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May 17, 2012

Second Win!

by at 12:10 pm.

We get lots of blame or credit on this blog for being more influential than we are. (Blame if you are on one side; credit if you are on another.) I have always maintained that we honestly have had a lot less to do with major and minor political events here in Lowell than people think. All we do is talk about things on a little website and put a lot of what people are thinking out there in a public way. Sometimes you could maybe call that a catalyst for change; but we certainly know our place in the conversation, and it’s not all that huge. We just call ‘em like we see ‘em.

However, the one thing that I will take credit for (and have in the past) is the small margin of victory that ousted Mike Hayden from the Greater Lowell Technical High School Committee in 2009. Our exposure of Mike Hayden’s hateful little website and discussion of the shenanigans at the GLTHSC might have been responsible for the narrow margin between him and George O’Hare, returning O’Hare to the Committee along with Fred Bahou, and bumping Hayden out. I gladly take the heat on that one!

Now, it appears, we WILL have a vacancy on the GLTHS Committee with Lenzi leaving (don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out) and Hayden has withdrawn his name, so he states.

Aside from his whiny whine about someone outing his interest (what, you sent it to 15 politicians and expected it to remain a secret? Are you nuts??) I especially liked this tidbit:

Secondly the amount of negative talk and blogging on my interest was enough for me to realize that my family and I do not need this negativity in our lives. … My political days are over.

Always happy to oblige! And dare we hope??

But I must object to one thing…any negativity is completely what you created yourself. I only quoted you, your comments, and your own website, and outlined a very suspicious pay package for the previous Superintendent in the 2009 race. You did it to yourself.

I do so love how these people project their own faults and foibles onto others who would point them out in order to make the discussion fair. It entertains me. So transparent, so easy to understand, and yet they cannot see it themselves.

Wonder if we’ll be seeing Hayden pop up any more in blog comments? I really do miss having Hayden to kick around…so to speak. Well, to let him kick himself around, rather.

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