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March 11, 2012

Setting Expectations, Rita Style

by at 9:09 pm.

I’m not going long on this. Just read it and keep it in your cud.

Mercier said. “Just because I’m a housewife, it does not mean I don’t know the law.”

Update, 16:42: Listening to the replay of City Life. Mayor Murphy asserts, if I understand his meaning, that C.Kennedy erred in objecting on two points. 1) There was no first reading, as the Mayor had asked the Council for a waiver to read by title. 2) An objection is allowed on a motion that is to be voted on THAT night. The motion in question was setting up a future public hearing. No vote was due to decide the outcome of the motion. Thus, Mayor Murphy states the objection was improper.

My update is NOT to suggest a housewife cannot know the law. Especially, one that has a long tenure on the City Council and has served as Mayor. Further, I am not too interested in the matter at hand. I marvel at Rita’s rhetoric. She draws masterpieces with Crayola.

7 Responses to “Setting Expectations, Rita Style”

  1. C R Krieger Says:

    I liked it.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. Jack Says:

    I think it is rhetorical wizardry, on the level of savant. What is it that strikes you, Cliff. The nuanced, double edged sword of sexism or the “blue collar, under dog” classism?

    The woman is like the Yogi Bera of working class politics.

  3. Magnolia Says:

    Way to go Rita!

  4. Paul Belley Says:

    I love her…..The greatest thing I ever heard.

  5. Dan Murphy Says:

    I liked how it addresses something that never was as though it were, as though the bricklayer had said anything negative about her interpretation of the rules.

    Don’t be confused. This is the Sun taking a positive thing–the City administration saving residents money–and using it as a misdirection to bash one of the guys they don’t like.

    (To say nothing of their “misunderstanding” of the rules in favor of their own narrative.)

  6. joe from Lowell Says:

    Rita’s comment is like the color-field period of abstract art. It you don’t know what you’re looking at, it’s easy to dismiss it as simple, easy, and obvious, but if you do, you can really appreciate what went into it.

    Look at the way she seamlessly blends feminism, blue-collar anti-elitism, and even an invocation of traditional general roles, without leaving a fingerprint. She manages to appeal to both people who will like her more for being a housewife, and people who will take her side for being condescended to (allegedly) by a man - subtly drawing attention to the fact that he’s a man by bringing her own gender into it. And yet the whole thing is so naturalistic, you’d think it was a just one person standing up for herself, without the slightest political implication.

    As Dan points out, the entire grievance is invented - and yet, he feels compelled to reestablish Patrick’s own blue-collar bona fides here. That’s a testimony to how effective Rita was at defining him.

    One little line. You gotta hand it to her. Good catch, Jack.

  7. Lynne Says:

    What was the regular column that the Mr Mill City guys used to write? We need those archives.

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