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March 21, 2012

Bernie Bashers are Sloppy! Don’t Believe Me?

by at 11:41 am.

The Mayor’s switch from one aide to another has caused quite a stir. No surprise, actually. When City Hall sneezes, the bubble gets a cold. And, The Sun is more than happy to serve Lowellians their very special recipe of “Chicken Soup.” Maybe it’s “Kool Aid,” but for sure, the illness is dragged out. :v/

Exhibit A:

Riddler Says:
March 19th, 2012 at 5:01 pm
Was Andy Sheehans departure handled in the same abhorant fashion? He knew weeks in advance and was allowed to remain in the managers office with no exaggerated made up fear of retaliation. Swish. ……

I responded:

Jack Says:
March 19th, 2012 at 6:10 pm e
Bizzare. Riddler opts to remind us of rogue Councilors running roughshod over our Charter in a lame effort to compare apples to oranges.

The dog whistle, using Shaheen’s name, is heard by all; but heeded by the Pied Piper’s quarry.

The way Andy Shaheen was shown the door was on the edge of a Plan E Charter violation. Apparently not a violation, but damn close to it. Why the Bernie Bashers would want to remind Lowell voters of this is beyond me? I can’t believe they thought it through. The name “Andy Shaheen” was paraded out in a knee jerk fashion, by some dolt that forgot the outcome of the 2009 election.

Further, if we want to discuss how to treat people, how to make it less “impersonal”, then let’s consider just how Andy Shaheen was let go. He was “line item, defunded” in an open City Council meeting, while he sat there on camera, watching his livelyhood railroaded away from him. How gracious was that!

Listen to Teddy Panos chat with the CM, this morning on WCAP. He reflects on the ousting of Shaheen(4:01), in response to Councilor Elliotts remarks (9:53), just moments before.

The reflogging of Andy Shaheen is meant to rabble rouse and gin up the tribal hatreds. And by doing so, it reminds us of how current Councilors voted, when pandering to parochial voters was more important than upholding our Charter.

Exhibit B: When Fred Doyle attacked C. Rita Mercier.

Fred Doyle completely screwed the pooch when he moved off message, berating the CM, and attacking Rita Mercier. Rita’s base of support (Or “my seniors,” as she likes to label them) was fertile ground for Doyle’s anti-Lynch rants. By wacking Rita, he shut himself off from a big chunk of them.

I sure hope whoever is behind this nonesense, isn’t a high paid lobbyist or politcal operative. Frankly, the sloppy communications and disjointed media strategy just plain SUCKS!

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