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April 13, 2012

When The Important Are Impotent

by at 9:26 pm.

Update: As Joe S. says, Conflicts of interest abound!


(Link to Monty Python Sketch)
DEAD PERSON: I’m not dead!
CART-MASTER: ‘Ere. He says he’s not dead! CUSTOMER: Yes he is.
CART-MASTER: He isn’t? CUSTOMER: Well, he will be soon. He’s very ill.

DEAD PERSON: I’m getting better!

“The organization is essentially defunct,” City Manager Bernie Lynch said to the City Council Tuesday night. “It has been for a period of time.”

Lynch, who is an ex-officio member of the council’s board, made his comments during a discussion of a controversial letter the council sent in 2010 to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in support of the crest-gate system proposed for the Pawtucket Dam.

When told it was Lynch who called his group defunct, Tibbetts said: “It is appalling Bernie said that because Bernie should have got an email reminder this week for the annual meeting in May at UMass Lowell’s Inn and Conference.”

“I guess we will be reaching out to the city manager and letting him know we are not defunct.”

I bet you’re wondering, at this point, why I wrote this diary. It’s because of these two …. um … gentlemen:


I’m guessing that Tibbetts is a gentleman, but he did say, “It is appalling Bernie said that …” Only gentlemen use the word “appalling.”

Anyways, these two gents are a piece of work. Ya see, these two are named on the “controversial letter” that is being discussed. Tibbetts actually signed his name on it.

What is so heinous about this letter? It claims that an organzation, The Merrimack Valley Economic Development Council (MVEDC), supports the proposed “bladder dam” desecration of the Pawtucket Falls Dam. However, not all of the VIPs that contribute monetary and moral support to the MVEDC are claiming to individually support the bladder dam. Some publicly oppose it! So, either many of Lowell’s important leaders are utterly two faced OR they have had their good names and reputations hijacked by the two mugs above.

I tend to believe the latter.


How does a two bit, internet facade of a group with a government subsidy for startup seed money get all the folks we tend to bow down to, to go instantly limp? Having one of the region’s main newspapers at your fingertips doesn’t hurt. Influential people, like those listed, don’t like the media to cast them in a bad light, or worse, ignore them.

But, imho, the real reason is worse than that.

Lowell’s history and flood victims are not worth the potential of losing THE DEAL. What deal, you ask? Any and all of them. The important people that are being brazenly railroaded by the MVEDC are all movers and shakers, wheelers and dealers. They will not risk that position. They will not risk a deal. Period.

The MVEDC knows that. So, they commandeer the collective gravitas of our City elders and then use that gravitas to shank our City’s history and its residents.

You can be upset that your friends and allies are letting the MVEDC do this under their names, but that would be unfair. The “Deal” is important to all of us.

When defeating the bladder dam becomes our priority, it will become their priority. That’s how it works.


13 Responses to “When The Important Are Impotent”

  1. C R Krieger Says:

    Is the May meeting open or closed?

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    My questions would center around;

    Did Tibbets write the letter expressing a personal view on MVEDC letterhead? If so he should be repremanded.
    Did Tibbets write the letter with the knowledge of the MVEDC and support of the majority members? If so there is no problem other than he did not make that fact clear.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The Letter is on their stationary and is signed by both Tibbets and Kendall Wallace

  4. Jack Says:

    I see Wallace’s name, but not his actual signature.

    Click here to see the document. (h/t Gerry Nutter)

  5. Mimi Says:

    What kind of publicly-financed organization allows its E.D. to take a postion without their knowledge and approval, send out a letter in support of a controversial plan, and does not know that the plan is controversial? If it is not now “defunct’, it should be.

  6. Joe S. Says:

    Remember that MVEDC “sponsors” Kendall Wallace’s Saturday Chat, and the initiator of the request to support the bladder dam came from someone on that council who has done marketing work for Enel. Conflicts of interest abound!

  7. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    Today’s “column” in the local newsletter (getting smaller and smaller) suggests Tibbets consulted with Wallace and Atty Bill Manzi Jr before sending out the letter so the board and members did NOT know it was going out. Tibbets should be at the very least reprimanded (at the most replaced) for the letter suggesting MVEDC backs the project without the groups knowledge or consent.

  8. Jack Says:

    Wow! What ER said.

    Seems Tibbetts, Wallace & Manzi got played like chumps by Enel’s hired gun, Bob LaRochelle. They didn’t know LaRochelle, who is on MVEDC’s Executive Committee, was working for Enel.

    Wha… wait … huh?

    They didn’t know LaRochelle, who is on MVEDC’s Executive Committee, was working for Enel?

    Raise your hand, if you were born at night.Last night?

  9. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    Just because you and I disagree about the Crest Gate/Bladder project does not mean that I approve of underhanded BS of the kind Tibbets, Wallace and Manzi pulled.

  10. Jack Says:


    I meant to affirm the gravity of your point. I wasn’t being snarky.

    The “Raise your hand…” bit was intended for everyone.


  11. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    HAHAHA I did not take it as a snarky comment aimed at me, I just wanted you to know that I have not gone over to the dark side :)

  12. Joe S. Says:

    Did Taupier say “blogging is the most important thing that unimportant people do” while he was defending his friend Tibbets?

    It may be time for the unimportant people to recognize the “power of one”.

  13. C R Krieger Says:

    “Blogging is the most important thing that unimportant people do.”

    Mr Bill Taupier has defined democracy in the digital age.  As Citizens we must communicate amongst ourselves and not just accept what our betters tell us.  Even if we disagree, as is happening on this thread, we are making Democracy live and not just doing as our betters tell us.  And, because this is a Democracy, the aren’t really our betters anyway, but just fellow Citizens.

    Good on you, Mr Taupier!  And thank you for that insightful comment.

    Regards  —  Cliff

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