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May 24, 2012

Open Thread: City Council 052212

by at 7:02 am.

As we head into the budget season, we are going to see more clearly what the tact and demeanor of our Councilors are. Simply, are they serious about governing? Or, are they focused on political brinksmanship?

Item #5 (6:27 - 52:51) Please spend the time watching this. I have my own thoughts, but would like to hear yours. We have a city to tend to. We do? Don’t we?

Feel free to comment on anything that you find noteworthy. This is an Open Thread.

TUESDAY MAY 22, 2012
TIME 6:30 PM

1. Minutes of City Council May 15th for acceptance.

2. Vote – Revocation of prior acceptance of MGL Ch. 44, sec. 53F1/2 regarding the Enterprise Fund establishing the Paul E. Tsongas Arena effective 6/30/12.

3. Communication – From City Manager Responses to City Council Motions and Requests.
4. Order-60 day trial (Trotting Park Road (314 – 326)
5. Vote-ratify MOU Local 10 (Superior’s) for period 7/1/12-6/30/15
6. Vote-Designate Tom Moses Acting City Manager 5/23/12-5/25/12
7. Vote-transfer $158,860.00 DPW
8. Vote-apply/accept/expend Grant ($15,000) LRWU (upgrade water fluoride equipment)
9. Vote-transfer $38,775 (Grand Manor Assessment work)

REPORTS (Sub/Committee, if any)
10. Parks and Recreation SC 5-21-12
11. Municipal Facilities SC 5-22-12
12. Wire Insp. – Report of National Grid for: Installation underground conduit across Bridge Street on sidewalk.
13. Wire Insp. – Report of National Grid and Verizon New England for: Poles being relocated for the new Walgreens Site Cornell St., Columbia St., along Middlesex St.

14. Misc. – Dennis Sargentelli, Lowell, Ma request to address City Council about City Ordinance Chapter 204 (Noise Ordinance).
15. Misc. – Joel Wool, Energy Organizer Clean Water Action, request to address City Council regarding Transparency & Equity in State Energy Efficiency Programs.
16. Claims (2) claims for property damage.

17. C. Elliott – Request City Council vote to eliminate practice of having police officer attend City Council Meetings.
18. C. Elliott – Request City Mgr. address parking problems from nursing home on Ostrander and Westford Streets.
19. C. Elliott – Request City Mgr. provide report on all recipients of Section 108 and Federal HOME Funds for last 5 yrs.

20. C. Lorrey – Request City Mgr. have proper department provide an updated report regarding the Homebuyer Incentive Program for Institutional Employees as well as its use in the future.

21. C. Lorrey – Request the City Mgr. have proper department report on the feasibility of drafting a Home Rule Petition to exclude out of state companies from being the successful bidder based solely on being the lowest bid.

22. C. Lorrey – Request the City Mgr. update the city Council on discussions concerning Slot Parlors and any State or Local Ordinances that may affect them.

23. C. Mercier – Request City Mgr. provide status report of repair work for City Hall Clock.

3 Responses to “Open Thread: City Council 052212”

  1. kmarcin Says:

    I could write a book about all the things that made me cringe while watching this meeting..so I would like to mention what was good. The enthusiasm of Tom Bellgarde and DSupt. Ryan describing city-wide youth programs this summer. They seem to have come up with a plan that includes every neighborhood and interest. I hope Lowell residents and councilors will recognize the benefits clearly justify the costs.

  2. Gerry Nutter Says:

    The Council and Administration should be proud of the Fiscal Shape that this city is in and the Unions have played a key role in helping them realize this.

    While Councilor Elliot is correct we don’t know what the future holds the city certainly is in much better financial shape than we were 6 years ago and that is because of this Manager and the Councilors that have supported his fiscal policies. We are finally seeing monies dedicated to Capital Improvements in the Schools and City buildings and have solid reserves IF we find ourselves back in a depressed economy as we were in 2008.

    Elliot is wrong to criticize what the Manager and his team have achieved when it comes to the fiscal health of this city and hi contract dealings with all the unions.

  3. Robert Forrant Says:

    Said it before and I’ll say it again. If Council members want to cut the budget they should be required to be very specific about what to cut, what services to eliminate, what positions to take off the books. Empty-suited pandering is just what it sounds like - grandstanding for the voters without any leadership whatsoever at the end of the day. Look into the TV camera councilors and tell the voters at home what they can do without: streets plowed, sidewalks, fixed, trash collected effectively, libraries, schools that function properly, swimming pools open, parks cleaned and grass cut, sewage treated the way it should be, etc. Otherwise, as my mother used to tell me: “better to be quiet and perhaps thought a fool, than to open your mouth and convince listeners that, indeed, you are.

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