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May 13, 2012

Mayor Murphy Sucks Because ______________!

by at 11:52 am.

Let’s join in the fun. Please share with us, why you think Mayor Murphy sucks as Mayor. We at LiL are not above playing The Sun’s reindeer games. Though this particular game is despicable, it could be fun?

I’ll start.

Mayor Murphy sucks because he recognizes that Lowell is a true melting pot of 106,000(+/-) souls and that every one of them deserves a “seat at the table!”

Your turn.

Mayor Murphy sucks because:

15 Responses to “Mayor Murphy Sucks Because ______________!”

  1. Dan Murphy Says:

    …because of how he dresses like an absolute slob. I mean, just look at him in these Greek Independence Day photos:


  2. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    “Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.”

    Piss off the owners of the printing press and pay the price. Only the most unobservant of those few who still read the newsletter will not understand what is happening.

  3. Kathy Says:

    … because he is innovative, independent, and not afraid to bring fresh ideas to the table.

  4. Molly Says:

    Because he’s not afraid to call out bullsh*t when he sees it. Certainly not “the Lowell way.”

  5. Prince Charming Says:

    …he made Rodney sit in the corner until he turned blue.

  6. Prince Charming Says:

    … he fired someone with a name ending in “ski” and he kept them waiting while the pierogi got cold.

  7. Prince Charming Says:

    he ties his own ties while Behrakis has to slip his over his head.

  8. Prince Charming Says:

    …he’s doing the good Irish Catholic thing by getting the Bust of Pericles a bra.

  9. Prince Charming Says:

    …makes the Sun waste a precious barrel of ink over silly shit like this.

  10. Paul@01852 Says:

    …because he pisses off the “blog of record” and now he must suffer!

  11. Lynne Says:

    Anyone who doesn’t believe that at a minimum, Patrick Murphy is a genuine guy who wants to do good, is a dismissable moron.

    That includes the so called “editors” of the so-called “newspaper.”

    Then again, I already knew they were morons.

  12. Lynne Says:

    (Sorry, I didn’t phrase this in the form of a faux attack! But I read the first couple of “paragraphs” from “the newspaper” and felt like puking on my keyboard.)

  13. Lynne Says:

    Referring to The Sun, Edward Kennedy added: “It is independent, it’s permanent and it provides a record.”

    First…suckup. How disappointing. Second, no it’s NOT independent. I WISH.

  14. Mimi Says:

    …because he is not an empty suit.

  15. Prince Charming Says:

    …he was born in Kenya?

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