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May 8, 2012

The GLTHS Shuffle

by at 6:46 am.

Last Sunday, Gerry Nutter let this tidbit out:

Don’t take this has actual fact, it isn’t, its just another in the many rumors floating in the political circle but keep an eye out for a possible change to the Lowell delegation of the Greater Lowell Tech School committee.

Gerry’s teaser had a ring to it, so I stuck my nose in. The rumor mill coughed up Mike Lenzi’s name. The rumor is that Lenzi has bought a place in Dracut in what is soon to be coined, Kazanjian Village. Now, we know that Lenzi is doing alright for himself in life, so it is possible he may choose to own in Dracut, but live in Lowell. Thus, Lenzi would be able to keep his seat as one of Lowell’s Reps on The GLTHS board. (There is the “Nangle Option,” also) So, Lenzi buying in Dracut, if true, is not a slam dunk that the chess pieces will permenantly move.

But then, Mike Hayden ratcheted up speculations by sending out this email to local electeds. The pawns are moving:

I am contacting all of you to let you know that I would be greatly interested in a possible open seat of a Lowell Rep on the Greater Lowell School Board in the near future. I spent 16 years on that board as an elected official and would love to have a chance to fill out an open seat if it became available. As you know if a seat became open it would be up to a joint committee of the council and school committee to make the appointment. I would also pledge not to run for the seat when the term was up thus giving an equal chance to anyone that wished to run for the seat I would appreciate any consideration you might give me.
Sincerely Michael J Hayden

Hmmm. It’s understood that Hayden and Lenzi are thick as thieves. So, Hayden’s solicitation is likely predicated on an inside scoop into Lenzi’s intentions. Hayden is jumping the starter’s gun, trying to block out other potential “candidates.” Maybe the guys that actually put their name on the ballot in 2011 would like a shot? Maybe the City Council & School Committee will think outside “the woods” and bring in a new face?

Gerry Nutter, a supporter of the Santoro Administration, has offered these names:

I look for Dave Laferriere , William Sheehan, Mike Hayden, Ralph Hogan and former teacher Herb Raistrick to all have an interest in the seat if it does indeed open.

I have heard several other names, but opt to not spill the beans. Tempers flare in these sorts of things. Why offer someone’s name as fodder for a bubble circle jerk?

It was no surprise that Hayden went behind the scenes, early. He also left a calling card on Nutter’s Sunday notes. The most interesting lines, imo, were these:

… I would most certainly put in for it and stay on the seat will a promise not to run for the seat when it comes up. I think anyone who gets the seat should make that promise so that they do not have an unfair advantage when the seat comes up for election in 3 1/2 years.

Why is Hayden looking to lock up this seat until 2015? Maybe this?:

Link to the GLTHS Superintendent’s contract here.

There is one other tidbit you may like to know. Currently, the GLTHS Committee is reviewing for approval a new set of policies and guidelines. On a related note, there are changes being proposed for what the Committee would be allowed to do when penning a contract with any potential Superintendent.:

6 years! … ?? What a coincidence. ;v)

12 Responses to “The GLTHS Shuffle”

  1. Gerry Nutter Says:


    Let’s face facts, this appoitment is for a seat on a board that includes ZERO Pay and no health insurance. You are walking into a situation where the teacher’s Union has no contract and is unhappy with not only the Supt. but the School Committee.

    The School Committee is right now fractured at 6-2 or at least 5-3 on most issues.With the potential to stay at 6-2 or go to 4-4 with today’s Tyngsboro Election.

    So it isn’t a great assignment no matter who takes it. I think it should be someone who works in a trade and has some history with the school and follows it and understands it.

    The contract for the teachers needs to be resolved and this needs to be a priority. The committee has dragged this on way to long. Be truthful, tell them you have XX amount and they get it IF they give back some time.

    The Superintendent IF she gets anything should only be extended for 1 year with a ZERO pay raise to see if the culture / moral can be improved and changed.

    Meetings between the Union and Supt. need to occur to settle past grievances and see if the sides can be healed and put the students interest first were it belongs.

    There are plenty of good people on BOTH sides out there and they need to come together and that is a long hard task ahead for anyone who is willing to work for no pay and no benefits.

  2. Kimosabe Says:

    if they really want to be FAIR,,which they wont be

    the seat should go to either Lafierree or Sheehan because

    they put there names on the ballot and ran for the seat.

  3. Gerry Nutter Says:

    I’d support either one of them and agree 100%. Dave Lafierree served a long time and Bill Sheehan is a smart man who knows the school.

  4. Lynne Says:

    Oh dear god.

    Anyone but anti-immigrant Mike Hayden, please. Not even as a temp appointment.

    Maybe he thinks the only way he can GET back on the GLTHS committee is to be appointed. Certainly, the voters weren’t interested after they saw the real Mike. *rolls eyes*

  5. mackie Says:


    I could not have said it any better. This play is politics at its worse and Mike Haynden had his shot, lost, and new blood is definitely needed.

  6. JC Says:

    They are trying like hell to get the wagons in a circle, folks!

    I am, however, very encouraged to read the following in Chris Scott’s column: “Hayden, who has been a divisive character in the past, should pause before he dusts off his old nameplate because he has competition for the seat — Ret. U.S. Air Force officer and conservative blogger Cliff Krieger.

    Krieger was approached by Lowell School Committee member Kim Scott, who asked him if he would be interested in the position.

    “He has a strong character with a military background,” Scott told the Column Blog, adding with the school on the verge of a large scale construction project, Krieger has “that kind of management experience.”

    She also said, with the political unrest that has gone on at the school in recent years, Krieger is a good “middle ground” candidate. Krieger, a Republican, ran against Lenzi’s cousin, state Rep. Dave Nangle, in 2002 and 2004.”

    I only know Krieger from what he has written in both his blog and others, and what I have observed when he has appeared in local media. I disagree with many of his political views - but I very much like his sense of honor and integrity. He is a man of character. He would be an outstanding choice!

  7. Lynne Says:

    I know Cliff from…well, lots of stuff! and he’d be awesome. He has my endorsement (if an endorsement is really needed for an appointment…). He certainly does have the integrity needed.

    He and I agree a lot on local issues. It’s what makes us a great team.

    If Hayden is already sending out official letters, Lenzi might state it’s not a done deal, but it probably is.

    And if he thinks THIS School Committee and Council would appoint him, he must be high! LOL

    Lemme pull out all my previous posts listing all the hateful racist and bigoted things he’s supported and said, print them up, and send THEM to the SC and CC!

  8. Mr. Lynne Says:

    When Cliff disagrees with you, he doesn’t just dismiss you. Rather, it turns into an interesting conversation where you find there is more common ground than you realized at first.

  9. Lynne Says:

    PS: Well played, Kim, well played. ;)

    She’s GOOD at this game! :)

  10. JC Says:

    It appears the plan to maintain power and control over the GLTECH school suffered a major setback on Tuesday when Tyngsborough school committee candidate, Brian Martin, was defeated by political newcomer George Tatseos. The Lowell Sun reports: “Newcomer George Tatseos won a seat on the Greater Lowell Tech School Committee, defeating Brian Martin by 37 votes.
    Martin, who represented Dracut on the committee for seven years, said losing a close race was disheartening.
    Incumbent Steven O’Neill did not seek re-election.
    Tatseos, who has never been elected to public office, couldn’t find the words to say how he felt about the win.
    “It hasn’t sunk in yet,” he said.
    ref: http://www.lowellsun.com/todaysheadlines/ci_20581559/puleo-jackson-cruise-tyngsboro-selectmen-victories

    File this under: You can’t fool all of the people all of the time!

  11. Right In Lowell Says:

    Cliff would be an excellent candidate for the interim position as well as a permanent position if he chooses to run.

  12. Kim Says:

    I tried to think of who would make learning their top priority and I thought of Cliff. Is that a game? Ugh

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