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April 18, 2012

Imagine If Muslims Made An Ad Like This One?

by at 11:51 am.

Just sayin’.

11 Responses to “Imagine If Muslims Made An Ad Like This One?”

  1. Christopher Says:

    Whoever created this ad clearly didn’t get the memo about how many American Catholics dissent from Church teaching on these matters. Plus, from a historical perspective, the idea of the Church as the defender of religious liberty is hilarious.

  2. Nelly Says:

    Clearly, the “Catholic League” is either mentally deficient or history illiterate, or both. Are they forgetting that Europeans went to America to ESCAPE the Catholic Lunatic Fringe and their draconian, mysoginist, racist, anti-semetic retardedness? And now they actually think they have an influence in what draconian, mysoginist laws the government should pass? Do they own a dictionary? Can they look up the word “Freedom”? Because if they had the intelligence of a 6yr old, they would know that FREEDOM OF CHOICE is freedom, FREEDOM TO DECIDE IF AND WHEN TO HAVE CHILDREN, is a freedom and trying to subject women to Catholic lunacy against birth control and abortion is ANTI-FREEDOM! How about the Catholic League STFU already, before we, the people of America, decide to treat them the way they’ve treated anyone and everyone who a) disagreed with their lunacy, and b) outted the Catholic lunacy for all to see.

  3. Jack Says:

    Ya had to figure, after years of Southern Baptist evangelical preachers getting rich and lobbying the GOP, some charlatans would pop up among the Catholics.

    Most of the Catholics I know, keep to themselves. This type of rabid proselytizing is not in their comfort zone. Rick Santorum was freakish.

  4. Publius Says:

    What is wrong with this video? It is urging people to vote. It is not even telling them who to vote for. The ad is urging support for certain values just as the commenters above are urging support for certain values.

  5. Tim Little Says:

    I thnk Jack’s point is that if a Muslim group produced a video almost exactly like this one — just substituting Qu’ranic quotes for Biblical ones, etc. — the uproar from the Right (Pamela Geller, et al) would probably be deafening.

  6. Jack Says:

    It’s propaganda.

    : the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person

    You can say it isn’t herding the flock to vote a certain way, but you can’t do it with a straight face. If you can, we are all cracking up.

  7. Tim Little Says:

    Actually, it’s quite clear that that ad is targeted to conservative Catholics. Per Chris Mooney, author of The Republican Brain:

    There’s now a staggering amount of research on the psychological and even the physiological traits of people who opt for conservative ideologies. And on average, you see people who are more wedded to certainty, and to having fixed beliefs. You also see people who are more sensitive to fear and threat — in a way that can be measured in their bodily responses to certain types of stimuli.

    The ad’s imagery/message clearly plays to conservatives’ fear response in way that a liberal (or nonpartisan) ad would not.

  8. Publius Says:

    Left in Lowell is guilty of your definition of propaganda. It has a certain world view and is advocating it. I am here to remind you when the emperor has no clothes. The video is only encouraging people vote. The left is always crying we need more people or is it that they only want certain people vote?

  9. Jack Says:

    I don’t care if like minded people organize and vote. What I mind, and our Founders concur, is when they attempt to codify their dogma.

    Rick Santorum can campaign however he likes. Rick Santorum’s approach to governing is an affront to our Constitution. I took a pledge to defend our Constitution from “all enemies.”

  10. Tim Little Says:

    Publius — The proprietors of Left in Lowell are up front about their leftward bias; those behind the “Test of Fire” ad are pushing a rightward agenda. So what?

    I doubt the ad’s creators would claim they weren’t advocating a particular political perspective. Why the need to present the ad as “only encouraging people to vote” when the message is clearly more pointed than that? That just seems peculiarly disingenuous.

    But back to Jack’s original point, don’t you think the Right would be all over this if an ad of this ilk came from a Muslim or — heaven forbid — atheist organization?

  11. joe from Lowell Says:

    The video is only encouraging people vote.

    Really? It isn’t encouraging people to vote a certain way? Whether you favor or oppose a woman’s right to choose, this ad is encouraging you to vote?

    I totally didn’t take it that way.

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