo cool! Wow! I am just aghast at your powers of intellect. *rolls eyes*

    Address the core premise. Oh, you can’t? Oh wait, there’s tons of reporting on Kennedy’s REAL position on this, making Brown look even more douchy? Well, then, it MUST be time to be bitchy about an honest mistake that has no bearing on the actual point being proffered!

  10. Mr. Lynne Says:

    To that I’d add that 1) Mis-remembering the sequence of events (who died when in relation to the letter) is qualitatively different reading comprehension and 2) Even if you go to the source and follow the link to the BMG post and then follow the link from there to the Boston.com story, a quick read of the actual sentence makes it grammatically vague as to who died.

    Not long before he died, Ted Kennedy, in a letter delivered to the pope by President Obama, and mostly about personal issues, had stated that he supported a religious exemption for Catholics on health matters

  11. Christopher Says:

    Not the only Kennedy to be misconstrued by a Republican this week. Rick Santorum said that JFK’s speech about the appropriate role of faith in politics made him want to vomit. That was based on his interpretation of the speech which was that people of faith have no place in public discourse. Of course, JFK said no such thing. Besides as a Catholic shouldn’t Santorum be thanking JFK for breaking down what had been a barrier?

  12. Leverett Saltonstall Says:


    Hank Jr. was a nice enough fellow, but for the life of me I can’t remember him ever picking up a check.

  13. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    I need you to clarify, please. I think your point is: corporations will attract or repel certain demographics by the health insurance they carry? That Catholics would not work at a “pro-abortion” company or something like that?”

    No I am suggesting something much more sinister, Ins Companies will be able to fire/remove/refuse to hire people with certain religious beliefs based on this bill if HR or the CEO etc “thinks” their religious beliefs might not “fit” in their corporate culture. Once a can of worms like this is opened there are all kinds of “unintended” consequences

  14. Right In Lowell Says:

    Apparently, you can’t handle tongue in cheek humor… or any humor.

  15. Lynne Says:

    Well, it seemed rather sarcastic and “gotcha” than mere humor, even you have to admit that, RiL. Read your post again. There was nothing in it to suggest it was anything but meant to be insulting.

  16. Joe S. Says:

    Don’t underestimate Brown.

    Warren made her mark by exposing Wall Street.

    Brown is attempting to move the conversation away from that. This thread indicates he is having some success at that.

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