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May 10, 2012

Say It Ain’t So!

by at 8:31 am.

Heard today on WCAP news: Bernie Lynch is indeed interested in the open Cambridge City Manager position. I suppose this is the moment you come back at me saying the word “duh” and all, but color me unhappy about it!

I had a friend and colleague whose husband was a manager of a golf course. The only way to “move up” in the gold course management world is…to change jobs to a more famous, prestigious golf course. Even if it means moving hours away to a whole new state. So I’m not surprised Lynch is contemplating putting his hat in the ring (or inevitably going to do so, whichever you see fit). The only way to “move up” in your career as a municipal manager is to find a bigger city with more prestige, more responsibility, bigger budgets, etc.

But I hope that CM Lynch doesn’t take it personally when I say I hope they find many faults in his application and tell him to go back to his old job. :) Or that they like the Billerica town manager much better (who is also reportedly interested in the job according to ‘CAP)!

4 Responses to “Say It Ain’t So!”

  1. Jack Says:

    That job will have national attention, thus attracting talent from many, many places. Also, they may just have an inside person in mind.

    I’m more concerned about Bernie Bashers trying to paint him as a “lame duck” or a “turncoat” until Cambridge’s selection is made. Some will stop at nothing to hobble Lynch because he is changing the culture within City Hall. He is closing the “Club House” and dismantling the “townie turnstyle.”

    Should Lynch leave, to Cambridge or anywhere, the selection of the next CM will be as critical to Lowell, as was the decision to invite Dr. Wang to set up shop here.

  2. Tim Little Says:

    Lowell and Cambridge will each deserve what they get, IMHO.

  3. Sd Says:

    The conventional wisdom in Cambridge is that Cambridge Assistant City Manager Brian Murphy (their equivelent to Adam Baacke) has this job locked up and will get it after the standard ‘nationwide search’. Bernie shouldn’t waste his time with this.

  4. Lynne Says:

    I am not a fan of CW, frankly. CW had it that Lynch wasn’t going to get hired here, either. Just sayin’.

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