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May 5, 2012

$$$ Public Service Announcement $$$

by at 8:33 am.

I screen grabbed this from the “Legal Notice (Online) Paper of Record.” They also do PSA’s.


I wonder how much The Sun takes in from the City for running such PSA’s? I’m wondering because on Tuesday night, Mayor Murphy had a larger number on City money paid to The Sun, than Kendall Wallace has this morning in his Saturday Chat Rant. Murphy says $100K. Wallace says $50K. Are the PSA’s factored in?

You should read Wallace’s column. For those of you that follow politics closely, you will notice that his logic is exactly the same when defending a politician or VIP in the City. Maybe Wallace believes in corporate personhood? Note the references to charity, for instance. Being a great giver is a ticket to heaven, but it sure makes a great shield when squabbling here on Earth, eh?

What is the most odd about Wallace’s rant, is that he fundamentally agrees with Mayor Murphy.

Like it or not, The Sun remains the best place for most people to read legal ads. That may be different a decade from now, but for the moment there is no better outlet to assure most residents have access to the data in print and online.

(bold mine)

Now, the two men may argue over when the time is right. That is to be expected. No doubt, the Mayor is looking to get the ball rolling now, so when the fateful day comes, The City will have their ducks in a row. These are legal notices, afterall. They need to be done properly. Last Tuesday, the Mayor’s peers expressed some concerns that need to be assuaged or resolved. That can be done slowly, but surely.

In the meantime, Kendall Wallace and the brain trust over at Dutton Street, can work on figuring out how to make the “intertubes” work. If they can’t, the folks in Denver may have a critical role to play in this saga.

4 Responses to “$$$ Public Service Announcement $$$”

  1. Joe S. Says:

    Did Campi once again direct the headline to Wallace’s column?

  2. Jack Says:

    Campi has been stirring the pot. On his facebook page, last night:

    When Kendall Wallace is angry - which is very rare indeed - stay out of his way. Read Saturday Chat and find out what has The Sun’s Chairman of the Board in a dither.

    PS. I think the word “dither” is a jab at Wallace. Or, more likely, Campi doesn’t know what the word means.

  3. Mimi Says:

    Joe, I agree that the title of Wallace’s column “A new low by mayor, manager in Lowell” does not have Kendall’s voice. It really does not fit with the tone of the column.

    Also, I do not think Kendall had anything to do with the facebook postings of Campi and other Sun staff announcing to that Kendall was on the war path and we should be sure to read his Saturday chat.

    I agree with many aspects of the column including the necessity for a vibrant media.

    And I believe him when he says he is at a point in his life where he does not have to “take on frivolous battles and fight with political folks.” However, he should acknowledge that there are some people around him who are not only are deeply involved in frivolous political battles and fights, often they start them.

    So when some people feel like they are punching bag and they decide to strike back, let’s not be shocked and appalled.

    And while Kendall is publicly lecturing the Mayor and the City Manager, and defending the Sun’s newsroom “to do the job as it sees fit,” he should remind that newsroom that there is a certain journalistic standard professionals are expected to meet.

  4. Jen Myers Says:

    Since I am the “other Sun staff” I will respond. The motive behind my Facebook post was to promote the newspaper and get people to buy/read it, which is what we are supposed to be doing with social media. I like getting paid.

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